How to clean your makeup brushes… My way!

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Today’s post is about how to clean your makeup brushes. Did you know that unclean makeup brushes can lead to infection, breakouts and skin irritations?. My advice: Clean your brushes once in a week at least….


Here is how I do it..

Things you will need:

A makeup remover, a hand sanitizer, olive oil and of course, some dirty brushes 🙂

I won’t be telling you how much of each to take because that really depends upon the number of brushes you are cleaning.Mix them in a plate. Then take each brush, dip gently into the mixture and then hold your palm out and work on it. If it’s a domed brush, then work in a circular motion as if applying blush on your cheek. If it’s a flat brush, then mimic a to and fro motion. Never press the brush too hard onto your palm. This would loosen up the bristles and lead to shedding.

A makeup brush is an investment and if you take good care of it, it will last you about 5 years. The olive oil will give moisture to the bristles and avoid drying it out. The hand sanitizer works as an anti-bacterial formula. You can substitute it will anti-bacterial hand wash if you wish. The makeup remover helps remove the makeup build up, efficiently.

After you are done with that, place all the brushes on a clean towel and let it dry overnight. Check the below picture to see how exactly you have to place your brushes on the towel. You can see that the brushes don’t actually touch the towel, rather they are left facing the very edge. This is done so as to preserve it’s shape. For example, if you place a domed brush like a blush brush on the towel, one side of it will become flat as that is the form taken by it, when it’s drying.


The makeup remover that I use is Garnier Makeup Remover Milk and the hand sanitizer is from Dial.

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Naznin 🙂

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  1. wow…. now i wud know how to keep my self insync wid make up… will help me once i start my acting career!


    • Umm actually these are not pix clicked by me. I got them on Google. The first pic is that of Sigma brushes. That I am sure of. The second set is a nameless cheap brand. I know them by sight!.. I personally use an Ecotools brush set. Thanks for your comment!

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