Review : Dove Hair Fall Rescue Intensive Roots Treatment!

Hello friends!

I am so excited to review the Dove HFR Intensive Roots Treatment. I heard about this product pretty much a lot and thought. “Dove is a brand I absolutely love and I am all for hair care products. So well, why not?”..

What attracted me the most to it, is that it recognizes and tends to both kinds of hair falls: 1) Hair fall from the roots (when hair strands fall off directly from the roots) and 2) Hair breakage (when little hair strands break off from the middle). I suffer from both of it. It’s lesser than before (due to the vitamins I take/ hair care DIYs that I do) but it’s still there. The damage that I did to my hair by rebonding it twice, is gonna be there for a while!.

Here is the product packaging:



It has seven root power shots in the box. Each of it is 7ml. I like that by separating it into 7 vials, we know exactly how much to use for each application.


You are supposed to use it every other day for 2 weeks. So the first powershot for Day 1, second powershot for Day 3 and so on. Using it is very easy. The usage direction is listed on the box however, I will note them down here too:

1) Wash hair as usual and towel dry

2) Break open the nozzle cap of one powershot, with caution.

3) Make series of partings in your hair and apply the lotion evenly on clean scalp. Spread it well to the hair strands.

4) Use entire content of one vial at each application and leave it until next wash. Style as usual.

You might be wondering… 7 ml for one application. Isn’t that too less?. I had asked that question myself. But I was really surprised that 7 ml is more than enough. The long nozzle makes application easy. I applied them drop by drop in each hair parting. I then massaged it in and made sure my entire scalp as well as approx. 2 cms of each hair strands from the root, is saturated with it . After applying it to each hair parting, I still had some amount left in the vial. So I simply squeezed it out onto my palm, and massaged it into my scalp, ensuring I got complete coverage plus there is no wastage of the product.

The serum/lotion is a transparent liquid which is just slightly viscous. It’s not runny, like how a serum might be nor as thick as a lotion!. It’s just perfect enough to easily spread through your hair and get absorbed into your scalp. The serum/lotion is slightly cool, which I just loved!. Below is a shot of my hair immediately after application. It looks like you applied a gel. But within minutes, it gets absorbed and you are left with manageable and soft hair, which has a natural shine and which doesn’t look like you applied something to it.


This targeted root action is meant to be a superior hairfall protection and for stronger hair. This product contains Trichazole with Ginseng & Soy Protein.

Trichazole strengthens our hair from the root, keeping it glued to it’s place.

Soy protein is a goldmine of nutrients which are essential for healthy hair, like B vitamins, potassium, iron, calcium, protein etc.

Ginseng is a herb long used in Chinese medicine. It helping the body adapt to stress, which is known to be a cause of hair loss.

These three powerhouses unite together in Dove HFR Intensive Roots Treatment to lock your hair in place and stimulate your scalp to build the optimum environment for hair growth.

The RESULT: I have indeed noticed a mighty reduction in my hair fall rate. In order to judge this product in the best way possible, in the 2 weeks that I did this treatment, I did not do any other oil treatments, hair care treatments or take my vitamins. So now I know that the reduction in hair fall is solely due to the usage of this product.

I highly recommend this to you. I am thinking of using a box every 4 months or so. I bought this from Lulu center, Mazyad Mall, Abu Dhabi. A box costs AED 33.45, which means each power shot vial is worth AED 4.77 which is really affordable. This is one drugstore product that I absolutely trust and love. Dove did a great job with this.

I just noticed by the way, that this is one of the products featured in Simone Heng’s curated Glambox. They have a competition going on right now where 20 lucky ones will get a chance to win a Simone Heng Glambox each. Click to read about it.

If you have ever tried this product, let me know what you felt, by commenting below. I love feedback 🙂



71 thoughts on “Review : Dove Hair Fall Rescue Intensive Roots Treatment!

  1. Rebonding looks great but the damage it does is pretty bad. But can’t help it, it makes one look glam instantly. Heard a lot about this product. There is one from Pantene too that has rave reviews.
    You have written a very helpful review for those who face hairfall. This will certainly help them. You have really nice and thick hair.

    • Thank you Praseena! My hair is not very thick like it looks in the pic, actually. Rebonding indeed made me look glam. My wavy unmanageable hair was gone. But I am suffering for it now.. The damage has started going away bit by bit but it will take time!. I have seen the Pantene product but I haven’t had a good experience with the shampoo of that brand, so I decided to stick to a brand I trust. So I bought this!

    • pantene one is not a hair fall product, it is just a normal conditioner in a tube looks like this. dove one is hair fall tonic which is specifically designed tom reduce hair fall, in the begining i had the same perception that pantene is same but apparently not

      • Hello Heba!

        Thank you so much for letting me know the difference. I just spotted a new product on the Pantene shelf but I didn’t even inspect it because of lack of interest in the brand. But thank you for your time and for clarifying it!. You are sweet 🙂

  2. I started using the Dove Hair fall intensive roots treatment and it works extremely well! I could not find anything to treat my hair fall before even I tried premium brands like kerastase and vichy and nothing worked. However this product works like a miracle and it really decreased my hair fall visibly even after the first use. I am so happy about it and I love Dove. Thanks a lot Dove hair from now on you are my favorite hair brand!

  3. One year ago I had started using dove nourishing oil care oil replacement with almond and coconut oil and it made a miracle to my hair making it softer and smoother than ever before. I am suffering from hair fall and will definately try this one as well, it is a great review explaining in a very detailed way on how to use the product and benefits. Also, i am happy to see that my favourite hair care brand has a hair fall product which cures from the roots. Because most of the brands in the market like pantene and loreal just reduce hair fall from breakage which is a kind of cheating..

    • Hello Maria!.

      Thank you for sharing your experience with me and the other readers. It’s nice that it works great for your hair :). I have not tried the Nourishing oil care oil replacement range yet.

      I do try to make my reviews as informative as possible. You are indeed right that other brands mostly tend to hair breakage. Incase you decide to try the Intense Roots Treatment, let me know what you think about it ok?. Also do check out the haircare DIYs I have done earlier.

  4. My hair is pretty good at not breaking or falling out from the roots. Which is funny since I can’t stand not washing my hair two times a day, and I don’t think my current shampoo is the best brand >_< But I will definitely get this if my abused hair starts to fight back 😛

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  6. it is such a very heart soothing article u wrote about your experience of dove HFT….coz i neva had faced any prob reagarding my hairs they were healthy straight shinny black hairs…. i got streaks twice bt hadnt get any prob.. Aftr having a baby da prob was not there too…bt as my duaghter becomes 6 months my hairfall started like a shit…so frstly i thought it would stop itself bt nw recognized i have a great hairs are no more like the way they were thin volume and still hairfall…and ur this sharing seems me a great advice to go to the market and have my hairs back

    • I know how it feels like to go from healthy hair to damaged/hair loss. Keep taking care of it, dear Sumayya. Your hair will respond in a good way. Don’t lose hope 🙂

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  8. hi naznin,
    my wife having continuous hair fall, now it’s became very less hair. she used dove hair fall rescue oil but its given itching after two weeks then we stopped. can we take this product for hair fall? and will it give any side effect.? please suggest.


    • Hi Thahir!. That’s pretty sad to know. I don’t know why it had a side effect like that. Let her try improving her diet first. Eat more fruits/veggies and drink atleast 8 glasses of water a day. Also take vitamins. I have done a post on vitamins. Check that. By doing all this, her hair will be in a better condition. After that, try different hair products and find one that gives good results. Also occasionally do hair masks that she can make at home. I have some posts on that too. The egg and olive oil mask is good. I hope that helps!

      • hi Naznin, I missed your site to reply, thats why delay. Thanks for your advise. Finally I got this product “Dove Hair Fall Rescue Intensive Roots Treatment”. I have a question, this product only stopping the hairfall or stopping & growing.? thanks, thahir.

        • Hi again!. This product helps both in reducing hair fall and promoting hair growth. This is a 2 weeks procedure. Hair looks healthy for about 1 month after that. I would suggest using one box per 3 months. Hair will benefit greatly from this product’s application. Hope that helps!

      • What if your on a diet? I heard that vitamins can make you gain weight? It started about a month ago, and my hair has been falling like crazy, I noticed because I haven’t Swept my room floor in a week or so since I was busy, And when finally, when I started cleaning my room floor, The amount of hair that I loosed is unbelievable ( And the amount of hair fall I have when I’m in school is not yet even counted! since I brush my hair a lot in school to stop them tangles,.) My hair was pretty behaved from any kind of hair fall, actually, I didn’t have that much hair fall at all! my roots were strong, and Now I feel like they;re breaking. Hair breakage from the middle down, and hair breakage from the roots, It annoys me -_- well, I haven’t been eating fish that much nowadays, and I haven’t been drinking water Frequently. But I do remember back a few months ago. (Where my hair was strong & healthy) I’ve been Eating a lot of veggies and Fish, especially A lot of water, since I was exercising I needed to be hydrated, But when classes begun,I wasn’t eating properly, the lack of fish I eat, because a few months ago I perfectly remember how everyday I eat fish! And I’m not drinking water that much anymore either 3-4 glasses a day maybe? probably even less! I’m still loosing weight on a diet, but i don’t have time for exercising. so does drinking vitamins help you gain wait? because I don’t really want to.. I’ve worked so hard to reach my weight now and I don’t want to gain it again. -_- So do you think Vitamins will do good to me? because I will try and use this product since I heard alot of good reviews on it. My hair was so healthy back then, I don’t know what happened to it. D’:

        • Amanda, these are not vitamins that you drink!. You have to apply it on your hair. Each vial is for a single time usage. Anyways, vitamins don’t generally make you gain weight!. Drink more water.

  9. Amazing blog post on hair fall problem. I am so impressed. Could never think such a thing is possible with it…I think you have a great knowledge especially while deal with such subjects.

  10. where I can buy this product(dove hair fall rescue treatment) …I am not finding it in Mumbai .I search for it at big bazzar & reliance fresh . do help me …m staying in mumbai

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  12. hey naznin
    after reading ur review I am so tempted to try this,I am buying this today ,will let you know in 2 weeks.thanxs for the wonderful review…….

  13. i had tried this product even before reading ur review. no one recommended it to me and i am also afraid of experimenting with new products but last year my hair started falling dramatically. there was hair on every chair i sat on and every inch of the floor i walked on. hence the name intensive hair therapy appealed to me plus it made a promise to show results in 2 weeks so i decided to go ahead n try it! with just the use of 3 vials i stopped finding hair lying around on the floors n chairs. i didnt even continue use after that but still my hair was stronger. i became so confident about this product that i even gifted it to my mum and mum in law. i wud never recommend a product to them if i werent 500 percent sure about it! the fact that it doesnt make ur hair look oily and u can leave it in after washing hair is an added plus! i wud tell anyone Go for it if u have hairfall problem!

    • Hello Wajiha!. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with my readers. I am so glad you found this product and now your hairfall is under control. I just love this product so much too ♡

    • Walaikummussalam, Asifa.. Sadly, once split ends occur, trimming them is the only option. This product will nourish your hair so that more split ends won’t happen..

  14. Thanks for posting this great review, i will surely try this,as my hair is not smooth and also there is a hair-fall problem.

  15. Why is not available in dubai anymore I love this product it helped my hair please help me tell me where I can buye more

  16. Hi Naznin! I would just like to ask about what you did after the 2-weeks treatment with the tonic? Because I’m planning to buy this product but I’m not so convinced yet since I bought dove hairfall rescue conditioner before and I had this itching sensation & caused me dandruff. I’ve been suffering with hairfall for 2yrs now & I would really do anything what it takes just to get my thick hair back.

  17. hi, thank you for your awesome review about the dove intensive hair loss treatment lotion. I was thinking is there any side effects of using this continually. As you said you will use this every four months. Why not buy another after it finishes and continuing without break. so you are sure hair won’t fall ever.

    • Hi Rizwan!. The effects of the 2 week treatment lasts for some time. It has pretty powerful ingredients. Any more than 4 times isn’t necessary at all, I feel.

  18. I had my hair curled end of March and bec my hair is very thick it took almost 5 hours to get what i wanted , after two weeks i noticed my hair is falling and it gets thinner. I was worried because getting bald is a nightmare. I used several treatments for two weeks and nothing worked. Mid of April when I started using this product from Dove and to my surprise every week i get less hairfall. After 4 boxes my hair is almost restored and now there are lots of new hair coming out.

  19. hello! i am a 21 year old woman and i have started to experience a lot of hairfall! the hair fall is such that the frontline of my scalp has almost become bald. I have tried out various treatments and oils and none of them seemed to work! If i use this product, will i have chances of growing back my hair on the bald scalp?

    • Hi Akshaya.. It is a good product but not sure if it would work on bald spots. Instead try applying almond oil. It helps.

  20. Hi!!! I’ m Geethanjalee. I’m suffered lot of dandruff. so I’m was used lot of anti dandruff shampoo and lotions too. so would’nt it effect if I use with Dove hair fall Rescure shampoo.

    • Try the Dove hairfall rescue range. It’s good. Also, try rubbing pepper & lemon juice mix on the area with dandruff. Wash off after 20 mins. Do this once in 2 weeks. It helps.

  21. hi, I’m also one of the suffering from the hair fall.. and I want to know how to cure it,, I’ve tried diff. kinds of shampoo and conditioner, but nothing worked.. I’m so worried because my scalp can be seen clearly because of my severe hair fall.. I found out your blog and I read those positive comments about the product, that’s why I want to try it too.. and I hope this will be effective

  22. I’m facing severe hair fall problem….lost my fine threads of hair badly….😢 read ur post nd decided to buy this product bt m nt finding any shopping website in whch this product exist ..can u suggest from where to buy it (m frm india)

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