Revlon lipbutter in UAE.. Finally! Review and swatches…

Hello all!

I am super excited to do this review. I have been waiting for a LONG time for Revlon to introduce the lip butters in UAE. Finally it was introduced in Life Style and Beauty Bay stores exclusively towards the end of May and then all over Dubai from June 1st onwards.

Here are the three colors that I am loving right now: Pink Truffle, Berry Smoothie and Sugar Plum (the last one will be introduced in UAE only later on. I got it from a friend in US)


My experience: I am totally in love with it! It has a smooth creamy texture, feels amazingly nourishing and the colors can be build up very well. If you want just a stain on your lips and go totally sheer, that’s possible and if you want a full fledged rocking lip, just add some more coats!. Unless, you eat or drink, the color stays put on the lips. Also all of them are very pleasantly scented. I love it’s packaging. I carry it in my purse so that I can touch up any time.

Pink Truffle is definitely my favorite. It is a nudish brown and pink mix. It’s such a lovely color. Berry Smoothie is a violet and pink mix with pink sparkles in it. I am not talking about glitter chunks here. Just a touch of sparkle. That’s it. Sugar Plum is a light natural mauve kind of pink. I think the three colors I have are really suitable for just about any skin tone.


This photo has Sugar plum on the left, Berry Smoothie in the middle and Pink Truffle on the right. The pic is clicked under a tube light.


This photo  is the same with a natural lighting.

There is just one problem though. You should be having super smooth lips before you apply the lip butter because they tend to emphasize any cracks or dry flaky areas you have. Click here to know how to get smooth lips

Each lip butter is priced at AED48/-. The colors that are currently available in store are Peach Parfait, Berry Smoothie, Pink Truffle, Candy Apple, Sugar Frosting, Raspberry pie and Cotton Candy.

*hint hint* : One of the products in my first blog giveaway will definitely be a lip butter!. So be a follower today and stay tuned for it.



0 thoughts on “Revlon lipbutter in UAE.. Finally! Review and swatches…

  1. oooooh!! i can’t wait for it to launch here in India. feels like it’s taking forever, loved your thoughts on the lip butter. have a beautiful week.

    • Hey, I do hope they launch in India soon.. You know in US, it was launched over an year ago!!… Thank you so much for your comment!.. I do appreciate it :).. You have a beautiful week too..

    • Hi Rafia!.. Thank you for your feedback. All Revlon products including the lip butters are available in Lifestyle, Karisma, Salam, Max Retail, Avenue, Boots, Fitwell, Hameed Hamad, Ansar, and Debenhams stores in Qatar. So go ahead, try one and let me know what you think of it :)..

      Have a nice day!

  2. Lovely! I know how it feels to try a lip product which highlights chapped lips. so lesson learned is that I apply lip balm first before putting anything in my lips. It is also a good trick to sleep with petroleum jelly spread in the lips

  3. i have got a dark complexion n chapped lips.n my lips r too small such that they showcase themselves just as a thin line when i smile:).i would like to have a im confused..which will giv me a bare minimum better look..berry smoothie or pink truffle…

    • Hello Keerthi!

      I would suggest wither Pink Truffle or Peach parfait for you. Just walk into any Beauty Bay store and test both of these colors out and decide which one works best on you.

      Before you do that, however, you have to get rid of chapped lips. read my TLC for your Lips post please. It will really help out. Also invest in a good lip plumper. Lip plumpers are available at Cosmetic stores, super markets and pharmacies as far as I believe. Lip plumpers come in tube form and cost AED 21++ and are safe to use. There are transparent types or tinted lipglosses with lip plumbers in it. That will really help with the thin lips. Hope that helped!

  4. thank you..but i love thin i am not gonna go 4 for sure shall opt pink much do dat lip scrub cost in INR??Is dat real worthy(i mean the one u use,dont remember d name..d pack dat comes with a white ribbon:) )

    • Hi dear!.. Sorry but your comment made me feel like you wanted some suggestions to get fuller lips. Well the Sara Happ lip scrub converts to about Rs. 1632/-. It costs so much because of the special oils in it. But why spend so much when you can make it at home or find cheaper alternatives!..

    • Hi Keerthi!

      Let me put this down in points :

      1) Drink 8 – 10 glasses of water a day

      2) Wear a lip balm with SPF of about 15 when going out in the sun. Avoid Vaseline for day wear.

      3) Checkout my TLC for your lips post and do the Vaseline/brush trick in the night, twice a week. If you don’t want to use the back of a brush head, buy a soft bristled brush just for this purpose. Then brush on your lips like brushing a teeth but ever so gently. Vaseline binds to the dry flakes on the lips and gets removed easily.

      4) I searched around for lip products in India that might help you but don’t quite know what to actually suggest to you as I don’t have any personal experience with anything that I came across. However, I gotta say this: When purchasing a lip balm, read through the ingredients list and buy one with shea butter or cocoa butter or Vitamin E in it. Avoid any with Salicylic acid in it as it can be drying for the lips.

      5) For scrubbing your lips, instead of buying one, try the home remedy I suggested in my TLC for your lips post. However, I would suggest you do the other tips I gave earlier and get your lips to a bit more smooth stage before doing any scrubs as I think if you do scrubbing on severely chapped lips, it’s gonna worsen it more and make it look cracked!. Just do the rest and maybe after 2 – 3 weeks of continual TLC, start on scrubs and that too twice a week only. Be extra gentle.

      Hope that helped!

  5. thankyou…
    so sad to inform u somthing..
    lips have now got a black lengthy scar on it just like the scar we get after acne inrush
    how to eliminate that..
    thats a total mess

  6. be particular i got it from kalyan silks kottayam..In kalyan u can easily get products frm revlon,maybelline,,,lakme and so on…they avail you options for testing also like you get in lulu..

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