Amazon haul #1 – Haircare, Jewelry and more!

Hello beautiful people!

I love online shopping, like crazy. It’s easy peasy and can be done at the comforts of your home. What can be more convenient than that? (Not for everyone though, like poor Roger below :P).

1029I mostly do local purchases, because I don’t have to worry about customs or the weight or anything like that. But then I decided to shop at Amazon US store because there are some items which are not available locally and I wanted to try them. I am always up for trying new products :). It’s so much fun right?.

As the title says, I had placed the order back in February and chose a shipping option of 8 – 16 days. I received one item within 6 days and three items in March (in 13 days). Everything came carefully and neatly packed. There were small air bags inside, so that the products (which were individually wrapped) are separated well and don’t get damaged while in transit.


I delayed doing this post, because I didn’t want to jump to conclusions about any product that I am reviewing here. Three months is a good amount of time to judge a product. So here goes…

All the prices mentioned in this post are the ones I have bought it at. I have noticed that Amazon prices tend to fluctuate. The prices in the brackets are the cost of it as of today. Anyways, here are the 4 items that I bought:

1) Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask, 8.5 ounces Jar (250 ml) : If you just type this in a YouTube search bar, you will be surprised at the number of people raving about it. Being a hair-care freak (well the number of haircare DIYs on this blog might have given you a hint!), I wanted to try this so badly.


The tub is really pretty. In fact, to me, it looks like a coconut (Forget the green part of it :P). Brown on the outside and creamy white inside. The smell is literally HEAVENLY. Like you guys won’t believe how rich, luxurious and amazing the smell is. The tub comes with directions and it says there that this is an intense repairing mask and thus should not be used more than twice a week. I totally agree with that. You should never overwhelm your hair with products, however amazing they are.


I used it twice in the first week that I received it. Then on, I used it once every week. While applying it, at that time itself, hair feels super-duper soft. The directions on the tub says to apply it liberally onto wet hair. The very first time, I shampooed my hair and then applied it. I found my hair to be really dry after it completely air-dried. The second time though, I applied it to wet hair without shampooing and found that my hair had a really soft texture and was easily manageable. So that’s how I have been using it since.

The directions say to apply it for 7 minutes. I have timed myself every single time and never exceeded that time limit. However, I did find someone saying that they applied it for 20 minutes and then her hair was much more softer than a 7 minutes application. But well, I am happy with 7 minutes. I apply it only to the lower half of my hair (from the level of my ear and down). I believe that conditioners should not be applied to the scalp, because it’s totally unnecessary. The new hair at the scalp is already nourished by the oils produced by our skin and does not require an external conditioning treatment.

I would definitely purchase this again. I highly recommend this product to all. It does what it promises and that according to me, is a great deal!. It will be after quite a while though, because this tub is going to last me a LONG time.

Price : US $16.86 (As of today, it costs US $18.84)

2) Organic R/s Root Stimulator Hair Fertilizer, 6 Ounce (170 gms) : Ok, another hair-care product :D.. Hehe. The name itself is very attractive. Not the fertilizer part. Well, that brings images of plant manure and what not. But believe me, ‘this fertilizer’ smells good and has a cream colored mayonnaise-like texture. The tub says to apply it daily. But I chose to apply it thrice a week. I do other hair-care DIYs too. So I really don’t want to overwhelm my hair with daily application.


The product is very thick and at first I feared applying it would be tough. However, the product is absorbed by the hair pretty fast and I like that. It does not leave the hair greasy, which is a huge plus. I usually brush my hair first and make sure it’s untangled. Then I scoop the product out, apply on the scalp and then brush again so that it’s evenly distributed.


I believe this is formulated to be applied on the hair and washed off after some time. But nothing is mentioned about it in the directions. So I chose to apply it in the night and wash off in the morning. As it’s not greasy, it’s totally ok.

Within the second week of using it, I felt a really good difference. My hair has a beautiful shine and it’s softer now.

I would highly recommend this product too :). I would definitely re-purchase. 

Price : US $7.69 (As of today, it costs US $7.67)

3) Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Cream, 0.5 Ounce (15gms) : This product is supposed to reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eye area.  As I didn’t have an eye cream for my skincare routine, I decided to make this a part of my night time routine. It contains Alpha Hydroxy in it and it’s supposed to be anti-ageing. That’s what attracted me to this product. I have used it for 1 month now and it’s nearly over.

I just take a tiny dot on my ring finger and work it around my eyes in a patting/dabbing motion. Eye creams should never be rubbed on, as the skin is really delicate there. I think it has the right consistency. Not liquidy nor thick. Very easy to apply. It has a VERY faint smell of medicine/pharmacy!. But it’s a nice smell not bad at all. Infact, after the first couple of uses, you can’t even smell it anymore because by then you would get used to the faint smell. This cream can be applied under makeup too but I have never tried that. Also, it says to apply it twice a day but I apply it only in the night. Please keep in mind that products with alpha hydroxy acid should not be worn out in the sunlight, as our skin becomes more susceptible to damage.


Well, about it’s effect on my skin, umm, I am still kind of undecided on it. I am 25 by the way and I don’t actually have a lot of lines around my eyes. I *think* the lines on the crow’s feet area is lesser. But, you know how sometimes you like to make yourself believe that a product is working and it appears like it really does work, while probably it’s not?. Jeez!.. Does that even make any sense?. But that’s how I feel about this product. Maybe others have totally benefited from it and it does say on the tube “Clinically proven to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eye area”. I think I am fooling myself into thinking that this product works. For 15 gms, it’s pretty expensive, mostly because it’s from the brand Neutrogena (I have had positive experience from other products of this brand but this… um….).

I won’t be re-purchasing this product and I don’t really recommend it to others.

Price : US $9.83 (As of today, it costs US $12.50)

4) 18K Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Diamond Heart MOM Pendant Necklace (0.01 cttw, I-J Color, I3 Clarity) : This is such a gorgeous chain and pendant. From the below picture on the site, I kind of expected the pendant to be slightly bigger than it actually is.


But still, I am not complaining. Sometimes, small and simple is more beautiful. My mom absolutely loved it.


If you are new to my blog, you probably wouldn’t know that I had gifted it to my mom along with a DIY greeting card, on Mother’s Day. This is actually a beautiful gift to give to your mom, any time of the year.

Price : US $39.00 (As of today, it costs US $29.00 (Man, I feel ripped off!!), but is temporarily out of stock)

My total shipping fee was US $23.02 and was delivered right to my door step by Aramex. The people at Amazon decided to divide my order into two and I believe it’s done so that, what is available readily, gets faster to me. The chain arrived first and the rest followed. I paid only one shipping fee for the order and obviously was not charged for two separate deliveries.

I really hope you loved my mini haul from Amazon / review 😀

If you are in UAE and you have never purchased from Amazon before, you will find my “How to” guide extremely useful!

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Naz =)

32 thoughts on “Amazon haul #1 – Haircare, Jewelry and more!

  1. wow! what amazing finds! i love online shopping too but am so wary of customs and extra charges and parcels getting lost as it so happens all the time here in India. lol I loved reading your post as always. i could not stop laughing and pitying poor Roger. hope you are doing great, Naz 🙂

    • Hahaha :D.. Poor Roger indeed!.. I kind of took a chance, to say the truth. I am very much wary of lost packages and extra charges by customs. But it all worked out and I highly recommend Amazon to all ♡.. I am doing great, Praseena. I hope you are fine too. I appreciate your thoughtful comment!

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  3. hi..i just found ur blog some days ago n have been going thru all the sure u wont knw me but am ur schoolmate…have seen u in school n cud recognition u instantly…n i’m also a makeup freak..n in AUH….just thought of sharing tht…ben nye banana powder is available in n macadamia mask is aed150 n is also available in Mushriff Mall…

    • Hi Muhsina!.. So cool that you recognized me back from the school. I am sure if I see you, I will remember too =).. Which year did you finish 12th?. I haven’t visited laylam in a long time. I didn’t know they had introduced Ben Nye there. Also which store in Mushrif mall has the Macadamia masque?. 150 is pretty expensive. I mean on Amazon, I paid like 62 bucks only!. Anyways, that’s amazing news. I am sure local readers would be pleased to know that. Do follow me, Muhsina.. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. i finished in 2008..u might remember Fadiya her batch…i dont knw the shop name…but its opposite to lulu hyper market…they have all the macadamia stuff ..opi nail polishes..

    • Hi Fahiza, chances are the product you are trying to buy can’t be shipped here. Anyways the address format is Flat number, Floor, Building name, Landmark, Street name, City, Country and mobile number. Hope that helps!

  5. Do u know if Amazon ships (slimfy diet supplement) to UAE??.As im in kuwait, and here MOH issues they dont ship this product to kuwait.Do You have any idea on this product??.please advise..Coz im new to amazon and Dono if amazon ships things lik this. Awaiting reply.

    • Hi Mohsina!. I am not sure if Amazon ships supplements to Kuwait. I highly recommend this US based site that ships to Kuwait. This is my referral link. It gives you a discount of upto $10 off your first purchase. I usually buy my supplements from them. If you search my blog for my shopping hauls from iHerb, you will find many. It’s my favorite site ♡

  6. How were you able to order these products? I recently created an amazon account and I wanted to order skin care products including Skin Food black sugar scrub, eye patches and feet mask etc etc and a couple of Maybelline foundation products. When I went to check out, more than half of my cart had the error saying “These items cannot be shipped to your area bla bla” even though I had clicked ‘Ship to UAE’ before adding items to my cart.

    I would really appreciate a workaround to this. Also, your blogpost was the ONLY one that was helpful in my case as I live in the UAE. So, thankyou for that.

    • Hi Zaw!. Sorry to hear about that. If Amazon doesn’t ship certain products to UAE, there is really no way to work around it. I would like to suggest this site for you – It has most of the products you mentioned. They ship to UAE in 2-3 days from US. It could very well turn out to be your favorite shopping site.. I have included a discount code for you in the link. Also, nice to hear you found my post helpful :). Check out this site & if you got doubts or anything, write to me..

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