Review : Rich Hand & Cuticle Duo from The Face Shop!

Hey guys!

Of late, I have been using the Rich Hand & Cuticle Duo cream from The Face Shop. It is a moisturizer that intensely moisturizes and delivers softness to dry and rough hands.


It is a thick cream that is easily absorbed into the skin, without leaving it looking greasy. Instead, it leaves your hands looking youthful, hydrated and not to mention, absolutely soft. It’s scent is very pleasant and soft. This cream is enhanced with Vitamin E. Some of the ingredients in this cream are Sunflower seed oil, Shea butter, Beeswax, Macadamia seed oil and more.


The packaging of this product is very clever. You might be thinking that it’s just a regular tube containing a cream that serves both as a hand & cuticle cream. Wrong!. The cuticle balm is stored in the lid!!. That’s right!. When you flip open the lid you can see the cuticle balm while to get the hand cream, you need to unscrew the lid. I think it’s absolutely clever.


The cuticle balm looks like Vaseline but has a less thicker consistency. It’s perfect to work it over your cuticles and what you get is healthier and shinier looking nails. Even though the lid is small and apparently contains a small amount of balm, I think it will last a good while.

I love this duo cream & balm. I highly recommend you check it out. I bought this last December during The Face Shop’s year end sale.

Price : AED 31 (on sale) for a tube containing 50 ml of cream & 1.6gms of balm.

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Part Sale bonanza at Lifestyle!

Lifestyle, the region’s preferred shopping destination has announced its ‘Part Sale’ that has opened doors to its customers across all standalone stores in the UAE. With a whopping 25%-70% discount, customers can now pick their favorite brands at pocket-friendly prices. Don’t miss out – Hurry now to the nearest Lifestyle store as the offer is valid from the 15th April till 14th May 2015!


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So you think you can dance? – Chloe Arnold’s dance boot camp in Dubai!

Chloe Arnold and her Syncopated Ladies, the critically acclaimed first female tap dance band rocked the US on “So You Think You Can Dance” and have since performed on TV, film and stage around the globe, blending fast feet, fierce rhythms and a feminine glamorous touch.  Chloe and her Syncopated Ladies are on a tap mission, to deliver rhythm, style and empowerment across the world and they’ve just announced their next stop is Dubai! .

Syncopated Ladies_Wing kick

The Syncopated Ladies is a female tap dance band created by critically acclaimed Washington DC native tap dancer and choreographer, Chloe Arnold and features world renowned tap dancers Maud Arnold (Duke Ellington Alum), Sarah, Reich, Anissa Lee, Pamela Yasutake, Melissa Tannus, and Melinda Sullivan. Discovered at an early age in Washington DC by legendary choreographer Debbie Allen, Chloe has since gone on to perform on stages around the globe (in 27 countries and over 35 states), worked with celebrated artists including Beyonce, and appeared on national TV shows like “Dancing with the Stars”, “America’s Got Talent” and “Boardwalk Empire.” Chloe formed Syncopated Ladies to create a platform for women to have a strong and impacting voice in the Art Form of Tap Dance. Syncopated Ladies viral video hit “Beyonce Tap Salute” was shared by Beyonce herself (“They Killed It”), which led them to their appearance on Season 11 of FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance as the winner of the dance crew battle.

Syncopated Ladies_final bow

Between May 22nd and June 1st, The Syncopated Ladies will be in Dubai, hosting a series of classes and bringing their wildly successful Syncopated Ladies Boot Camp to the UAE. Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced level Dancers are invited to spend 6 hours learning from the Syncopated Ladies themselves and hangin’ with some of the fiercest women in the business. 

The Boot Camp details are as follows: 

Date: Saturday 23rd May 2015 
Location: Deira International School, MPH Dubai Festival City

Time: 11am – 5pm

Cost: AED 600 (10% early bird discount on bookings before 31st April)

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How To Make Time For Yourself!

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, you will find yourself always racing with time. A typical day may consist of school runs and playdates, running errands and doing chores. Maintaining a house for a family is never an easy job. Feeding, cleaning, ironing and all the tasks that consume your 24-hour day, leaves you drained yet longing for time to yourself.

Helpling, the global marketplace for cleaning services, can take over the household chores for you, so you can have a few glorious hours to yourself to do whatever you want. Our mission is to give people more free time. While the options are endless, we’ve rounded up a few delightful ways to fill that time.

1) Snooze – First, you are probably exhausted and need to catch up on some zzzz. Sleep re-energises the body and brain so you can wake up fresh and ready for another day.

2) Catch up with some friends – Spend time catching up on the latest news and gossip with friends you have not had the chance to see. Enjoy some girly time over a morning coffee or an afternoon tea.


3) Fall in love with your old hobby – Be it painting, writing, or crafting, pick your old hobby and learn to love it again.


4) Soak up the sun – It probably has been a long time since you’ve had the chance to just chill by the pool or beach. Getting a suntan without the constant watching over children and worrying about them can be a challenge. Grab the opportunity of having a few extra hours and soak up the sun.


5) Go for a walk, read a book – One of the most peaceful things you can offer yourself is solitude with a book. Go for a day walk, find a bench, relax and read.

6) Treat yourself to a spa treatment - Opt for a longer treatment, because you can. Enjoy a day at the spa getting pampered and spoilt. Free time well spent.

7) Pamper yourself at home – While you might have few extra hours to yourself, you may just want to stay at home. Prepare a scented bath, decorate with rose petals, put on a facial mask and enjoy a worry-free time.

8) Catch up on soaps and television - Put the kids to bed and do not worry about any household cleaning. Enjoy catching up on your favourite soaps and television shows undisturbed.

No matter what you decide to do, be it relaxing at home, catching up with friends or getting pampered, it is about reclaiming that part of you that could get lost within the chaos of the day. Helpling helps you claim more of your me-time.


About Helpling

Helpling is the leading global online platform for professional home cleaners. On the website customers book a vetted and insured service provider within a couple of clicks. The innovative online service gives people more time to enjoy the nice things in life: family, friends and leisure time. Helpling was founded by Benedikt Franke, Philip Huffman and Rocket Internet in January 2014. The company now has more than 250 employees and offers its service in more than 200 cities in Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UAE. This makes Helpling the most widely available online marketplace for household services in the world. It has been introduced to the UAE by the Middle East Internet Group (MEIG), a joint venture between Rocket Internet and MTN that has evolved into the Middle East’s leading Internet platform. 

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Katy Perry’s Spring Reign perfume!

KP_SR_Advertising_Spread_Opt A.indd

There’s a royal essence in the Spring air as the magic of the rain falls ever so lightly on the Killer Queen’s garden.

For it’s all too well known that there are no May flowers without April showers…

And there is no Spring without rain…

And there is no Reign without a Killer Queen.

Katy Perry - Spring Reign - Packshot+Flowers - 100ml AED465

Spring Reign is the fourth fragrance to join Katy Perry’s royal fragrance family.It is the ultimate fragrance for the vivacious girl that isn’t afraid to reign supreme.

Price : 100ML – AED465 
Point of Sale :Paris Gallery, Sephora, Wojooh, Debenhams & Vavavoom

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Review : Everyuth Exfoliating Walnut scrub!


I love scrubs, particularly walnut scrubs. So, on my last visit to India, when I saw Everyuth’s Walnut Scrub, I didn’t think twice about getting it. Everyuth is a known Indian brand.


It comes in a handy and colorful tube. It contains walnut shells in it to give a very clean scrubbing experience. Those shells feel really great on the skin. It’s gentle. I use it twice a week. The scrub itself is a beige/orange color (but it appears lighter in the below pic) with clearly visible walnut shells in it.


It’s really thick and yet so easy to work onto wet face. I suggest you take a good full minute or more to scrub your face, to get rid of the dead skin cells and impurities which may block your skin’s pores.

Price: Rs. 105 (AED 6.28) for a tube containing 100 gms. Love the price!. I highly recommend this product to you. I bought this from a supermarket in Kerala.

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Meet Lipstick Queen’s Frog Prince!

You may need to kiss a few frogs to find your prince but with Frog Prince, your search for the perfect pink is over!” – Poppy King

Lipstick Queen_Frog Prince _with box

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a beautiful queen who longed to find the perfect rosebud pink lipstick. And try as she might to find that fairy tale perfection, her friends quickly brought her back to reality. “Too sweet!” cried Goldilocks. “Too pale!” said Snow White. “Too cupcake!” followed the Gingerbread Man. The queen despaired and all but gave up on her quest until one day she chanced upon Frog Prince. This astonishing emerald green lipstick was not all it appeared to be! As soon as she touched it to her lips, the sheer green pigments suddenly transformed into a magical and flattering rosebud shade that seemed to have been made for her and her alone. With its semi-sheer, glossy finish and petal-soft texture enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E, Frog Prince was exactly what she had been searching for! And just like true love itself, this enchanting shade was made to last. The queen’s lips remained blissfully pink all day long from just one lingering, magical Frog Prince kiss.

But even more surprising was how different it looked on the lips of her friends. Magically adapting to their natural colouring and pH levels, Frog Prince transformed into a warm, earth-toned blush on Goldilocks’ golden complexion whereas on Snow White it became somehow brighter and more vivid against her snowy skin. Seeing that no two pairs of lips would ever look the same when wearing this enchanting lipstick, the queen realised that this idea of perfection, for which she had searched for so long, was not one single shade after all. What she had been looking for, she now understood, was something that would allow her unique spirit and beauty to shine through. A lipstick that enabled her to show her own true colours. Whatever shade of pink that might be. The End. 

Frog Prince from Lipstick Queen will be available exclusively on the Fashion Floor of Harvey Nichols in Mall of Emirates between the 30th April and 10th of May!  It will subsequently be released in other outlets across the UAE. Frog Prince costs AED 140.

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The Split Ends Solution: Rahua’s Finishing Treatment Cream!

Most women are on a lifelong quest to tame and hydrate thin, coarse, dry, or frizzy hair strands. Amazon Beauty Rahua Finishing Treatment has the power to return hair to its most healthy and beautiful state from the first use and deliver hair repair and beautiful shine in one step! This single golden jar of Rahua Finishing Treatment will nourish the hair like a beautiful face cream without any weight, shine, or grease! Just a dab of this unique formula will repair, protect and revitalize even the most damaged hair helping your hair grow longer and stronger.

Rahua Finishing Treatment (AED 285)

We have all tried everything from expensive salon treatments to DIY hair masks in the quest for beautiful hair, but Rahua’s Finishing Treatment is different. It’s not a leave-in conditioner or a shiny, silicone-based product. It’s never going to leave you with faux-glossy hair, but it’s also not matte and tacky. The formula’s key ingredient—Ungurahua—rebuilds damaged hair from the follicle, quinoa promotes moisture retention, and antioxidants preserve and repair, all while looking like ‘nothing’ in your hair. It’s ideal for use on both long and short hair to manage split ends, winter dryness, and summer humidity.

The Rahua Finishing Treatment prevents hair from splitting during styling, blow-drying, hot ironing and combing. Silicone-free, Rahua Finishing Treatment strengthens and provides a glossy, weightless finish. Perfect for those who love cream-based formulas for instant dry hair repair. Rich with organic and 100% natural ingredients. Super-fine Rahua oil molecules deeply penetrate the hair’s cortex to rebuild even the most damaged tresses – strengthens strands and leaves hair smooth, shiny and frizz-free. 

The Rahua Finishing Treatment retails for AED 285 and the retail range is on sale in Harvey Nichols and Plethora Hair Lab, with the professional treatments available at Plethora Hair Lab and Rahua’s UAE flag ship salon Posh by Feryal at The Burj al Arab.  Visit to discover more.  

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Review : Nivea Good bye Cellulite gel!

Hey guys!

Today’s review is about Nivea’s Good-bye Cellutite Anti Cellulite gel. I bought this almost 3 years ago. Everyone has cellulite. Here is the definition of it : “persistent subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin, especially on women’s hips and thighs”. Even slim people have it!.

I came across this gel and I thought why not try it. Nivea is a popular brand, so I thought this would be a phenomenal product. Also, it says on the tube that it has Skin’s own L-Carnitine incorporated in it. L-Carnitine is known to firm up the skin and have antiaging properties. That greatly appealed to me. It comes in a blue tinged tube, that is easy to hold and dispense product out of.


The product is a cool blue colored gel. It is so beautiful and has the most amazing smell. It’s consistency makes it easy to apply on to your skin.


I applied in on my thighs consistently. As per the tube, I was supposed to see noticeably toned and smoothed skin after 2 weeks and visibly reduced signs of cellulite after 4 weeks. However, after months and months of usage, nothing happened. That’s when I realized. It is true that cellulite gels or creams just don’t work. It doesn’t depend on whether it’s from a known brand or not. It just doesn’t work. What could work though are exercising, giving your muscles a good workout, scrubbing your body and dry body brushing (in the long run)!. Then after some time, I stopped using it. I still had some left in the tube and I thought I should definitely do a review for you guys :)

Price: AED 31.50 (if I remember it right) for the tube containing 200ml.

So, don’t bother buying such products. If I had that knowledge back then, I wouldn’t have spend money on it.

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Celebrity favorite, Rahua are offering hair advice!

Let’s ask the experts! Celebrity Favourite Rahua are offering hair advice from 1st to 15th of April at Harvey Nichols!

The Amazon’s most potent beauty secret, Rahua, is a luxurious collection of 100% natural beauty products delivering transformative, gorgeous results. Rahua brings to the beauty world what the tribeswomen of the Amazon have known for centuries as the key to voluminous, lustrous locks. The secret is now out, and you can see what the fuss is all about for yourself!!.

Rahua Group A

For two weeks (Wednesday 1st – Wednesday 15th of April) Rahua’s beauty exerts will be excitedly awaiting your visit in Harvey Nichols beauty department, Mall of the Emirates. Offering advice on all your hair concerns, it is the perfect opportunity to ask the experts just how to calm your frizz, prevent those split ends, achieve envious bounce and shine, and restore your hair to its beautiful natural state – oh and stock up on Rahua! And because the team at Rahua is so excited to see you, they are offering a gift with two or more Rahua purchases too!

The Rahua range is 100% natural, made with Organic ingredients, gluten free and 100% vegan! It is created in collaboration with local Amazonian tribes and blended with only the purest of ingredients.

With a host of awards and a cult following of A-list celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Johnny Depp, the luxurious Rahua collection features a range of products including shampoos, conditioners, hair mask, elixir, hair wax and finishing treatment.

Rahua empowers women all over the world by giving them beautiful, healthy hair and it provides a means by which the native women of the Amazon can support themselves, thus empowering them too.

The full Rahua range is available in Harvey Nichols and other select locations across the UAE, with prices starting at AED 180. Visit to discover more.

Experience Rahua’s magical properties for yourself. The experts are waiting for you!

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Note: This is a press release, aiming at promotion to a wider audience. I am not compensated in any way for the publication of this post.