Giordano Travel Trolley bag…

Hello guys!

This post is so random that it definitely deserves it’s place in the random folder.. Haha.. I bought this Giordano trolley bag from Carrefour, Sharjah City Center for an amazing deal and thought well why not blog about it :)..

So the bag I have is a Grey and Orange mix. It’s such fab colors.  It’s super sporty. It comes with a Giordano number lock too. It’s stylish. Oh I am in love with it!


It comes in two colors. Both are grey and orange mix but in one grey is more and in the other, it’s orange that’s more. I liked the one in which the grey dominates. So I got that. It costs AED289/- for the 77cms one. It’s available in smaller sizes. I believe the 77cms one is the largest… It’s expandable too.

So check out the offer and let me know if you availed it!



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