Review : Pureborn Pure Wipes!

During some time last year, I had shared with you all, my experience of first trying out Pureborn, an eco friendly and fabulous brand founded by Hannah Curran. Here is that post if you had missed it.


Back then I had reviewed their nappies and chemical free wipes. Today am back to review their latest product, which is Pure Wipes with organic grapefruit extract. It is made with 98.9% purified water and organic grapefruit extract!. It’s pure goodness. No chemicals, no alcohol, no parabens, no heavy metals.. no to everything that’s bad and nasty!. It’s vegan, dermatologically tested, pH balanced and suitable for sensitive skin as well.

The scent, my dear friends, is unlike any other wet wipes. It’s a lingering, pleasant smell. What I love about this is that not only is it safe enough to use on babies, this can double as an every day makeup wipe 💞. Also as you know, grapefruit extract is a naturally brightening ingredient for glowing skin. What a plus 😍. The texture of the wipe also is commendable, thick and with the right amount of moisture in it.


I highly recommend you try these out.. At just AED 17, for a pack of 60 wipes and less than AED 5 for a very handy and convenient pack of 10 wipes, it’s super affordable and a must have product.

Pureborn is constantly bringing out newer, more fun prints for their nappies and here are two of their latest designs – palm leaves and pineapple 🍍. How adorable!.

Pureborn nappy prints

Also, this fantastic brand is now a market leader in the organic nappies category, and with a legion of fans across the region, the brand has proven itself to be one of the most coveted eco and ethical nappy and wipe brands in the world. I highly recommend this UAE-founded brand ♥️. More power to PureBorn. I am true fan of it..You can purchase all PureBorn products online or in major retailers like Lulu Hyper, Carrefour & Union Coop. They have a monthly subscription pack available online that helps you save 30% off and is delivered to your door, which is very convenient.

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Note : All products shown here were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own & honest.

How the Right Vitamins can boost your health!

Our bodies rely on certain vitamins and minerals to keep going. Without them, we are sure to experience symptoms of fatigue, problems with digestion, as well as be more vulnerable to falling victim to nasty colds or the flu. The question is, which vitamins and minerals should you focus on replenishing, and why?

Vitamin B-12

B vitamins are essential in helping your body break down foods and boost energy. If you lack these, you are likely to feel lethargic and unmotivated. Many people who experience a lot of stress will require more vitamin B than the average person who lives a relatively low-stress existence. Vitamin B-12 is undoubtedly one of the most important B vitamins there is. It is responsible for replenishing the body’s blood and nerve cells, as well as for making DNA. You can find it in a wide variety of natural food sources, and it is especially high in meat.

Vegans and vegetarians can, therefore, become deficient in Vitamin B-12 quite easily and may be required to take a supplement. However, certain plant milks, soy products and breakfast cereals can help with B-12.

Vitamin C

As most are aware, a good amount of Vitamin C is the backbone of a healthy, well-functioning immune system. It is recommended that adults consume 90 – 2000mg a day in order to reap the maximum benefits of this potent vitamin. It is present in a number of different foods, most of which are acidic in nature, such as tomatoes and citrus fruits.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is generated naturally through sun exposure, so people who reside in areas that see a lot of snow or rainfall can become deficient in it relatively quickly. This is a dangerous thing because vitamin D is necessary for the body to properly absorb calcium for healthy bones. Signs of a vitamin D deficiency include aching joints, back pain, getting sick often, and hair loss. The good news is that if you are unable to get at least 15 minutes of sunshine on a daily basis, you can strive to eat more foods that are rich in vitamin D. These foods include egg yolks, fortified cereals, and fatty fish.


Older adults and those who lead stressful lifestyles are more likely to be lacking in zinc, a mineral that is responsible for a healthy immune system and effective wound healing. When you have enough of it in your system, you are likely to remain healthy throughout the seasons, only falling ill on very rare occasions. Furthermore, if you sustain a wound or an injury, you are sure to bounce back faster. Zinc can be found in foods like oysters, pumpkin seeds, and beef.

Consider IV therapy

If ever you feel that you lack any of these vitamins or minerals, you can give yourself a boost with IV therapy. Companies like Reset IV Los Angeles specialize in sending a nurse straight to your door to administer the therapy. Plus, you can top up your IV bag with a range of essentials, including a multivitamin boost, biotin, and BCAA, to name a few. For some people, they are deficient due to genetics.

Here’s to a wealth of valuable vitamins and better health as a result. Be sure to look after yourself, especially in seasons where viruses are rampant.

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Is the Bare Faced Trend going Extinct?

You see different makeup looks every day, ranging from show makeup to the more subtle–but clearly contoured daily look. It’s fun to experiment every so often, but when the unusual becomes the norm, are there still benefits to nailing the natural look?

Back to Basics


It’s easy to load up on all the expensive foundation and powders, but none of them will mean anything if your skin is still not its best underneath. At the end of the day, when you go home to rest, you will take all of the makeup off and face your true self in the mirror. It would be great if you like what you see, wouldn’t it? That’s why the sales of moisturizer online and even of other beauty products in physical stores continue to grow; even though there might be more hype around theater-like looks, it’s what’s underneath that still matters to beauty experts.


Carbon footprint

The whole world is going into a green revolution. While we’re working on reducing our carbon footprint, however, we still need to live in a world where pollution is an everyday problem. You can only escape it so much. There might be some measures you can take to protect yourself from the bulk of it, but your skin, which is the protective barrier of your muscles, is exposed to air and all the pollutants it carries. They may be invisible, but they are definitely far from harmless. Now, one might argue that thicker makeup means not exposing your skin to the pollutants, but think of it this way: that thick layer of makeup is not easily removed, and when they build up on the surface of your skin, they become a separate problem in the form of breakouts.

Bold Outfits are on the Rise


Say what you want about the price of fashion, but one thing’s for sure: people love to dress up. Now, in fact, they are into conspicuous consumption. When they own a new item, everyone on their social media feed just has to know about it. What this means for makeup is a need for more muted looks because, well, bold outfits and even bolder makeup simply do not match. You need them to complement each other, and if one is already drawing all the attention, the other could do with a little step back.

Honestly, Rules Don’t Apply Anymore

It’s easy to write a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to makeup, but if you’ve been to some of the most progressive cities in the world, you’ll notice a trend: people dress up however they want. It’s a great step forward for self-care and self-esteem empowerment, and it’s also a market in itself, but most importantly, it breaks the rules and molds that people used to live within. Gone are the days of you turning to beauty gurus to cop their look down to the finest lines. Now, if you can come up with your own look by yourself, even better.

The rise of influencer culture perhaps has a lot to do with the change in the way we do our makeup nowadays. But at the end of the day, it’s still about what makes you feel beautiful.

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Six female celebrities with unique hobbies!

Every individual has a hobby that is either outspokenly known or discreetly kept in the pocket. Some people have a knack for creating art, playing a musical instrument, collecting aged keepsakes, or participating in sports. Hobbies are things often done in one’s free time; these are interests that bring forth sheer joy.

It may not look like it, but celebrities also attend to creative pursuits outside their regular occupation despite the strenuous schedule. Many of these famed personalities are just like everyone else. However, a few stand out more than others do. Have a look at which female celebrities have hobbies that go beyond the ordinary.

Eva Longoria: Shooting

Even today, when stereotypically feminine activities are persistently questioned and challenged, some people are still hesitant about the image of a woman with a gun. Most will shrug off this trace of gender normativity and continue to boldly claim their love for shooting.

In a 2006 interview by the Chicago Tribune, Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria recalled her childhood growing up with guns. She noted that the experience helped her prepare for her role in The Sentinel movie. Longoria revealed that she loves shooting guns, a hobby of hers that makes her feel she is on vacation.

Want to try your hand at this? If you wish to get into this hobby, there are a lot of firing ranges where you can try shooting. With enough practice, you can already buy your own gear, such as handguards and front grips.

Paris Hilton: Herping

She is often associated with all things most girls do not have. Paris Hilton, as portrayed in media, is a breath of pink, with diamond-encrusted accessories and golden locks swinging back and forth to the tempo of her stilettos.

While the public may view her as a person whose heart is reserved only for dogs, she also secretly loves catching amphibians and reptiles, specifically, frogs. Recognized for being an animal activist, Hilton previously clarified her approach for capturing these little cold-blooded animals around her ranch, which she said is completely humane. She always makes sure to release them back into the wild after getting hold of these creatures.

Want to try your hand at this? While it is endearing to know about this side of Hilton, we do not recommend adopting this hobby. Perhaps, the better option is to volunteer at animal centers and shelters if you have a soft spot for big and small creatures.

Julia Roberts: Knitting

American actress Julia Roberts has the ideal hobby for passing slow hours on a movie set: knitting all possible forms, whether a beanie, a coaster, or even a scarf. Roberts is such a devoted knitter that she has even encouraged some of her fellow actors, like August: Osage County costar Julianne Nicholson, to take up knitting. Nicholson reveals that Roberts inspired her so much she was able to complete a sweater she had put down years before her convincing to try knitting again.

Want to try your hand at this? Unlike the rest listed here, trying this hobby is as easy as a snap of the fingers. Well, it is easy to get the self a crochet hook and a bundle of yarn. As for the process itself, it certainly takes getting used to.

Mila Kunis: Video Gaming

This may already be a giveaway, but Mila Kunis has always clung on to video games, which seems pretty common to pick up. However, she once exposed that her love for video games has led her to a full-scale obsession for the multiplayer-online-playing game World of Warcraft.

The American star also admits that her fans know her tendency to stay up late at night to level up all her characters, unbridling her inner nerd for long hours. While she tries to convince her friends to play with her, she says she doesn’t need to look far since the online world has thousands of players more than glad to join her.

Want to try your hand at this? Those who plan on playing World of Warcraft will likely see a world filled with one-handed swords, guns, and pole arms, among others. Knowing the uses of each weapon is important to survive in the game, so make sure to learn about every weapon available.

Azealia Banks: Witchcrafting

Image via Google

Again, most hobbies do not end up in the average pile; some reach an entirely different level. This is where Azealia Banks comes in. Even though she is already known for wandering a little beyond the ordinary, what she does in her free time is still shocking.

In 2016, the American rapper posted a video of her preparing the area where she performs witchcraft and sacrifices animals. The video was taken down later since the footage showed the way she cleaned a small room full of dried blood, feathers, and what were perhaps the remains of two dead chickens. Banks says that she faithfully observes brujeria, a Spanish word that means “witchcraft.”

Want to try your hand at this? Instead of sacrificing actual animals, people who want to experience Banks’s hobby can instead learn how to recite different kinds of adjurations, incantations, and other spells.

Angelina Jolie: Knife Handling

People are familiar with the Academy Award–winning actress’s knife skills in her films like Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Tomb Raider, and Wanted. Her ability to handle this sharp tool does not stop here, as her love for knives has always been apparent when she was eleven or twelve years old.

Her younger version used to collect all kinds of knives, because it allowed her to dive deeper into history and tradition. Although the size of her collection is unspecified, this fact alone is impressive enough.

Want to try your hand at this? Individuals who are considering this hobby may find it intimidating at first, so it’s crucial to have the proper gear when throwing knives and such.

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Launch of Dr Vranjes in Dubai Mall and short review!

Luxury Home Fragrance Brand Dr. Vranjes Firenze Opens doors at The Dubai Mall!

Dr Vranjes media event

Dr Vranjes

Dr Vranjes

Bringing their exclusive artisan range of perfumed accessories to UAE, Italian Luxury Home Fragrance brand Dr. Vranjes Firenze opened its second Middle East store at The Dubai Mall in an event that attended by officials from Dr. Vranjes Firenze and members of the media.

Created by Dr. Paolo Vranjes and his wife Anna Maria, the brand is inspired by his artistic home city of Florence and the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany in Italy. Founded in Italy in 1983, Dr. Vranjes Firenze is the result of Dr. Paolo Vranjes’ quest to create the finest fragrances, which stimulate the senses and emotions and add warmth to any household.

Dr Vranjes media event

Located on the first floor of the Mall, the store welcomes customers with its elegant interiors, which showcase a bespoke selection of over 18 home fragrances and candles carefully selected to appeal to Middle East preferences. Highlighting elements of musk, oud, light florals and warm spicy notes, the collection includes best-selling choices such as Oud Nobile and Rosso Nobile to name a few.

The opening also marked the global launch of Milano – a spicy, loungy, sophisticated fragrance, where the intense notes of patchouli are reinvigorated by pepper and sandalwood to give energy to living spaces.

Dr Vranjes Milano

Dr. Vranjes Firenze artfully blends pure natural ingredients with the world’s finest essential oils to create stimulating and evocative fragrances for every room. Each ‘Scented Décor’ is a unique creation. Customers are encouraged to ‘decorate’ their rooms with the right scent, based on room size, sunlight, and furniture, as well as the properties contained in the natural oils of Dr.Vranjes home fragrances, and the emotions which they evoke.

“Selecting a home fragrance is an exercise in self-reflection. The important thing is finding something that gives customers a sense of well-being, whatever that means to them as an individual. Objectively there are no bad olfactory notes; the art is in finding a balance between them. The final goal is harmony,” explains Dr. Vranjes.

Finished in glass bottles for optimum decadence, Dr. Vranjes Firenze home fragrances are the perfect answer to modern living. All Dr. Vranjes fragrances are packaged in beautiful glass bottles and are available in the following sizes: 100ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1250 ml, 1.5 liters, 2.5 liters and 5 liters. Each bottle comes with diffusion sticks. Refills are available in 500 ml and 2.5 liters with diffusion sticks, as well as Lamparfum refills.

Dr Vranjes media event

I got this set of reed diffuser as a gift, in the scent Ginger Lime. It’s so refreshing and delightful!. I had a lovely time at the event. The ambiance in the store is one of being tranquil and quite a treat to our olfactory nerve!.. Dr Vranjes is a quality, luxurious product you should consider gifting to a loved one or buy as a way to treat yourself to something special..

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Gitex Shopper Returns to Dubai World Trade Centre this month!

Hey guys!

GITEX Shopper 2019 will continue to build on its reputation as the region’s favourite and longest-running consumer electronics bonanza when it returns to Dubai World Trade Centre between September 24-28. Always at the forefront of technology, GITEX Shopper will again host a wealth of products at great prices, with bundled offers and deals for an anticipated crowd of more than 125,000 visitors.

Gitex 2019

“GITEX Shopper continues to evolve at the same breakneck speed as the consumer technology sector, and with the very latest tech gadgets on the Shopper floor we are ensuring visitors get their hands on the most relevant technology tools and innovations,” said Trixie LohMirmand, Senior Vice President, Exhibitions & Events, DWTC.

Gitex visit and win

The one-stop shop for the biggest savings of the year will also stage a daily ‘Visit & Win’ draw with prizes including 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross GLX Highline and iPhone XRs – the most popular iPhone in Apple’s history, and Scratch & Win prizes including Blueair Cabin car air purifiers or Tornado watches from Time House.


Gitex gaming

Gaming and virtual reality will take centre-stage at the future-focused 2019 edition, aimed to entice gamers of all ages. According to a recent Newzoo report, this year, the Middle East and Africa (MEA) will generate revenues of USD4.8 billion this year, registering a growth of 11.5 per cent.

The super-popular Shopper Games will be returning with its mini tournaments taking pride of place on the show floor. The PC Gaming Area will be featuring Fortnite tournaments on September 26 and 27, and Super Smash Bros. challenges on September 28. The PlayStation area will host on-the-minute games including Control, Borderlands 3 and FIFA 19; the Nintendo area is enriched with Mario, Pokemon and Zelda; and a Retro Game Zone will take players back to the golden age of Atari.


GITEX Shopper 2019 will also welcome the debut of the Shopper Virtual Zone for gaming enthusiasts to test their skills on Fruit Ninja, The Laser Bat, Angry Birds, Vacation Simulator, Tetris and Car Racing, while a dedicated VR/AR corner will serve as a beacon for virtual and augmented reality buffs.


Answering the growing demand for smart home devices, GITEX Shopper has partnered with Jumbo Electronics to host a dedicated stand for smart home products, including new launches from various brands. Pankaj Kumar, head of OmniChannel Retail at Jumbo Electronics said: “We will have a dedicated zone to showcase smart home products across four categories – this includes Smart Home Connectivity, Smart Home Security, Smart Home Entertainment and Smart Home Automation. We will have plenty of exclusive products, bundles and offers at the event.”


Following the popularity of the initiative’s inauguration during GITEX Shopper 2018, the show’s organisers, DWTC, will be hosting the second Shopper Trade-in, with the goal to further encourage visitors to recycle their unused electronics during an amnesty, which will reward them with vouchers to spend during the exhibition.


Bargains are expected to fly off the GITEX Shopper floor with DWTC research showing that, of the 125,000 visitors at last year’s event, 81 per cent came to snap up offers and deals and more than half – 54 per cent – delayed their planned electronics purchases until GITEX Shopper to ensure they got the best deals.

Key exhibitors participating at this year’s event include Jumbo Electronics, Sharaf DG, Axiom, MSI, Logitech, Monster Computers, Right View Group, Tradex Middle East, KY Style Home General Trading, Time House Trading, Nishat General Company, Aamaal, Citibank, Yuet Meng Trading, Collector Consulting, and Al Safeer Group.

Commenting on why Sharaf DG returns to show year after year, CEO Nilesh Khalkho said: “GITEX Shopper is the only event where consumers can find the entire electronics retail industry together and it has been always a pleasure for us to showcase our entire range and directly interact with consumers from all over UAE. More importantly GITEX Shopper is the perfect platform to reach out to our target audience and satisfy their needs.”


GITEX Shopper aims to go the extra mile in satisfying visitors this year, with a range of experiences that have been designed to spark additional excitement with the promise that big savings will make you happy!

“GITEX shopper has something to offer everyone and is a platform where visitors get the best deals on electronics. To add to this, the Shop & Win contests and lucky draws bring additional excitement to the shoppers. Flash deals, spot prizes and exclusive bundles are somethings customers do look for at GITEX Shopper,” Sharaf DG’s Nilesh Khalkho said.

Jumbo Electronics’ Pankaj Kumar added: “GITEX Shopper brings a fun, festive atmosphere to consumers in the UAE, so the event has traditionally been very popular. Additionally, they get some of the best deals and offers on the latest technology, so it is always a great place to get together with friends and family and shop for the latest tech gadgets and products.”

GITEX Shopper 2019 is open daily from 11:00am – 11:00pm. Tickets are pegged at only AED 20. Children under five enter free while student groups of 50 and above can get tickets at AED 10 per student. Creating even more convenience, visitors spending above AED300 will get six hours of free parking at DWTC. Tickets can be bought now through

For the latest on GITEX Shopper 2019 news, visit or follow the event on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Giveaway : Back to School Pop culture hoodies & t-shirts! (Open to US & Canada)

Hello friends!!

How about a superb Back to School giveaway?!

This giveaway is sponsored by There is nothing cooler than having a hoodie that best represents your love of your favorite movie, television show, and comic book character. This is why TVSO has assembled the biggest selection on the internet of officially-licensed comic book, movie, and television show and character hooded sweatshirts and hoodies. Their hoodies are available in mens and womens and in a variety of sizes. Now, they have some brand new stock and are offering either a Popculture hoodie (from this link) or a tshirt (from this link) to two of my followers!

Here are some of the new stuff :






Sheldon Cooper tshirt

Alan the hangover

Soft kitty warm kitty

The giveaway is open to all my US and Canada based followers. Winner will get to choose a hoodie or a tshirt from the site. . Rules are simple. Just fill out the rafflecopter below 😊. There are only three mandatory steps on the giveaway form but the more steps you complete, more will be your winning chances. This giveaway will end on Sep 4th & the winner will be selected at random and announced on Sep 6th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All the best 👍

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Review : PureBorn Nappies and Wet Wipes!

Hey friends,

Today I’m here with an exciting review. Who doesn’t love to work towards saving the environment?. I’m all for it and I love PureBorn because they are based on this very concept.


A little bit about PureBorn first – Founded by Hannah Curran, who is a UK based mom, this brand actually consists of a very small team. There is so much hard work, effort and research behind the conceptualization & launch of this eco friendly brand that I have nothing but respect for Hannah and her team. Here she is :

Hannah Curran

What is special about PureBorn – No trees are harmed in the making of any PureBorn product!. They are all plant based, using natural, sustainably resourced bamboo fibre. Bamboo, as you know, is grass and also an evergreen one.

Here is how the PureBorn nappy is built :


My Review


PureBorn baby

My son is 3.5 years old and weighs 14 kgs. So, I opted for number 5 in the range of nappies available. Number 5 stands for 11 – 18 kgs. The nappy is larger than a nappy of another brand falling under the same category. It’s print is beautiful. Got the leopard print one. My son especially loved it. Said he is a ‘tiger’ when he wore it. He is just learning the animals. Lol!. Here are some other (but not all) fun prints they have :

PureBorn prints

It is extremely soft and lightweight. What’s really interesting is the absorption power of it. It absorbs moisture like crazy. It’s insane really. That doesn’t mean I leave it on him for long hours just because it will absorb it all. But I had to mention it. It’s unlike any other brand I’ve used. It’s perfect for sensitive skin too. Once wet, the insides feel like cloth rather than a plasticy feel. It’s so gentle.


Now about their wet wipes, they come in two different packs. One the regular pack with 60 wipes in it and the other is the Travel Pack, which has 8 little packets in them, each containing 10 wet wipes.

Wet wipes

See how handy that is. The wet wipes have a very mild, pleasant scent. It is textured and stretchy (but not overly so). The best part is that there is no soapy residue on it like some other brands I’ve used in the past. The wipes are 99% aqua with Tea tree & coconut preservatives.

All PureBorn products are 100% organic, vegan, PETA certified, chemical free and crueltyfree. They come in biodegradable bags too. Also, whenever you buy a PureBorn product, know that you are contributing towards something more because 5% of their sales go to charity.

I highly recommend PureBorn to you because our babies are our lives, the apple of our eyes. We should give only the very best to them. They are so gentle and they deserve it. You can purchase all PureBorn products online or in major retailers like Lulu Hyper, Carrefour & Union Coop. They have a monthly subscription pack available online that helps you save 30% off and is delivered to your door, which is very convenient.

A quick note before I sign off for today. This is the latest news related to the brand. So I gotta share it.

PureBorn Bahrain

All prints of PureBorn are now available in Bahrain too, as only 2 prints used to be available. They are now also available in new retailers such as Lulu hypermarket and AlOsra as well as Hasan Mahmood supermarkets in addition to previous existing retailers. Moreover, the subscription model will also be launched very soon there.

Hope you liked reading my review. Please hit the share button if you did 🥰

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Note : All products shown here were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own & honest.

Why it’s important to have a quarterly bathroom maintanence!

Your bathroom is probably the most underestimated room in your house. It may be a small room, but it plays an important part in your day-to-day life from your morning prep before work to that relaxing hot shower you take to unwind after a long day. In fact, the average person spends a total of one and a half years using the bathroom throughout a lifetime, a poll on 2,500 people found.

Upflush toilet

You need to pay more attention to your bathroom because of its role in your life and home, and this includes performing maintenance on a quarterly basis. Here are four reasons why it’s important to do this routine activity.

Prevent Accidents

Your bathroom may be smaller compared to the other rooms in your home, but it can actually be a dangerous place. In fact, 235,000 people aged fifteen years old and above end up in emergency rooms every year because of injuries they suffered in the bathroom, and 14 percent of those get hospitalized, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The same study reported that the majority of bathroom accidents occur near or in the tub or shower. Common accidents in the bathroom include slipping on wet floors, falling, and tripping on broken tiles. By conducting bathroom maintenance on a quarterly basis, you can make timely repairs on broken fixtures, pipes, and wires that can potentially cause accidents. Regular checkups will also let you identify potential problem areas and make the necessary changes before it is too late.

Pro Tips:
● Install antislip mats in your tub, in the shower area, the space in front of your sink, and near the entrance of the bathroom.
● Immediately fix broken or loose tiles.
● Immediately repair leaks or broken pipes to prevent water stains and puddles from forming.
● If you have a toddler in the house, purchase a toilet seat that the child would be comfortable to use.

Fight Diseases

Mold and bacteria love to grow in moist and humid places, which makes bathrooms their ideal breeding ground. Bathrooms are home to bacteria like E.coli, streptococcus, salmonella, and Bacteroidaceae, and unsurprisingly, the toilet is a hive of germs, with 3.2 million bacteria found per square inch on average.

It’s important to perform daily or at most weekly cleanups for usual danger zones like the toilet, but in addition to routine maintenance, you also need to do a quarterly deep clean in all other areas of the bathroom. Deep cleaning targets hard-to-reach areas like grout, bathroom vents, and the showerhead as well as every inch of the tub, sink, and toilet. By scheduling quarterly deep-cleaning sessions, you prevent diseases from spreading and keep your family safe and healthy.

Pro Tips:
● Clean and seal your grout every quarter to prevent moisture and bacteria buildup.
● Eliminate calcium and mineral buildup from the showerhead by soaking it in white vinegar overnight before thoroughly scrubbing it with a toothbrush.
● Blast filthy and dusty exhaust fans with compressed air to thoroughly remove stubborn dirt and debris.

Save Money

Quarterly bathroom maintenance can help you stay on top of much-needed repairs and upgrades before it’s too late. Have you ever woken in the middle of the night to the sound of a leaky faucet? Broken pipes can leave unsightly water stains in your house, and they can be dangerous because their leaks can cause slips and falls.

Leaks also cost you money. On average, small leaks can cost homeowners twenty dollars every year while faucets and pipes with bigger damage could cost anywhere between sixty to two hundred dollars every year. That is hard-earned money you could have spent elsewhere if you had been paying more attention to your bathroom.

Pro Tips:

● To prevent blockage in your pipes, pour half a cup of baking soda followed by half a cup of vinegar, and then wash it down with boiling-hot water.
● Consider upgrading your toilet system to an upflush system, which features a built-in macerator that effectively shreds solid waste materials, thereby preventing clogs in your pipes.

Make Bathroom Time Enjoyable

If you have young kids, you know much of a struggle it can be to get them to take a bath. Children would much rather play and do something fun than be in the bathroom, especially if yours is a dirty, malfunctioning bathroom.

Regardless of whether you have kids or not, it’s important that you take care of your bathroom because you spend a considerable amount of time every day inside it. Conducting quarterly maintenance ensures that every fixture is in tip-top condition and ready to meet all your family’s needs. You don’t want to go to work late and frazzled because the shower suddenly stopped working.

Pro Tips:
● Make your bathroom a more fun and relaxing space by adding personal touches to it every quarter like ornamental plants and aromatic candles.
● Make bath time fun for your kids by buying toys that they can play with while in the bath like bubble machines and rubber ducks.

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Giveaway : An Ugly Christmas sweater or a Onesie (Open to US)!

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How about a super duper early Christmas giveaway??.🎅!

The giveaway is sponsored by They have an amazing variety of sweaters and have been featured on The Today Show, Live with Kelly and Ryan, Good Morning America, and the Ellen Show. They had sponsored a giveaway back in Nov 2018 where they gave away a sweater worth $50 to one of my followers. Now, they have some brand new stock snd are offering either an ugly sweater or a onesie to one of my followers!

Here are some of the new stuff :

Ugly sweater
This sweater has a 3D jack in the box popping up santa!

They have a ‘PewDiePie Collection’ too.

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams ugly sweater

Wu Tang Clan
One from the Wu Tang Clan collection!

The giveaway is open to all my US based followers. Winner will get to choose an ugly sweater or a onesie from the site. . Rules are simple. Just fill out the rafflecopter below 😊. There are only three mandatory steps on the giveaway form but the more steps you complete, more will be your winning chances. This giveaway will end on Jun 21st & the winner will be selected at random and announced on Jun 23rd.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All the best 👍

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