My favorite make up removers and more!

Hello dear friends!

I am back from my vacation. Though I did one post after I came back, I went into a lazy mode after that. Hopefully with this post, I will be right back on track 🙂

Today I would love to share with you, my two absolute favorite makeup removers, in this whole world. The best part: Both are low end!. They do an amazing job. So here goes:


1) Garnier Essentials Makeup remover milk : It is a very gentle makeup remover. It’s consistency is creamy like that of a lotion. Its non-greasy.


It’s cool to touch and so mild yet does an incredible job of wiping off the majority of your makeup in one go itself. I use Tippy’s* makeup pads for cleansing procedures. I pour a little bit onto the cotton pad and wipe my face. Then I take a second cotton pad to go over my face again. The more bold the look you have sported (with a lot of color), the more times you will have to renew your cotton pads. It’s gentle enough to use on your eyes too. I don’t have a separate eye makeup remover because of that!

This cleansing milk leaves my skin soft, supple and very clean. The smell is very pleasant and your skin looks radiant immediately after you use it. I have chosen the one for ‘Normal and combined skin’ (Green bottle/ with Grape water). The others in this range are for ‘Dry Skin’ and for ‘Dry and sensitive skin’ (Pink bottle/ with Rose extract). It comes in a flap open plastic bottle containing 200 ml. It’s made in Poland. It’s priced at AED 13.95 in Carrefour and AED 14.50 in Lulu Hypermarket. Seriously guys, this is one low-end makeup remover that you will absolutely love. It’s totally worth your money!

2) St. Ives Make up remover & Facial cleanser (Fresh Skin): This is a really great cleanser too. It’s consistency is very thick.


When using this, I first wet my face with water and then spread this onto my face and then massage it.  Then when I wash, majority of my makeup would have gone. If I find there is some more makeup left, like in the inner corner of the eye or something, I wet a Tippy’s cotton pad, put a drop of this cleanser onto the pad and then work it onto that area.

It has calming chamomile in it. It has absolutely nil parabens in it, which is great. This cleanser is mild enough to be used daily. Sometimes, even when I am not wearing makeup, I use it as a cleanser. It reveals radiant and fresh looking skin. Love it!. It comes in a tube of 170gms. It’s made in USA. I believe it’s priced AED 16.50 or AED 17. It’s been a long while since I bought my first tube. As soon as I fell in love with it, I went and bought a backup tube. Each tube lasts for a long time. So I am only half way through my second tube right now. Recently, when I visited Lulu, I didn’t find it on the shelves. So it’s anyways around the range of AED 16 – AED 17. Totally worth it!

WHICH ONE WINS? : Out of these two, I love the Garnier one more because it’s consistency is more easy to work with. It does not require water to be mixed with it. Once, while I was in the car, I noticed that my eye makeup was a bit too bright. I immediately took out this cleansing milk, took a bit on a cotton pad (At that time, I was traveling to my parent’s home in Abu Dhabi, to stay for a week and so had everything packed into a bag), removed my eye makeup and redid it. If I had the St. Ives cleanser I would have required to use water with it and that just might have gotten messy. So, final verdict, Garnier Essentials Makeup remover milk is more versatile!

*Note: Tippy’s cotton pads are priced at AED 11 for a pack of three. Each pack contains 80 pads. It’s really soft. I love this brand!

3) Olay Total Effects age defying milk : This is a cleansing milk more than a makeup remover. This is part of my daily skincare routine. I mentioned in a previous post of mine, that I wear black eyeliner always, even when I am at home. I don’t use the makeup removers to remove it. In the night, before going to bed, I use the Olay Total Effects age defying milk as my cleanser and it helps remove my eyeliner with ease. I use a cotton pad to apply it to my face. It’s consistency is like that of a lotion’s. Not thick at all.


It’s priced at AED 31 at Lulu and AED 32.50 in Carrefour for a 200ml bottle. It’s made in Poland. It’s really funny how the Olay products’ prices keep changing every time I go and check on it. It’s totally weird but it’s my absolute favorite range.

More information/tips

  • It’s mandatory that you remove your makeup before going to bed. If you are too lazy to do it, the makeup product will clog your pores and irritate your skin, resulting in nasty breakouts. You seriously don’t want that, do you?. At night, your skin should breathe freely. Only apply skincare products meant for night time.

  • When removing makeup, first remove your lipstick, so that you don’t spread the color onto the rest of your face. This is a good tip particularly if you are sporting a bold lip look.

  • Olive oil is an excellent makeup remover. It’s great to use on your eye area too. It nourishes your lashes and helps it grow more.

  • It’s best to use mascaras that are not water proof. It’s easier to remove and gentler on your eye lashes. This is my personal opinion, ofcourse. Waterproof mascaras last longer and if you are a working woman you might prefer it more. But personally, I have never liked waterproof mascaras or eye liners.

Alright guys, that’s it for now. Let me know what your favorite makeup removers are or whether you have tried any of the above mentioned products. I love comments and feedback. So please leave a comment!


Naz :

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  1. Hey hi Naznin.. I use the Garnier too but the dry skin version of it and I love it… But I found something more awesome viz Bioderma Sensibio H20 which I use after this Garnier and I can see that there’s still plenty of makeup on my face… Check my blog to see the full review.. And you must try it…Pssst here’s a little secret… Biderma is what Lisa Eldridge uses on her models…

  2. Thanks for sharing, Naz! I haven’t used any product you mentioned here though I am going to watch out for those. What do you use for eyes and lips? I am currently using one from Etude House.

  3. I have combo skin that is more oily during the summer and more dry during the winter, and I find Citrus Clear’s Sensitive Wash works great for me year round. The Citrus Clear Sensitive works well to dissolve my makeup and clean my skin. I use it in conjunction with their moisturizer since its light. With those two products, my skin has never been better!

  4. ♡♡♡ hi..lakme’s avocado milk cleanser is really an amazing ensures proper cleansing,soothing n has got a mild scent…i use rose water to tone skin..

    • Oh I see. Thank you so much for the link dear Keerthi ♡. I read it. It looks like a cleanser I would be interested in.. Will check out next time am in India 🙂

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