0 thoughts on “Convert your opinions into cash!

  1. oh wow!! this is too good! i love doing surveys myself so i know how you feel about them hehe and it’s even better when you get paid for it! woohoo. great post, Naznin

    • Hey Nica! I had no idea about that. However, I checked the Arab eye’s company profile now and found that this works only in the Middle East and North Africa :(.. You know, what if they think of covering more regions later on?. I will keep you updated!.. Thanks for your comment :)..

  2. I think arabeye is closed now. Have u any information about that? because i cannot even redeem my points. I have received no survey invitations since ages. can u help?

    • Hi Mohsin!. It’s true. I no longer get surveys from there and I still have 686 points to redeem that I am not able to. I don’t know why they shut down without any notification.

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