July Link Loves!

Hello wonderful people!

Have you looked in the mirror today, dear?. And did the mirror tell you that you are really beautiful?. Well, believe in it.. Because it’s true 🙂

And back to my July favorites!

1) Dianna of Stories After Twelve interviewed my dear friend Chrys of Oh, Chrys!. I loved getting to know more about her. Probably you would love to, too. Click here to read her interview. Dianna is a wonderful book blogger whom I got introduced to, through Chrys herself :).

I love this gorgeous header of Stories After Twelve.


2) Abidha of Abidha Ayyoob’s Blog, did a recipe using quinoa, incorporating Indian flavours into it and turning it into a Mutton Masala Quinoa dish. It looks super yummy, delicious and healthy.


3) Lottie of Book Adoration did an amazing post where she emphasizes the importance of friendship and how it lacks at times, in books. I found it entertaining and true!.


4) Chrys of Oh, Chrys! discusses how love triangles can be ‘not’ annoying. It’s a refreshing topic because usually everyone, including Your’s Truly!, thinks how extremely annoying love triangles are. She gives seven reasons as to how not to see it as annoying!. She is so creative, I love her!


Glorious mentions

1) Lottie of Book Adoration has (yet again!) nominated me for another award. This time it’s the Super Sweet Blogger Award!. Oh my god, Lottie. It warms my heart to know that you consider me ‘super sweet’. I will be doing an acceptance post quite soon!


2) Lottie mentioned my Very Inspiring Blogger Award post in her 13th Sunday post.

3) Mumzworld mentioned me and reblogged my post about my purchase of the Human Kind all in one anti-ageing cream from their site!. I felt awesome when they featured me there as a Guest blogger.

Here is the pic they added to the post. Thank you, Mumzworld!


4) Lottie also mentioned in her 11th Sunday Post that I got interviewed over at Ensconced in YA’s blog 🙂

I hope all of my lovely readers have an amazing August ahead of you 🙂



0 thoughts on “July Link Loves!

  1. An extremely positive note on which you have started your post. It is true, everyone should look at themselves in kinder light because we are all beautiful, isn’t it 🙂 Loved the links and especially going to check out the recipe, I love learning about good recipes. thanks 🙂 good morning

    • To say the truth, I was feeling a bit low yesterday. While composing this post, I knew for sure that I didn’t want my readers to feel the same. I wanted to make you all inspired and motivated!. That why I started the post with that positive note!.

      I am glad you loved the links. This way, you will get to know new blogs and follow them if you love their style ♡

      • Awww, I saw this comment just now. Hope you have come out of the low phase. It happens once in a while. Now a days when I feel low, which I do often, I just stop, sit and read, watch movies. Or watch people, take a walk and observe nature. listening to new music is also a new time pass for me. i try to find new songs that i like.

        • Hey dear, I have come out of the low phase!. Sometimes, for a short period of time, it happens. Thank you for telling me some tips on how to get out of it. I do read too. Love it!

  2. Heyy….
    Thank you sooo much for featuring me in this post. I didn’t know you loved my post this much….
    I am actually in tears…..ok let’s not get sentimental here….but thank you soo much… i love you <3 <3

    • You are welcome, Abi.. Indeed, I loved your post and it sure is awesome enough to be one of my four monthly favorite posts… Keep up the great work =)

    • You are welcome, Dianna!.. The very purpose of the Link Loves series is to introduce awesome blogs to others ♡.. I am so happy now, that I have decided to do this!

  3. How have u been? It has been so long since we have had a proper conversation. Hope all is well, loving the blog as always. Have you had a chance to read christopher pike?

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