Review : Sunfeast Dark Fantasy chocolate biscuit..


I have always hated cream biscuits. Man!! I couldn’t imagine eating even one. However, when I saw this amazing ad for the Sunfeast Dark Fantasy chocolate biscuit, I thought “Well why not try this?”. It is available only in India as far as I know.Β Its available at all leading super markets and bakeries for Rs. 22. Each packet contains 8 biscuits.


Oh the feeling when I first bit into it!.. I literally experienced heaven. The biscuit is extremely crunchy on the outside while inside, it has an indulgent soft dark chocolate cream that simply melts into your mouth. It is sinfully tempting just as it promises in the ad or on it’s packaging. The cream is made from the finest ‘theobroma Cacao – food of the gods’.


Also Sunfeast introduced a new biscuit right after it called the Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Chocofills. In this one, the cream is not visible from the outside. I found the biscuit to be more better than the chocofills. Both are priced at the same rate.


If you are in India or you have relatives in India, try to get your hands on a pack and experience the pure indulgence πŸ™‚

If you get to try it, let me know what you think!

Warm regards,

Naznin πŸ™‚

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19 thoughts on “Review : Sunfeast Dark Fantasy chocolate biscuit..

    • Hehe… Thank you for your feedback… Ofcourse there is no commission and all.. All of this is 100% my honest opinion.. Will definitely bring some for you πŸ™‚


  1. Yes Naz.. I tried this the last time i was in India. In December.. And yes they are truly a Fantasy!! I too have to same opinion.. The biscuit is better than the fills.. Loved it soo much that I carried a few packs back with me on my return..
    Keep posting.. Really loving your posts…

    • Hi there!

      Well compared to other biscuits it is indeed costly but then it tastes great yeah?.. Gotta pay for the quality!.. Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚


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  3. Its so delicious. Children like this very much. Its so chocolaty.
    its advertisement is more attractive.i like this very much.
    its unique quality is that cream is not seen outside.its too costly……………….

  4. hey chocofills u r damm tasty but there are only 6 packets
    my mom gives only one in a DAY can u be 7 so i can eat 1 every day i m ready to pay more money

  5. Hi All,

    Me too found it yummy filled with melted chocolate & its 1 of my Favorite biscuit,But still i say 1 thing the demand is going high the size is getting down. So to the makers of Sun feast wanna tell you if demand is 4 something is going high you should maintain the same so that people will love to adopt the culture of sun feast or else leave it don’t sell it.So pls do fair with the feelings of customers & let me indulge more & more into the Melted chocolaty layers of Dark fantasy.

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