Prize received (New Year/Valentine’s Day giveaway)!

Hi guys!

The winner of my recent giveaway which ended in February, Praseena of Coral Crue, send me 2 photos to be shared here on my blog :

IMG_2347[1] IMG_2349[1]

Congrats again Praseena and hope you enjoy all the goodies πŸ˜€

Guys, don’t forget to enter my first blogversary giveaway by clicking here.

I also have 2 other giveawaysΒ going on here, in which the prize is not sponsored by me. Still they are awesome giveaways. So do take part in them!

For the Amazon $20 giftcard giveaway, enter here.

For a signed copy of The Pope’s Stone and a journal, enter here.


Naz πŸ™‚

0 thoughts on “Prize received (New Year/Valentine’s Day giveaway)!

  1. Naz, thank you so much for EVERYTHING!! I mean it from the bottom of my heart πŸ™‚ Am so glad I won this giveaway and got to know how much more special you are. Am so glad I started blogging to meet such wonderful bloggers like you πŸ™‚ All the best on your upcoming giveaways. THank you for all the lovely extra treats and the lovely letter.

    • Hi Praseena!.. Thank you for your lovely words. Even I am happy I got to meet many wonderful people, including you from all around the world through blogging. Enjoy your goodies πŸ˜€

    • Hehe!… Thanks for congratulating the winner, Chrys!. This is my largest giveaway so far. Products worth about 270 BZD. I am not sure when I will do something as big as this again. But smaller giveaways will always be there for sure :D… I soo wish I can do international ones. One day I will!

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