How to: Purchase from Amazon US store from UAE!

Hi all!
I made a purchase from Amazon two months ago. The following are several questions that arose in my mind before placing the order. Hope the answers help at least some one out there πŸ™‚

1) What is the mode of shipment?

A : Usually anything from US, is sent by post (it’s way cheaper than courier service). I have previously received gifts from friends. So my first doubt was whether I should provide my postal address which is in Abu Dhabi or my physical address which is in Sharjah. Amazon has a live chat option on their site which I simply love. One of their agents told me that unless and until they actually assign a delivery service to it, they themselves don’t know how it would be send.


Finally, I went with my gut feeling and provided my postal address. Later on I received an email informing me that the service assigned to ship my package is Aramex!. Everyone out there knows that Aramex does not deliver to a post box. Usually if a wrong address is given, the package is send back to its origin. I felt real low.

I contacted Amazon again and asked if I could change my address to physical. They had split my order into two separate packages. This is done as per availability of certain items and shipped to you separately at no extra cost. They informed me that the first shipment was already out and they couldn’t do anything to change the address. However, I could change the address of my second shipment. So I went ahead and changed that address to the physical one. Then I liaised with the local Aramex office and they informed me that once the package is in UAE, they will contact me and check for my physical address. That relieved me a lot!

I had opted for the 8 – 16 days shipment option (The other option is 2 – 7 days) but received my first shipment (with one item) in just 6 days!. That was super fast. Everything was neatly and carefully packed.

My second shipment (with 3 items) arrived in 13 days. Even that was delivered right to my doorstep by Aramex. I can now safely say that Amazon would be generally using Aramex to ship to UAE. So go ahead and provide your physical address as your default shipping address.

2) How do I know which items are shipped international and which locally in US?

A : While browsing for products, make sure the International Shipping option is selected in the search bar, like below:

SearchbarAnother option is to search anyway, but check the box AmazonGlobal Eligible on the left side of the screen.


Or just click here to go to their page with International Shipping already selected.

3) International Shipping is selected in the search bar but still when I click on a product it says like below. Why is that?.

No Shipping

A : That particular item might be shipped from US to other international places like say Europe, but unfortunately not to UAE.

4) I didn’t get a message like the one mentioned in question 3 but another message as below is shown in the ‘Product details’ for the product that I selected. Is UAE among the ‘select countries’?

Select countries

A : The best way to know is ‘Add it’ to your shopping cart anyway and continue. Finally a page comes where you have the option to ‘Continue shopping’ or ‘Place the Order’. If that button can be selected, it means that product is eligible for shipping to your country. If the button is visible but cannot be selected, unfortunately that product is not eligible to be shipped to your address. Also a message as below will be displayed:

Cant order

5) How can I make the payment?

A : Amazon provides a number of payment options. You can pay with a Visa/Mastercard credit/debit cards, Amazon gift cards, American Express etc.

6) Are liquid items permissible to be purchased and shipped into UAE?

A : I haven’t purchased any liquid items yet. I have my eyes on one particular such product. If I successfully buy that, I will come back and update this answer.

7) A product that I wish to buy is being offered by several sellers. From whom should I buy?

A : This one is quite a personal choice. Some sellers on Amazon does ship international. But I personally prefer buying something from Amazon directly. It’s kinda like a trust issue :P. I look out for a message like below, while shopping:

Amazon only

Those are the seven main questions that arose in my mind. Have you ever purchased from Amazon?. What did you buy?

To see what I bought on Amazon, click here πŸ™‚

I hope you find this post useful. If you do, please share and also leave a comment below. I love feedback!.

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Love always,

Naz πŸ™‚

133 thoughts on “How to: Purchase from Amazon US store from UAE!

  1. I don’t live in the UAE so I don’t need this advice… but I read it anyway. Might as well learn if I ever decide to travel there πŸ˜› Great instructions, Naz!

    • So sweet of you to do so, Lottie :). When I used the gif for the first time ever, I thought of you by the way. I haven’t seen many use gif as much as you. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. this was very helpful. I’ve always wanted to buy from Amazon but I don’t want it to be delivered to my postal address. Great to know that Aramex will deliver it right at my doorstep. BTW, do you have any idea if we have a stockist of Alpha H products here in the UAE?

  3. This is interesting! So many hoops and things to think about. Too bad you can’t purchase the ebooks. Are you able to use gift cards for books, gifted book, or no books at all from them? Books are my main reason for visiting Amazon, so that one would make me sad. πŸ™‚

    • Hey thanks for stopping by!. Yeah, its really sad that from anywhere in the Middle East, Amazon doesn’t allow ebook purchases. I can view the books but cant even see their price. If I am gifted a book from there, I can exchange it to get some Amazon store credit. That’s all :(.

  4. i would like to order mash stamping plates but unfortunately international shipping option is not there.any suggestions??

    • Hi Sana!. Unfortunately if it shows that international shipping is not available, you can’t buy it. The only other thing you could do is, search around and see if any other seller is offering it internationally. Also some products are not shipped to UAE because it cannot be received here due to security reasons or so. Hope that helps πŸ™‚

  5. 1) Can I ship to Abu Dhabi?
    2) When I purchase anything, Amazon keeps telling me “This item can’t be shipped to your selected destination. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order.” even if it’s international :/
    I tried a lot changing the address and nothing happened

    #Need your help please πŸ™‚

    • Hi Omar!

      You can definitely ship to AUH, because UAE as a whole is covered by Aramex. Unfortunately, if you tried with several different addresses and it still doesn’t work, that item(s) maybe shipped only within US. Check the product description. It may say something like ‘product shipped within US only’ or something like that.

      Do follow me =)

      Naz πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks a lotβ™₯
    But will you please give me some examples what to write in the Address line? :/

    I really appreciate your help πŸ™‚

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  8. Thanks a lot…
    -But I have a problem with amazon that some part cant be delivered to my address in UAE….
    so, what can i do? (I cant change the parts, I need the exact parts).
    -In UAE we use 220v , so is all the electronic parts work in UAE? (example: monitor)

    • There are limitations on what can be ordered on Amazon from here. If it shows that it can’t be delivered to your address, you really can’t do anything about it. I don’t think every electronics will work in UAE. Thanks for asking!

    • Hi Mohammed!.. Try to place the order. Then the site itself will display whether it can be shipped or not to your address and the price too. Hope that helped!

  9. Dear Naz I have a question to ask.The Address for the shipping….when you say physical address,do you mean my house address?? What if I give Aramex’s sharjah address?? I live in sharjah btw

  10. Me too gave them my PO Box address. Where will aramex deliver it now? Does Amazon mention mobile number on the package so that Aramex can contact me?

    • Hey Bilal!. Thank you for your question. If your order has not been shipped, just go ahead and change your address. There is an option for that on their site. However, if it’s already left from there, just wait for Aramex’s call. Then you can give them your physical address. Yeah, Amazon does mention your mobile number on the package if you have provided it to them. Hope that helped!

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    • Ruwais is pretty far from Abu Dhabi. Not sure. But you can call up Aramex and ask them if they deliver to Ruwais. If yes, go ahead and place the order with Amazon πŸ™‚

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    • Hi Abraham!. There is no Cash on Delivery option. Markavip is a local site. Amazon is global!. What if they ship it here from US and you dont pay for it?. In order to avoid such situations they accept the payment first.

  14. Thanks for your prompt response neenz87 , I really want to purchase at amazon , I will just try my friend to use his card and pay him cash , hope it will be fine for him …but using card is it really safe?..thank you

    • You are welcome!. Yeah ask your friend if you could use his card. Using credit card online is safe. I do so much online shopping!. I know how safe it is. Just make sure the link where you give your credit card details start with https instead of http. The ‘s’ stands for secure I believe. That’s a basic check. Hope that helps!

  15. thank you for this post. it is a great help πŸ™‚
    have you tried ordering aside from amazon? for example I want to order from Twelve South which is not available on Apple UAE Website.

  16. this post made me want to order from amazon but I am worried about the address, for example can I just give them the address al futtaim motors ajman? will they ask me for a zip code? there are so many items that I want to order for such a long time that I cannot find in UAE. for example this western digital nomad, pad and quill cover for macbook stuff like that.

    • Your mobile number is a must. I don’t remember the zipcode being asked. Just give your physical address. The format is in a previous reply of mine today.

  17. dear maam nazneen, i had a few questions regarding ordering items on amazon us site. i also live in uae my postal address is in dubai and i live in sharjah. what i wanted to know is that .in that case which address do i need to provide while shopping from the site.THe postal address is in my husband’s name he works in Jebal ALi .but we live here in sharjah butina. Second question was do i need to have a shop and ship account with Aramex to get my items delivered to me to any one of the addresses whether postal or physical. Is it compulsory.As i noticed that we need to pay for that account too. and then if we buy online anything than they also charge us the shippent charges . then again aramex also charges for shipment ? im a bit confused . it would be great if you could help me by replying to my questions. Thanks alot ur blog did help me alot in understanding ideas about shopping online ,As this may be my first time but i want to be sure about everything before moving ahead with my purchase

    • Hello Fatima!. When shopping on Amazon, you have to give your physical address which in your case would be the flat address in Sharjah. You don’t need a Shop n ship account with Aramex to order from Amazon. Just place the order, select your address in Sharjah and automatically Aramex is assigned with your shipment. Do provide your mobile number along with your address. Hope that helps!

  18. Thank you alot Maam , yes it has made me quite clear about my doubts hope i can also convey the same to my husband too .Thanks alot once again.

  19. Ordering is easy with amazon, but I am waiting for a long time for my parcel, contacted them but initially they refund my shipping cost, but still asking to wait for the shipment. I think they bulk send and repack in UAE for local delivery, what is your say?

    • Of course they don’t bulk send and repack in UAE. They pack your order in US itself and send it exclusively to you, right to the doorstep. It’s unfortunate that your shipment is so delayed. In the past, I have always got my Amazon packages within 6 – 13 days…

  20. If I order goods from to be shipped to dubai and pay through my giftcard ….. Do I have to pay extra shipping charges … Once they deliver the items to my house ?

    • No, Komal!. Once you mention your shipping address and finalize your order, a shipping amount will be displayed. Once you pay it, whatever the payment method be, you don’t have to pay anything more once it reaches here.

  21. hi, did you pay amazon’s “import fee deposit”? did they charge your shipment with custom fees? cause i want to order from them but i am hesitant cause i don’t know if the “import fee deposit” will be charged back, thanks.

    • Hi Sergei, I have never paid any import fees or customs fees. Once you place the order and fill in your shipment address, you will be shown a price which is the products price plus shipping fee. You pay that there and then there is no other charges after that. It’s delivered to you to your door!.

  22. Hello Neenz, Thanks a lot for posting this, it really helped me , now we need you to do another post on IHERB:D:D:D:D, i just bought something from there and gave Office address and B.O box, u mentioned above that it takes them 2 days to deliver, and i selected DHL as it was the cheaper option. ( there were only companies to select from), now how can i track my order, and did i have to give the physical address (just like Amazon) and i didnt give any phone number, so am not sure how are they going to find me:D
    Thanks πŸ™‚

    • I have answered part of this question as reply to one of your other comments. Only thing left to answer is about your mobile number. That is a mandatory field so how come you didn’t type that in?. Also, if you give a P.O. box address instead of a proper physical address, most probably it won’t be shipped at all until you provide the right address. If you haven’t received any email at all from iHerb, log into your iHerb account and look at your order status. If you have further questions, I will be happy to answer otherwise if you need to update the right address with them or something, contact iHerb’s customer service. They reply really fast and are amazing!. Hope I replied all your questions well enough πŸ™‚

  23. one more thing, Zip/postal code is a required field in IHERB, what do we do with that? as i have entered my office P.O Box Number just for the sake of finishing the transaction =)

    • In the zip code option, I put a hyphen (-) since it’s not required when asking for physical address. However, if you opt for the international airmail option (which I don’t reply recommend, since there is no tracking and takes a long time to arrive), you need to give your post office code.

  24. Hello Naz:), thank you so much for this Post, it was really helpful, now we need you to do another post on IHERB:D, as I’ve just done one purchase/transaction ,and you mentioned above that its a great side to order(better than Amazon?) and it takes them 2 days to deliver(so its really better than Amazon:D) , but how can we track the order and follow it up,i mean is it safe, DHL will be the one who’s gonna ship mine, it was the cheaper option(out of 3 ), I’ve given my Office Address(City, area,tower name , floor and company P.O Box, was it the right thing to do?, giving them Physical address (if considered as physical address including my phone number, what happens if i give my home physical address with no P.O Box , will they ship to the emirates post office and i ll collect it from there myself(that’s what i have been told)

    do you think i should do my transactions through PAYPAL as its safer or just keep purchasing directly from my credit card?

    Thanks Again

    • Hello Zooz!.. I have done several posts about iHerb here on my blog including one which is “How to purchase from iHerb”. Yes, it’s an amazing site. Once you place the order, you will receive an email confirming your order has been placed. That email will show your order number and your shipping and billing address.

      Physical address means P.O. Box is not necessary. You can give your home address without P.O. box. That’s what I do. Then it comes directly to your doorstep. Under the shipping option showing DHL, it specifically says your order will not be shipped to the P.O. Box!. Once your order is shipped, you get a second email from iHerb informing that the order is shipped and your DHL tracking number is such and such. There is no PayPal option on iHerb. Only credit card accepted there.

  25. Thanks for your reply,i’m new here and i haven’t checked your other posts yet but will do, as for the shipping and billing address, I’ve entered the same address for both and i think its okay. i entered the P.O Box because there was an example given in the address field to fill it, so i followed it:)
    this is the second day transactions were made, so i checked the status of both on the website(as you have recommended) and the first one says “ready to pick” and the other one is “waiting for approval” am not sure what do they, you think i should contact the support team?
    Thank you

    • Hello again!.. It’s definite that it will not be shipped to the P.O. box so contact the iHerb customer service center at the earliest by email. Quote them your order number so they can check the status and tell them you had opted for DHL shipment but instead of physical you gave the postal address. They will suggest what can be done. When you change to physical address, give your home address (or office, if it’s more convenient) without postal code. Put a hyphen in that box. Give your flat number and room number too. Mobile number is a must. I really hope this helps.

      On the top right side of this blog, there is a search bar. Type in iHerb and search. I have done atleast 3 posts on them including what I bought from them..

  26. Thanks A lot Neenz, I’ve received an email that my order has been shipped out:D
    one more question and could be the last one :P:
    when do you think is the best time to place an order and get it quickly, do you think ordering at the very first working day of the week (in the United States) will make a difference, i mean can we still order over the weekend(in the states-sat Sunday) or is it better to order when they start off the week over there?
    Thanks again Naz

    • Hello! That’s great news :).. Actually I think any day is ok… During the July 4th celebration, iHerb specifically had a notice on their site saying shipping will be delayed atleast 48 hours. So, look out for notices like that. Once you finish your transaction, you will get a code to promote to your friends or you can always give mine which is SCZ695 :P.. Have a good day!

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  28. Hey Naz~!
    This post is rather helpful! I have a question though, what is the format of putting in your physical address? And also, I was just wondering if you can purchase books? Not the eBooks but the actual Hard copy of the book itself as I was just reading through the comments and got slightly confused when I read that you can’t purchase eBooks in UAE, and well eBooks are different from the Actual book itself, right? And I really do want to purchase this book. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks~ (:

    • Hi Megan!. Glad this post helped!. You can definitely purchase physical books and get it shipped here. It’s not a problem at all. Stick to books that are sold and shipped by Amazon. Local sellers might not ship internationally.

      For the address, give your physical address which is your flat number, floor number, building name, nearby landmark, street name, city and country, in that order =).. Hope that helps..

      • Thank you so much~ ^^ Oh and one more question, is it much safer and better to pick the expedited shipping than the standard international shipping? Because the International shipping is a little bit cheaper than the Expedited one?

        • Hi again!. I have always gone for the expedited shipping option since it has tracking. Since, I’ve never tried the standard shipping option, I can’t recommend it. I believe it would be fine. It will just take longer though and since there is no tracking, you won’t have an idea of when to expect it..

  29. Hi, do you know if there are any alternative to Shop and Ship? I’ve heard of Borderlinx, MyUS and Ship Ace. Have you tried any of these?

  30. Hey,thanks to you!! I made my very first txn with Amazon and already received my stuff y’day. Soo happy and I did it only after reading your blog which I found accidentally while searching info regarding it..This was really helpful. Wish you luck girl..!

  31. Very useful! I wanted to ask – do you have to pay any customs fee? I am planning to buy something that costs about 500USD.

  32. Thanx ma’am already on that site and thanx for suggesting this site it’s really amazing not order anything yet but about to order thanx again

  33. Dear Naz , i had one question regarding purchase on amazon when i click and select the item i want and proceed to checkout details and on the page where they ask for the payment details i see a message which i want to send a screen shot to you, i want to know what does that message mean , for instance the item i want to order is $13.44 but when i check out it shows a total of $ 28.13 so does this mean they are charging me delivery charges .It would be kind of you if you can please help me out

  34. Thank you SO much for blogging your experience regarding this. I have had so many odd and bad experiences with international shipping. I wasn’t confident about buying from Amazon but since I now know it’s Aramex delivering I will go ahead and do it.

  35. I am so happy to read yr post because the books I require are available only in Amazon and was apprehensive about ordering it.I feel a lot better now and confident to order them.. Many Thanks !!

  36. hi Naz!
    This is very helpful, i am from the philippines but will be in Sharjah UAE next month πŸ™‚ I just wanna ask, have you tried already to purchased liquidy items from amazon? Thanks

    • Hi!. Great to hear it helped =). I haven’t tried purchasing liquid items on Amazon yet. However, I purchase oils regularly from See if that US based site has the liquid item that you are looking for. They ship right to the door step via DHL in 2 – 3 days..

  37. Hi Naz!
    Been googling this for ages! Thank a lot for the inputs. I’ve been longing to put purchases on amazon thinking it will not reach UAE.
    I am plaaning to order products thou still wondering if it is allowed.. Please do post some updates regatding liquid products! Thank you!

    • Hi Mae!. I didn’t order liquid products from Amazon since I discovered, a US based site which delivers almost everything on their site, whether liquid or not, to UAE. Why don’t you place the products in your cart on Amazon and see if any msg pops up informing you whether or not it’s allowed to be shipped to UAE. Then continue with your purchase. If they don’t ship to UAE, check the iHerb link since they stock an amazing variety of acne products.

  38. Its a great article. Congrats naz. I was trying to do some shopping, but it was always saying that the items is not available to UAE.
    Next time, differently I will try your advice. thanks a lot naz. keep writing and stay blessed…


    • Thanks for your sweet comment, Shanu. Also check out Almost 99% products on this site gets shipped right to your doorstep in UAE via DHL. You get nearly everything there. Also, my referral link gives you upto $10 off your first order πŸ™‚

  39. Hi! I just wanna know. Once that the free shipping is confirmed, there will be no extra charge for customs duty or something like that?

    The information you provided has been very helpful btw! I’ve been meaning to order from Amazon for quite a while now. I was just hesitant because I wasn’t sure whether there was a customs fee or not.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    • Hi Abbygale!. You are welcome :).. No other charges here in UAE. What you see on screen is what you pay. Also, I have heard if your bill total is above USD 200 or USD 270, there will be some charges.. But that’s a high amount. Stay below that and everything should work out just fine..

    • Hi Michelle, it depends upon the weight of the products you are purchasing. Simply add the items to your cart and see the shipping charges applicable.

  40. Hello! Thanks for being so consistent in replying to all! I have a question, I’d like to order online on websites like amazon and macy’s. I live in pakistan but i wanna ship it to my sister’s place in dubai for cheaper shipping. so is it possible to pay with my pakistani credit or debit card and use the dubai address along? As i know they clearly dont accept other countries’ credit cards for USA. Thanks

    • Hi Halima!. Thanks for writing in. It’s true that certain sites don’t accept other country’s credit card. That being said, I have used my UAE based credit card on Amazon & iHerb ( and successfully ordered. You can either try with your card to see if the transaction goes through or you can have a chat with/send email to the site you wish to shop at and ask them specifically if Pakistan based credit cards are accepted. Hope this helps..

  41. Hi there I am trying to order online in the US such as makeup sites and at Amazon too, so if they use aramex to deliver on my doorstep,does aramex still charge us when we receive our items? If so,how much would that be if it is just less than $100? Thanks dear

    • Hi Amanda, the shipping charge that you see on the site, is final. You don’t have to pay anything extra to Aramex, on delivery. Btw, since you are looking for makeup sites, here is one that I highly recommend – It’s US based but ships worldwide. To UAE, packages are delivered by DHL in 3 – 4 days. They stock popular brands at a good price.

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