My experience with hair rebonding…

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In my haircare related posts, I always mention my hair is dry and damaged. Here is a little bit of history on it…. a trip down memory lane..

It was 2009. I was working back then. My hair was a little bit wavy, unmanageable and unruly. So getting them de-tangled right in the morning was a tough job. Also my father always wanted my hair to look great and kept telling me “Ask your Filipina friends how their hair looks so great!”. So finally I decided to do rebonding. I looked around for a perfect salon and with suggestions from couple of my Filipina colleagues, I finally chose a Filipina salon. I chose them because they are experts in the hair rebonding industry. When you decide to do anything, you go to the very best yeah?.

So, depending on my hair length (which is long), I was charged AED1000 for rebonding. It was a six hour procedure. Chemicals (tons of them) were applied, heat was applied, I was told to sit straight once it was all done so that no waves/curls form in the hair. The heat was pretty unbearable by the way. I never use hot tools on my hair so I pretty much had awesome (but unruly) virgin hair back then. [Oh by the way, the last time I had my hair straightened in a salon with a hot tool along with a blow dry was on a special occasion 2 years ago!.]

Anyways finally it was done and I had perfect hair. If you ever see me, my hair is definitely not something you would notice for being pretty. Probably my eyes maybe :P. But definitely not my hair. So finally getting my hair to look great, I was on top of the world. I got compliments by the ton. My confidence level hit an all time high and went right through the roof. Obviously that’s what you too would feel when your hair looks like this right?.

Smooth hair

All was well, until my hair started falling like crazy. At first, I noticed it while bathing. Previously my hairfall wasn’t exactly noticeable. Everyone has hairfall. Infact, on a regular day, a normal person sheds a maximum on 50 strands of hair. So when a lot of hair started falling I couldn’t help but notice. I tried conditioners (from the brand Cream Silk – also what Filipina’s use), but it didn’t make any difference. On my comb, I didn’t find much hair because my hair was so smooth it didn’t get snagged onto the comb. But on the floor, there was a lot of hair. I wasn’t cleaning my rooms back then (my mom was), so I never noticed. My mom did keep saying that I gotta take care of my hair more.

So, one year went by and my hair had already started becoming a bit wavy. The volume of my hair nearly halved. But still, could you really believe how stupid I was when I decided that I wanted to get my hair rebonded again!!.


Jeez. Looking back at those memories, I wish I could dissuade myself from doing it. But I did it again. This time it cost AED800. My hair looked great again. It was almost addicting. That smooth feel. But my hairfall continued.

Today, 4 years later, my hair is still under the category of ‘Damaged’. I do a lot of DIYs, deep conditioning at home etc to try and get back the health y hair. I don’t work now a days and so, I have the time to take care of it like never before. The new hair that grows, seems to be more wavier than my original hair, which is pretty sad. I trim my hair every 2 months so that the ultra straight hair at the bottom is slowly gotten rid of. But what I can say is that the volume that I had, might never come back. It’s sickening really!. Now when I braid my entire hair, I have one ‘tail like’ braid while before I could have 2 braids with double the current one’s volume.

My final verdict : Rebonding gives you short lived happiness. It’s not worth it at all in the long run. If you are thinking about getting your hair rebonded, I would dissuade you completely. Just don’t do it. It’s not worth your time and money. Just look after your hair. Treat it with respect and care. Try to avoid hot tools for everyday use. I hope this post helps atleast someone out there decide against getting their hair rebonded.

[Updated on Dec 3rd, 2016] – Since some of you asked me in the comments below and via email, which oil I use on my hair now, I am updating this post. I actually use several oils, not just one. Here they are :

Good hair oils

Coconut oil (random brand)
Argan oil (Acure)
Apricot oil (Now Foods)
Avocado oil (Now Foods)
Egg oil (Eyova)
Castor oil (random brand)

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364 thoughts on “My experience with hair rebonding…

  1. I will never get any such straightening treatments on my hair again….i did a Keratin treatment once and Gosh!! the results were short lived…but the after effects were ghastly….I am just going to stick to natural remedies now…

      • Hi guyss.. I just want to ask. My hair was rebonded weeks ago but it looks like it return to its original look. What should i do? I follow all the steps/tips to take care of rebonded hair and i don’t know why the ends of my hair looks like damaged..

        • Hi.. Check back with the salon where you got your hair rebonded. They might redo the ends. This happened to my friend as well. She got it redone after 3 days.

        • it has happened with me too…when i washed my hair after 3 days my hair become more frizzy damaged and look like they are burned… i just cried alot… please tell me what should i do…?

  2. I was thinking of doing keratin too when Mom advised me to go to natural masks and oils and I have to say it worked perfectly it just needs some patience. Thanks for the lesson Naz.

  3. Hi Naznin.. Oh gosh it was a sad affair.. ..I’ve practically heard and seen all the ppl who have done rebonding to have the same experience including my sister.. She had the most curly and frizzy hair I’ve ever seen and once left open we’d have to call a search party to find her face but after rebonding she has a fish tail now… But the point is I’m the only exception.. After rebonding I haven’t had much hairfall nor has my thickness drastically changed.. I’ve done it twice and third one is on the way… Don’t know why…

  4. I had no choice! I have to rebond my hair! My aunt force me to! If I dont she gets angry, and will keep persuading me to do it. Getting it tomorrow!! Wish me luck!

  5. Haha.. Did it twice.. Now I feel I made a wrong decision… My hair is not as thick as it used to be and the hair fall! Gosh!

  6. tankiew soo muCh…i stightened my hair , it continued only one week N after my Hair was damaged aloT ….I was Thinking of rebonding , but Oil tretments are best ….

  7. Well …lots of views and no solution …
    but i’ve got 1….
    Try these products
    Shampoo : Loreal Studio Professional Volume Expand &
    Conditioner : Loreal Studio Professional Xtenso Mask
    It work magically on my hair, i hope it will help you too tada

  8. hello! i do hair rebonding,I’m a Filipina and and did one of my Indian friends’ hair. It was really wavy and I managed to straightened it,not pin straight like a broom but straight with volume. Do you know what brand they used for you? I use Wellastrate and it never disappointed me and my clients. Is the cause of the hair fall due to breakage? It could be over processed ( during application time) or pulling of hair too much during the ironing process.

    • Hi Jen!. Thank you for your insight into this matter. I don’t remember the brand used on me. Yes, while ironing my hair was pulled pretty hard to get it amazingly straight. I do suffer from hair breakage. Where is your salon by the way?. You might want to put your details in here so others may get in touch with you, in case they really want to try rebonding.

  9. I have rebonded my hair 4 times now, and my hair have never been healthier. Although it is very important to take good care of the hair as I deep condition and apply a conditioning mask twice every week. That and cold water. I have never experienced the hair fall thing. To think about it, my hairfall was worse when I had curls and frizz. It also depends individually on hair types.

    • So sorry to hear that, Maria!. I haven’t completely recovered from it still, even after these many years. But all I can say is nourish your hair with conditioning masks and oils.. If I was consistent with my hair care routine, maybe my hair would have been back to normal by now. I also trim my hair every 2 months.

  10. Thank you so much for this post.You know ,since two days i had been doing a lot of research on these hair rebonding and smoothening treatments on the internet.All i could find was mixed and vague responses.I was quiet unsure of what to do with my wavy/curly hair as i’ll soon be joining my first job.But after reading this post I’ve finally decided not to go for any such hair treatment.You had put it up very well-:Treat your hair with respect and care:Once again thank you! hope your hair recovers soon and you have an amazing hair growth !.take care

    • Hi Tanisha!. First of all, congratulations on your first job :). I am so glad you found this post helpful. Thank you for letting me know your thoughts on this post ♡

  11. i’d rebonded my hair 2 days before from my aunt , unfortunately my hair get waves from front:( i dont know what to do 🙁 how can i manage my hair …….

    • Oh that’s sad.. Now that you have already done the damage, here is what I got to say. If you get waves, then gotta rebond again. But seriously, I wish you hadn’t done it in the first place that too unprofessionally from your aunt..

    • Hey Fii, mine stayed straight for 8 months. But by then the new growth, were wavy. So I straightened that part only, so that everything looks straight again!.

  12. I also got a natural wavy hair then it’s my grandma who asked me how my friends’ hair is. Later on, she treated me for a rebond. Everything went well and I almost cried as they ironed my hair in the end. The heat was too much for me. After a few months, my hair started going back to it’s natural state. Then I was in the market when someone pulled me by force to a salon and she started putting something on my hair. I found out it’s the cream for rebonding after the strong scent hit my nose. She demand me to stay and to pay. Since I don’t want any scenw, I paid up. Weeks latery hair started falling and it got thinner. In the end, my hair had gone dry and lots of frizz in the end. Til now I’m having problems in growing my hair. It stuck on my shoulder length for two years and it’s still dry no matter what natural remedy I do. Lesson learned. Never do something just to be in class and never ever let a psycho stylist drag you to their salon. Sad but I’m not the first victim of them. I’ll keep my wavy hair now and still trimming the dried parts (the end) then let the natural hair oil comes out.

    • Yuli, thank you for sharing your experience with me and other readers. Oh boy!. You went through a really harsh experience. How in the world did someone just drag you to their salon, do something to your hair and demand you pay up??. I really hope you regain your natural hair in due time. It’s been 5 years for me since my first time and still not recovered… Continue doing natural remedies, ok?. Take care!

  13. just got my hair rebonded yesterday n it burnt a little bit …what i want to ask…. that the new hair growing from ur roots is also damaged or no

  14. Your writing has impressed me. It’s simple, clear and precise. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family. Regards and good luck

  15. Well,i have done rebonding again and again….and it doesnt bother me at all…my hair still in good state and my stylist said that my hair is healthy…many people told me that rebonding made their hair look bad and got many split at the end….but then i told them to take care of their hair,dont just pick a shampoo without looking at the brand…i use scwarzkopf professional product and never tie my hair…before i go out i will use serum on my hair….every 15 days i will go for the oil treatment or if i run out of budget i will just go to the saloon and steam my hair….your hair will need an extra care after you done rebonding…dont just leave your hair like that without any treatment,of course it will cause your hair to fall…..

    • Hello!. I really appreciate your comment. Wow! You are really maintaining your hair. I will check out that brand. Never heard of it. I am sure your comment will help other readers as well. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Rebonding your hair can be a disaster if you dont take care of it….
        schwarzkopf is a product from germany and stand for almost about 15 years….it work really good on my hair….even Loreal and other product cannot do the same as schwarzkopf…..but i dont know if schwarzkopf available in filipina…

  16. I got my hair rebond. What you experience happens to any one who does it. Because we all know that rebonding only last for 8 months. And they are not suppose to charge you that much it should only cost $200. But in Philippines it cost 2000 pesos. Depending on how long your hair is. And rebonding is also depends on how wavy or curly your hair. If its wavy and curly it won’t last long. If its straight it last longer than 8 months. Well mine did because I have straight hair. But my other family didnt

      • You are correct when you say rebonding is a temporary process. Not overnight, though. But remember, hair grows. So when it does, the original hair you have (being wavy or curly) will still be the same regrowth you will see. Growth will never be straight as rebonding only takes care of the hair that is visible during the procedure.

        If your have hairfall, aside from the bonds being broken or hair being damaged, remember that the longer hair you have the more tendency it will fall as the weight is now on the ends. When your hair is curly, it feels much lighter. Obviously, gravity plays a role when your hair is now straight and all the weight is at the ends. Don’t we have falling hair when we use a ponytail? We do! Because the ponytail’s weight keeps pulling on the roots of your hair.

  17. Hey there! I had my hair rebonded yesterday.. And this is the third time i went for it. Although i have a severe hairfall, i just don’t want to admit it because the hair looks so great now. Before, i used to have this unruly, frizzy, curly hair ever.. And i used to straighten it once in a month. I have had hairfall back then too when i detangle my hair. And now I have this amazing straight hair which i have to put little effort to detangle and the only thing that’s been keeping me calm after every hairwash with severe hairfall is that my hair didn’t look good at all back then and now it looks really great. Plus i have a lot of volume just like you did and the fallen hair grows back. I think i need a psychiatrist to make me admit that i have severe hair fall. Even the salon professional mentioned it yesterday that my hair is falling too much. Sorry for the long post. Felt like sharing it with you. 🙂

    • Hey Deepika!. Oh dear… I literally didn’t know whether to feel sad or smile.. Haha.. I guess smile it is then!. The psychiatric part definitely had me laughing!. Haha. Good one!. But then on a serious note, I would ask you to go to a salon for regular maintenance/deep conditioning treatment if you simply cant stop with the hair rebonding. I know it feels great and it looks great but I won’t suggest you keep doing it, dear!. Definitely thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

  18. Hello hahaha! I just got my hair rebonded yesterday. The funny thing is, I didn’t know I’ll be rebonded tho. Why? My mother didn’t told me plus right in the salon they just grabbed me and started to applied tons of chemicals onto my hair so I got no time to ask questions. Literally. I even asked my mom if it’s only a treatment and she just answered yes. I was thankful because I don’t even want my hair to look like my sister’s. Her hair’s very frizzy and dry after she rebonded it five times. Then, suddenly after they washed my hair, they ironed it. I was shocked because from what I want and remember, I’m there just to trim and do a hair treatment. Angry, I asked my mother “Wait, what are they doing to my hair?” she answered “Rebonding it.” I wanted to cry and scream but I stopped myself. When they finished rebonding my hair, gosh! I was so mad! What’s even worse, my hair is naturally straight (so, what’s the point of rebonding it? :’( and it’s also the first time to put harsh chemicals on my hair) and the results. It’s very flat and don’t suits me well even my face shape is oval because my cheeks are slightly chubby (and I look like I was drenched in the rain, hahahaha!) Lastly, how can I get my previous hair back and how can I take care of my newly rebonded hair? Looks like this is the longest comment, sorry. 🙂 Felt like I need to share this, so thanks for reading. Have a good day. :3 🙂 😀

    • Oh no!. Take care of your hair now. You know this is the second case where someone commented and said that they were forced to rebond their hair by a relative. Do follow up treatments to make sure your hair is hydrated.

  19. Please some body tell me about loreal xtenso. Is it safe? I have thin hair with little frizz. Want to go for it if it doesn’t have any side effect. N how long they last.? Can I get pin straight look with it.??

    • Hi Sana!. I don’t really know about that treatment but I do hope that someone will reply to your comment and help you out if they know about it..

  20. I did my hair rebound 5 days back in bangkok. I have rebounded hair 4 times before. This time I had the most saddest, upsetting experience. as I have rebounded last time 13 month back the bottom part of my hair was all good but the root as it came out was curly/wavy. I asked the salon to do only root rebound but they said they do whole, they have never done only root ever! so I said fine, do whole!! they took 4000 baht (very costly), After the final wash (after 2nd cream used) when they were blow drying i saw my front hair looking same wavy like before. I was too worried and asked them why these looking wavy even after finishing the whole process. I also said i have rebonded my hair before and all time i saw after the final wash it comes fully straight, they just dried it any thats all… But after saying all the salon said, we are straighting (ironed again) the hair and creams are still in your hair which will work next 3 days and after 3 days when you will wash you hair it will come perfect stratght!!!!!!!!!! I was really worried as I have spent so much money but they kept saying the same. I am not a local thai, i came back to my country 3 days after rebonding and yesterday after 4 days of redonding I washed my hair and it’s just like before, bottom part straight, up part same curly!!! I am SHOCKED, SAD and UPSET. I came back to my country so not even possible to go and ask them what is wrong or may be to ask for refund!!!!
    Anyone know why this happened???? why the cream/whole rebonding process din’t work???!!!

    • Oh my god!!. That is the worst experience I have ever heard of. It’s extremely sad that you couldn’t even go back and ask what happened. Since you had experienced rebonding before, you should have argued saying the front part shouldn’t look like that. But well, talking to a local is tough though. There is always the language barrier. It’s sad. I think they used cheap products and charged you too much 🙁

  21. Hi, mine friend got Rebonding done and is insisting me too to go for it .. Although i had slight wavvy Hair..but now after going through thing is for sure i will nvr Go with rebonding ..Natural Hair are best 🙂 🙂 thanks for sharing ..loved it very very useful ..!

  22. i have curly/wavy hair , my hair is damaged and frizzy … a friend of mine suggested i go for rebonding .. i thought about it before but i am not sure if i should do it or not . suggest me some ideas please .
    p.s Once i rebond my hair , will then newly grown hair be healthy and thick like before ?

    • Hi! Personally I feel you shouldn’t damage your hair more by rebonding it. If you rebond, your curly hair will be straightened and it will look good. But that’s about it. Damage will stay the same or be more! If you do it, the new grown hair will be curly like how your natural hair was before. For me, my new grown hair was more wavier than how it was before I did it!. I don’t know why.

      • If you think your hair is naturally frizzy but not frizzy because of other chemical products like hair color or henna, then by all means, go for rebonding. But if your hair is really, really damaged with all these chemical processes, rest your hair for 30 days or a month, while doing deep conditioning, then go to a reputable salon and have your hair Keratin-ed. Keratin Treatments will bring back the Keratin to you hair. But just be sure to do your research and ask your stylist what products he uses.

  23. Hello! Please help me. I rebonded my hair 4 times now. last May.5 I rebonded my hair again. but I want my natural hair again cus it look really thin now it’s damaged. :(( please help. I have a really long hair and I never cut it short ever. But now I’m really desperate to get my natural hair back again. 🙁 Should cutting my hair really short can restore back my natural hair?

    • Hi Sarah!. Cutting your hair won’t restore your natural hair. You can cut it really short so that you can get rid of the damaged hair. However, you have had long hair for a while now, so cutting it really short will be a huge change. I suggest you cut it little by little to get rid of the damaged hair. Let your hair grow out. Nourish the new hair with deep conditioning treatments and such. Limit your hot tools usage. Don’t rebond again. It will take some time to get back to healthy hair, Sarah.. But don’t lose hope ♡. Eventually you will get there!

  24. Thanks dear for your advise…actually i was planning to do the same..but before doing it i thought i will search the internet about rebounding and i saw your post..anyways i have decided to go for natural treatment on my hair…

  25. I have undergone keratin treatment recently. My hair was too rough and unmanageable and a constant source of depression :'( After the treatment, my hair feels great to touch and comb 😀 and i feel too happy about it now 😀 and about the hairfall..i would say that my hairfall has drastically reduced!! With my original hair, i would get a bunch of hair coming out every time i combed my hair! But after straightening, it has become almost negligible (might be because most of my hair were gone during the straightening process 😀 ) And since my hair was too bushy previously, i am rather happy with the reduced volume (weird though). But now i am worried about the frizzy hair that are about to come next :'( Any suggestion on how to manage that half-frizzy-half-straight look? :-/

    • Hi Aslesha! Wow, am quite surprised.. You like the thinner hair?. Well, to manage the half straight, half frizz look, either do a straightening on the half frizzy part (am suggesting that since your hair seems to love the straightening process!) or little by little, cut off the straight part until you are back to your natural look (which is what I have done since my second rebonding).. Whichever way you choose, I wish you happy hair days ♡

          • Hi …nazneen first time i read ur blog when i had gone through this disasterous rebonding treatment in april n every thing u shared about this turned out true.

          • My hair now is wavier than how my hair was pre-rebonding. Healthwise you can never get back to your virgin hair. But keep deep conditioning, oiling and taking care of your hair in every way possible 🙂

          • Hi nazneen….read ur blog for the first time when i had gone through this disasterous rebonding process in april 2014… n everything happened exactly as u said

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  27. Hi nazni I’m working also as a hairdresser I got many people did rebond . 6 yrs. I’m doing this job I will till ds job is not easy its dangerous work if u wanted to do u have to choose and think much before u decide. Actually its depend for the work ethier ur hair is virgin or not we have to control the chemical , iron and we have to read the hair if not it will come damage, brittle ,falling or same its still curly. U know I counter many people did rebonding they afraid somes they got fubia bec. Their hair got horrible. Nazni if i got client I will advise is if u want to do again only same person will do ur hair or juzt till only reroot but u have to choose nicely who will do coz not all pilipino hairdresser their are expert for this job. Thank u god bless

  28. 10 days after rebonding, my hair become very curly. When i take shower each and every time it’s happend. What can i do now?

    • Oh!. You cannot really do anything about it. The salon did a poor job at rebonding. It shouldn’t have curled like that. One of my friends had this problem. Her hair curled after 2 days actually. Since the did pay about 800 bucks to do it, she rushed back to the salon and complained. They re-did it for her and then it was straight for like 6 or 7 months.

        • Yes, that’s the only option. Go to the same salon and explain your situation. It’s their fault. They charged you & did a bad job. Usually, I wouldn’t suggest doing a rebonding at all, but since you paid already, I don’t think there is another way than to do it again.

  29. Omg I got rebonded and I thought it was the best decision ever I feel so proud and my history is exactly the same as yours.. I got rebonded like years ago then I decided to rebond again but my hair condition really sucked. I really do not know what to do its useless if I were to take care of it too right? I need help..

  30. Hi guys…I would like to share my experience too…i got my hair straightened for the 7th time, a few days ago n its great…i hv no hairfall n its v easy to maintain…first of all, its v imp to knw which brand u r using…schwarzkopf glatt is the best rebonding product…wella is too harsh n l’oreal shine bond is too mild (dsnt straight ur hair in the first time, doing it again is bad for hair)…schwarzkopf moisture kick shampoo and conditioner are just awesone…n olive oil once a week…these days in using Organix Brazilian Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner n its amazing…makes ur hair smoother n straighter…really good for frizzy hair.. its sulphate and paraben free…n m using streax vita gloss serum…its amazing too…gives instant shine to my hair…

    • Dear Shikha! I highly appreciate you sharing your experience with me and my readers. It is a very helpful comment ♡. Great to hear even after the 7th time, your hair is still in great condition. You are indeed using products that work!

  31. Thnx Naz… 🙂 Yes, the products i use are amazing…u should try Organix fr dry hair…take a trial pack first…its just 60ml… Hairfall happens after rebonding only if the process ws done harsh on ur hair or the wrong product was used… Regular hair spas are also v important…or Renew C…its much powerful than a hair spa…will definitely stop ur hairfall n help u retain ur lost volume… 🙂 N if anyone wants to rebond their hair again n again, dont do it on full hair, just give a touch up on the new growth…n use deep conditioners n masks so that the already straightened hair gets moisture n looks healthy n shiny…

  32. Hi, I have rebounded my hair 10 days back for the first time.I liked it after the treatment but my only concern is whether I can use any hair masks or not ? I have used whole egg mask today ,the wonder is after shampooing my hair became normal curly and it disappointed me a lot . I have used the shampoo recommended by the stylist.please suggest me some proper hair care post rebounding .

    • Hello Madhu! Now that you have rebonded your hair, ask the same salon what after care treatments they offer. Usually they will have deep conditioning treatments especially for rebonded hair. Though it might be expensive, continue doing that and your hair won’t show much damage. When I rebonded, I didn’t do these treatments and as such my hair was pretty damaged. You are also not supposed to apply anything else on your hair. That’s what the lady at my salon said. But I used to apply oil, braid my hair and all that. So, the straightening effects went off fast..

  33. hi,

    i have get my hair rebonded get a couple of days back…Please let me know how to get back my old hair??Does regular oiling do any help??I’m gonna try it
    I really wish to get it reverted.
    Please do help me :'(

    • Hi Emile, unfortunately once virgin hair is chemically treated, it’s impossible to revert back. Regular oiling will make you lose the straightening effect. But if you are sure you no longer want that effect, oiling is good..

  34. i got my rebonding done last aug. Its alrdy 8 mnths. And my new growth is coming.(veryyy happyy) .
    I wanna know should i directly start using a normal shampoo aftr 8 mnths or should i wait till the tym my hair are straight??
    will using a normal shampoo lead to more hairfall??
    I faced a lot of hairfall

    • Hey Tanya!. You can start using a normal shampoo that targets hairfall. Also, look for hair masks that act as hair treatments. It will reduce hair fall.

  35. i miss my curls 🙁 they were so soft n perfect :/
    btw thanks alot for the help.
    i ll soon strt using a normal shampoo.

  36. Before reading this post i was sure of going for rebonding next month but after reading the bad experiences of so many people i have decided not to go for it .my hairs are wavy and little frizzy but not that bad that i torture them with this treatment .thanks for the post:)

  37. my lil hair gwrth has just strtd from roots . Front hair are getting back to normal. Using a normal shampoo will cause hairfall? Its almost a year now.
    and how much time will it take to get them properly back?

    • Dear Tanya, using a normal shampoo won’t cause hairfall. I did my first hair rebonding in 2009. Once the new hair started growing from the root, I began trimming my hair inch by inch every month, so that it didn’t feel like I lost length. Finally, it was in 2014 that I completely got back to normal hair. It’s much thinner than my virgin hair and not as healthy too. It’s more wavy. But still all the rebonded hair is gone now.

  38. i have the same problem as well. i rebonded my hair for straight five years and this year is just when i decided i will not rebond it anymore. Turns out my hair is thicker and wavy more than before. I jist tie my haor everuday eventhough i dont wanna or else it will be a mess. i am just curious on how you did your hair everyday during the time you’ve decided that you will not rebond it anymore; do you tie it up everyday or do you just let your hair fly free? T

    • Hi Devonne!. Wow 5 years straight!!. Am so surprised your hair is thicker. Mine too is much more wavy now than my virgin hair. I used to tie my hair up in a bun or mostly braid it. Never left it loose. Btw, you have a lovely name =)

  39. hye ..naz… i went for rebonding few days ago.. but i was kind upset because it makes my hair look flat n too symmetry and i really want to tie it so it looks better .. do u have any advice.. after how many days i can tie my hair?and the part of rebond hair will last for how many month? and does it turns to my normal shape or i need to wait the new hair to grow so i can have my original curls back..thank u

    • Dear Mimi, actually you are not supposed to be tying your hair at all, if you want to maintain the rebonded effect. Usually, rebonded hair stays straight anywhere from 6 months to an year. That depends a lot on the quality of rebonding you did and the texture of your hair. Since you said you have curly hair, chances are that it will become curly again in 5 to 8 months. Your new growth will be very curly compared to the rebonded hair that turned curly after a given period of time. It might look weird having two different kinds of curls. Trim regularly. I hope this helps 🙂

  40. i found your site while doing research about rebonding. I have read every single post on this page but still think ” that won’t happen to me!” When I get something in my head, it’s hard for me to let go.

    I don’t dye my hair and it’s been years since I have done anything besides wash it several times a week. As it gets longer I hope I can get back to washing just once a week. I was told that the reason most wigs were made from Indian hair was because their hair was not washed everyday so it maintained its natural oils. ( also the length of course ).

    Once when I was I teen I got a bad perm. ( I had always wanted big hair ) my natural hair is thin, and getting thinner, and has a slight wave where it wants and if it hits my shoulder… Very non-committal.

    The first perm was fun, but the second perm made me look in the mirror and call myself a liar. Soo and this is before the fad of Brazilian and Japanese treatments had arrived in North America, the salon straightened my bad perm by doing another perm without curls. Just brushing it straight. I was so excited finally my hair was one texture. I don’t remember how long it lasted but I just remember the joy. I’m trying to find that again..

    My hair is longer than its been in years and I need to change it. Like the girl who wrote that she had never cut her hair but wanted her virgin hair back earlier? That would be my biggest dream to have that shock of the change. From long to pixie, but it’s taken so long to get here, I need to do something, and I’m afraid it will be stupid.

    Because the wave of my hair is at the shoulder I think that by having the straightening when the hair grows out the weight of the straight hair will help keep the new growth straight. I know I’m sure this is foolish.

    Anyways something I thought about while reading all the other posts is that perhaps you are only precieving you hair as more curly or ‘different’ after the new growth because there is such a contrast between the straight and the re growth? It looks exaggerated by contrast? Just a thought.

    Anyways I’m going on and on, and I can’t believe at my age this is still something I think and worry about. Crazy! Glad I could release some of this angst over nothing. You all seem to understand, if I do something crazy I’ll let you know, maybe post pictures on my own blog?

    • Hello Brenda!. Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts. My hair is indeed more wavy than before. Now that I have completely gotten rid of my straightened hair, I compared my current pix to my pix with virgin hair. It’s definitely wavier..

  41. Rebonding your hair is not that bad at all if u take good care of it…im did rebonding 11 times.,bt now its allright like before..:)AL HAM DU reallh depend on hair treatment like im apply oil evryday right now also..if rebonding your hair is that bad than the government should bend this from the country that rebonding your hair is not allowed is not safe..hahahah

    • Lol!. The government definitely has better things to do than ban a hair treatment that works for some and doesn’t work for others. Definitely great to hear your hair is good even after 11 times of rebonding!.

  42. Yeah u r when u r rebonding ur hair make sure its done in right way otherwise u know it will be like urs

    • Hi Editha!. No, braiding is not allowed. It leaves a twisted pattern and your hair won’t be able to stay straight for long.

  43. Sorry I’m going to have to say that’s wrong on what you posted!!! I got my hair done in the Philippines and my hair has been straight for 5 years… No probloms…. When I came back the the USA all the girls wanted hair like mine and wanted to know the secret … And I said rebond ….!!! My hair has never been healthy…. Maybe your hair is too sensitive and wasn’t made for you kind of hair…. So ya

    • Everyone’s hair and experience is different, Maria. Doesn’t mean mine is wrong and your’s is right. Maybe my hair is sensitive to heat or the heat used on my hair was too much, whatever the reason it made my hair, fall at a great speed. I then posted it online just so as to share my experience. If you go through the comments, you will know am not the only one with the bad experience.

  44. Hi 🙂 I’m 17 yes old , BTW. Up to when I was 10 my hair was quite nice and well. Then due to the habit of constant tying and braiding, it started to curl and frizzle until it got to be the curliest, frizziest and most unmanageable hair one could imagine. I rebonded it just yesterday. But even before the rebinding, the roots of my hair had always been smooth and straight, no matter how the rest of my hair looked like. Will the new hair that will grow be smooth and straight or curly and frizzy ? 🙂

    • The new hair that grows will have the same behavior as the hair you had before you rebonded. So, I believe the new hair would be straight for you at root level but eventually it will be curly and frizzy. In my case, my new hair turned out to be more wavy than before..

      • hi naznin ua helping much many girls vd ua posts suggestions . am 22yrs old n i hv a bit less volume f hair so neva try any product or ny vd out taking othrs suggestions r reviews . aftr reading all ua posts i thought ua suggestion wuld help me out. i hv curly hair dats a grt thing coz it adds Voluminous look to my hair . wn i straighten my front hair fa parties etc i luk fab. am a girl vd lots of frds outings wana socialise bt i loose my confidence wn i think f my no no its nt console wt i need iam eagerly waiting fa ua suggestion .. cn i rebound my hair fa front part jz 1 or 2inches the funks or vl it cz the same damage as uve said or s it ok? illl b happy to listen to ya f u wuld say dats fine, i wsh bt.. its imp to knw the fact right :/ awaiting fa ua reply

        • Hi Swapna!. I am not sure salons rebond only a part of hair like how you said for the first time. In my case, the second time I rebonded, they did only the new growth from root level till middle of my hair because the rest were still straight from previous rebonding. My suggestion is when you hang out with friends temporarily straighten the hair, just for the evening. Don’t do rebonding.

          • okie u suggest to straighten hair temporarily wneva needed … thanks much naznin… f u could also tell me vl this method too b damaging to hair?.. till nw i hve bn doing this n thought bettr once rebounding thn to straighten so many times… ill go vd ya suggestion though. 🙂 ill b glad f u cn address ds problem too. vl temporaryly straightenin the hair like once in a week or 2 vl b damaging to hair ? f so cn u suggest nyothr way like ny natural remedy vdout usage of harmful chemicals?

          • Even temporary straightening is not so great for the hair since you are heating the hair. This too is damaging to the hair. All you can do is get a good heat protectant and use it while straightening hair at home.

  45. Hey Naz 🙂 I’m 17 y/o college student from ph and i just had my 3rd rebond last 2 weeks. My natural hair before was curly, not kinky but large curls and it was really thick that it is hard to manage. That’s why my hair was always tied into a ponytail from my elementary days up to my highschool days til i decided to have it straigthened when i got to college. My first hairtreatment was a relax, salon said because its still virgin hair. I loved my hair because I can now let it loose and fall in my shoulders. Then rebond follows, my 1st rebond was great, but my 2nd rebond was terrible and waste of money bec after 3 days wben I washed my hair, my hair got wavy again on top so I went back to salon to do it again but still the same after I wash it after 3days. Seems the chemicals doesnt work much for my hair. Then after six months i decided to have rebond again, my third and recent rebond w/c i got last 2wks from a different salon. Now my problem is I’m having a MASSIVE hairfall and I dontknow what to do. There are so many falling hair, even when i just comb my hair using my fingers 4-6 strands fall w/c is definitely not normal. And if u see My bed have so many strands of my hair. And when i touch the top of my hair at the back it feels rough, like a man’s hair or somthng like that. Maybe the chemicals sat too long on my scalp because i noticed that the rebonding process took longer than normal w/c weaken my scalp.What should I do? Will I get bald patches (I hope not )? Is it safe to use hairfall control shampoo i see on tvc or will it worsen? When did your hairfall stopped?

    Sorry if it’s long and thank u in advance. 🙂

    • Hi Raine!. It’s strange it worked at first and then it didn’t. You should do oil treatments and deep conditioning treatments (at salon or home) to strengthen your hair because your hairfall is definitely too much. Oiling will make you lose whatever straightened effect that’s left on your hair right now. But oils like coconut oil and castor oil will soften your hair, make it strong and give it shine. Don’t be tensed about the situation. Tension causes more hairfall. My hairfall came back to normal around 4 years after the rebonding. Normal hairfall is upto 50 strands per day. Hope this helps.

  46. well hi , i have not rebonded my hair for a year now and my upper part of my hair is curly while the bottom layer is straight . I have rebonded my hair for 2 times now and its still healthy . But now , i do not know whether to cut away the parts of my rebonded hair and let my natural frizzy and curly hair grow or rebond it again . Ughhh i just dont know , my hair is really long and it’ll go to a waste if i cut it :-(and i get really insecure with my natural curly hair . Tbh , i think i look much better in straight hair but rebonding is costy and it damages ur hair . But i just couldnt cut my hair haisss

    • I had a similar problem when I decided I didn’t want to rebond again. I didn’t cut the straight hair all at once. I cut it Inch by Inch every 6 weeks. Finally, all the straight hair was gone. I suggest you do the same.

  47. Hello I was searching about rebonding/ relaxing hairs! I had extenso ( L’Oréal relaxation) 2 consecutive years 2012 & 2013. Now its been almost 1.5 years that I haven’t do anything with my hairs I have naturally perm hairs but the r very much dry & frizz I applied many things oil & home made remedies just to get rid of this frizz but nothing happen but now again its stuck up in mind that I should go for rebonding now atleast for a year I can get rid of this frizzy hair but after reading comments & article m bit confused though I have thick hairs & heavy volume I had a hair loss but not very much but still m concerned that either to go through with chemical process 3rd time. Well I take hijab my hairs r covered when m out but still I want that sleek hair for myself I know I sound stupid but really when I get up & see face in mirror thaf frizz volume make me upset I can b easily cast to any horror show :-p any one can help / suggest me what to do with hairs pleaseeeee!

  48. hmmmm..after reading what you post it seems that rebonding do more damage to hair compared to bleaching.. correct me if im wrong@_@

  49. Hy I also try rebounding first time but its a wrost experience just wana know when will this harsh chemicals leave my hair…

  50. hey.
    i need ur help. almost one Back i got my hair straighten. I had alot of hairfall.
    now they the natural curls r coming .
    i have to go somewhere this weekend. I want them straight. Can i straighten them with a straightening machine?
    will it cause any damage?
    last one yr i nvr straighten them or used any othr heat.
    plz tell asap 🙂

    • Hi Tanya!. First use a branded heat protectant before using a hair straightener. Since it’s just for this one occasion, it’s ok but keep such practices to a minimum since it causes heat damage.

    • I have done some DIY hair conditioning mask recipes on my blog that you can try at home. It will make your hair softer and more manageable. Try the one with mayonnaise. It really helps.

  51. I did rebonding 2 years ago and the first time the result was really amazing , i did it again 6 months later because the roots started to grow and after the 2nd time my hair was really falling out but it recovered then , the thing is that after reboning my hair the 2nd time it wasn’t straight like the first time and that’s the only reason i regreted doing it. I’m thinking now about the ionic straightening because it is a little less damaging than rebonding but i ak afraid that it won’t be straight just like what happened in my second rebonding , i just want to know what could be the reason that my hair wasnt straight the 2nd time eventhough it was at the same saloon and with the same lady

    • Hello Rana!. Once a friend of mine did rebonding and her’s wasn’t completely straight. She had shoulder length curly hair. She went back to the salon and the lady said it didn’t straighten well because she had such curly hair. They offered to do it free a second time and it became ok. In your case though, am not sure what happened.

  52. Thanks for your reply , i just wanted to ask you If you know anything about the ionic straightening ? and if is is less harmful than rebonding or not

  53. hey, i was doing a research on chemical hair straightening and am really glad to have found your site. I’m happy you’re recovering from the bad experience of rebonding. Well, I have done loreal xtenso smoothening treatment for my hair a year back and it’s almost similar to rebonding i guess. And right now i am at the exact same stage where you were when you decided to do it again and go for the touch ups. The only thing is i haven’t done it the second time. Before continuing with this treatment i really wanted to do a proper research and read people’s experiences. I’m in a big dilemma right now. The facts are that i love the sleek shiny look of my long straight here from this treatment. But, yes the sad part is i’m experiencing hairfall and this treatment even gave me dandruff. Please tell me what step should i take. Because my friends are doing it for years and their seems perfectly fine and they haven’t lost any hair. I’m scared that in my case if i continue it what is i start getting bald patches. Please help me out and clear away my confusion. I would really appreciate it. P.S. I LOVE YOUR SITE. AND YOU’RE SO SWEET TO HELP OUT SO MANY GIRLS.

    • Hi Farheen!. Thanks for your comment. The thing is, there are some people whose hair stays exactly the same healthwise after rebonding. Those are just lucky people!. I don’t want you to try it out a second time and find out that you are not one of those lucky few. I suggest you to not do it again dear.. For dandruff, mix lemon juice and finely ground pepper powder and apply it only on the parts (on scalp only, not on hair) that you have dandruff. It’s a good home remedy. Keep it on for 20 mins and wash off. Do it once or maximum twice a week. You will see a good difference. Don’t overdo this though because lemon juice acts as a bleach too. You don’t want any discolorations on your hair. Hope that helps!

      • thanks for that tip on dandruff. I’ll definitely try it out and anyways my dandruff has reduced a lot after i discontinued the salon straightening shampoo. And ya thanks for your advice, i will certainly not think of doing the mistake again. I’ll just switch to natural remedies to nourish my hair. At least that has no side effects. 🙂

  54. I have hair that are thin.. thin in a way that the single hair is thin but overall the volume is good i don’t experience hair fall that much but the problem is that my hair don’t look good. They aren’t shiny. And when i get them to hairstyle they soon loose their place and just get to look like i haven’t combed them …it seems like my hair are life less… i am super crazy about straight hair… should i go for rebonding??

    • Hi Sundas, I don’t suggest hair rebonding for you. Your hair is thin and it definitely would be a disaster if your hair couldn’t withstand the heat and even hairfall might start. Try home made remedies for softening your hair and giving it shine. Comb your hair daily and always keep it looking tidy.

  55. Hi,

    I just wanted to say i totally agree with what Naz said. I had done re bonding on my hair aswell, Ive been having same issue which Naz mentioned in her review. If anyone is planning to do it i would strongly advise you not 2.. Im currently so stress with the hair loss ive been facing. Trying to find a solution !!!

  56. Hi. My hair is already actually straight but like just at the end part of it there are like some parts are going inwards and some outward and some left, infact every side. (I hope u get it xD) So i was planning to rebond my hair..bcz whenever i see people’s hair, they are so beautiful,silky,smooth,soft and so many more. And all tht was because of hair rebonding. I’ve lately been very eager to rebond my hair but after seeing this, it’s really making me confused. Like whether to try just ‘once’ or ‘never’. My hair is quite maybe i should try or not? Im really confused. And i also heard that rebonding your hair makes our brain cells die. So does tht maybe makes us dumb in studies? Blah idk what im thinking. Srry for the trouble. :/

    • Lol Sharon!. Well my advice is to not do it. Don’t know about the “brain cells dying” part but rebonding is definitely damaging to the hair. Straighten it using a straightener (while using heat protection) just for special occasions if the curly ends are bothering you so much.

  57. hey !!
    i really had frizzy and curly fluff hairs but thin hairs :(so i decided to do rebond .. p.s i was loving it first week of but now hair fall is started like on a serious note.. really worried about it 🙁 already it looks really thin and in between treatment my scalp felt flaky and dry .. my hair hairstylist suggested me to do oiling in my scalp after few days !! after oiling i notice that my hairs are falling .. any suggestion ?
    p.s love my hairs are anything !!
    any home remedy ? or treatment ?

    • I have done some DIY hair care masks on my blog, especially one that has mayonnaise in it. Try that out. Also do hot oil treatment once in 2 weeks. It will help.

  58. Well um i got xtenso last month and now my hair is falling like hell. My hair used to be extremly healty and beautiful 🙁 But now it’s all gone.. I need some help… Only choice which is left and my mom keep telling me is i should go bald :'( So that i can have some hair atleast :/ because seriously my hair is falling too much !! I’ve discussed this with my mom aunt they all are being great supporter even my boyfriend have decided to go bald too 😜 But still i just really don’t know what to do. I’m 18 and soon my university is going to start i have to do something asap!! Please help me?? Should i go for the bald one or what? Help!!!

    • Oh no Amna!.. Isn’t going bald way too extreme?.. Instead try hair treatments that will strengthen your current hair at salons for faster recovery or keep doing at home DIYs which will eventually help you.

  59. hi, i got my hair smoothehned yesterday..and i dont think it suits me much,it looks too perfect.What could happen if I wash it today??Will the effects reverse?

    • Hi Ann!. Am not sure about smoothening but if you wash the pretty effect you have now will be gone. Basically the money you spent on it would be wasted. Ask the lady who did the treatment for you for a solution..

  60. Ma’am i really don’t know what to do.. and one thing more um today i took a bath and i saw myself in the mirror and what i notice was that my hair form crown area are lost 😮 i mean adhe adhe toote hue 😮 i hope you’ll understand what I’m writing 😛 you know urdu right?? Hope so:) so now I’m extra ordinary worried about my hair.

    • Amna, the state of our hair also show our underlying health problems. Consult a doc and just to be on safe side make sure everything is ok. I can’t think of any reason why there is too much hairfall happening to you. Also take Biotin tablets. It helps a lot to strengthen hair.

  61. Thankyou so much :’) um one thing more.. Um I don’t know how to explain this but um from the front it’s weird that left side of my head i can see my skin but on the other side on the front it’s ok i have hair in much amount but left side My hairs are falling or I don’t know what but this is now the problem too. And yes i did consult with the doc, I’m taking the supplements but not helping at all.

  62. Well no I’m not from UAE but I’ll try to get this somehow. Thankyou 💜 One lil help please? Do you know any remedy that would help me to regrow hair from the front? This thing is giving me stress everyday 😟 So anything that would help me to get my hair back? I prefer remedies because it’s totally natural way. That’s why asking you? Is there anyyy way? If yes so please let me know.

  63. Hlo i take smoothning treatment last week but after wash of 3 days in saloon my hairs looks good but next day my hairs are bend badle soo i took hairwash in proper way hairs are not fall nd loos strait but there is no any shine and hairs very freezy from the ends to middle then i go to saloon nd show her my hairs and she said when she apply frst cream there is lots of heena colour comes out from my hair nd hairs are vry damaged thats why this happend. Is this true reason or any thing else? Nd she says don’t worry she rebound agian next month my hairs….plz tell me my hairs can be become properly smooth?

    • I have heard somewhere that if you have color in your hair like henna, a straightening or smoothening treatment might not work well. Once the color is all gone, doing it again will probably solve your frizzy hair..

    • I don’t think honey treatment will remove henna. Each time you wash your hair, it goes away little by little. But it takes quite a while for it to go away.

      • Ok i start from today honey, olive oil nd coconut oil mixture apply on my hairs…hope its works…..thank u soo much for ur openion i feel relexed today

    • You can do it aggressively by going to a reputable hair salon and have the color stripped off.

      Since you will be expecting a lot of discoloration from the varying degrees that henna was applied to your hair, i would suggest to have a mild hair dye (no ammonia) applied as per your natural hair color or dark brown or black. Remember to keep a timeline. Your hair, after stripping, will be dry depending on the texture of your hair. So have it treated weekly by deep conditioning.

      In my experience, a non-aggressive way to do it is by letting your stylist apply the highest percentage of releaser. Slowly, your henna color will come off. SInce the hair is now porous, let them apply a non-ammonia hair color. Then follow it up as frequently as you are comfortable with (except if you have white hair and salon visits may be more frequent). Let your hair grow and follow up with that color. If the hair is porous enough, it can now receive your normal hair color so you can change your hair color as often as you want. Remember that with Henna, it’s like washing something wrapped in plastic and that something within the plastic doesn’t get wet.

  64. Hello… I have done schwarzkopf smoothening treatment on my hairs.. it’s been around a month.. and my hair fall started from the first wash by myself at home.. and my hairs are falling down on my hands.. and whenever I put fingers on my head there were lot of hairs in my hand.on my pillow there were hairs all around.. . I went to saloon to talk to them about hair fall and they told me that it’s bcuz of dry scalp.. please suggest me what can I do to stop this hair fall…I have oiling also but it dent made any difference.. can I opt for homeopathy??? Please suggest me something..

    • Oh dear!. That’s terrible.. Try almond oil and also do deep conditioning DIYs at home. I have done some haircare DIY posts here on my blog. Kindly search the blog and try them out.

    • as long as they analyze your hair’s condition first. If it’s curly and it’s still curly after 3 days, that means that the rebonding did not work the first time since the bonds of your hair are really strong. If you want to take the safe route, you can always have a hair treatment or deep conditioning then go back and have it done after 30 days.

  65. Thank u soo much….now i start use hot oiling treatment and give heat to hairs with hot towal…i use olive oil…plz tell me in how much time my hair loss totally stop?

    • Hair loss can be genetic, chemically-induced, or due to stress, among other factors. Identify which one you think is the culprit and your stylist can provide a solution to that.

      If it’s genetic, we cannot change your genes. If it’s stress, lessen your stress. Eliminate chemical processes as well. you have to strengthen your hair first. ask your professional salons and do your own research. There are a lot of products available in the market that can strengthen your hair as it grows so it does not fall off.

  66. If i want my rebonding hair will becoma a natural wavy what can i do plzzz let me know i dont want my rebond look plzz give me some solutions .I ask them to do some thing to my hair it will become wavy she said it won’t
    What can i do plzz tell me ..

  67. Hi,

    I have also reboned my hair 4 times and now when I got wavy hair again I dun know what to do with them……My hair look weird half straight and half wavy specially in the middle I am tired of rebonding now and dont want to do that again…….Please suggest me a better solution to manage my hair……

    • That’s what I went through. I then slowly kept trimming my hair until I was only left with the wavy part. Then I started taking care of that hair with egg mask and all..

  68. Hi I’m really relief you shared a story about the process of rebounding. I have a question did your ever grow out after hair rebounding? Because I got mine done and it’s been a year now I just get really depress thinking that my hair is going to be ugly and tangley any time soon do you have any advice? And I only got mine done 1 time

  69. I did permanent hair straightening.I have a doubt .my hair is very curly*(rings).will I get my original hair back to me.I want it.I dnt have hair fall.will I face hair fall bcz of straightening in future.will hair fall starts to me.pls rply. ..

    • Not all will suffer from hair fall. Usually it starts almost immediately. Yes the new hair that grows will be the texture of your pre-straightening hair.

  70. Hello naznin, its really great that you took time to share your personal experience with all of us about rebonding of hairs which is really helpful for all of us. Actually i too had a doubt as i am growing my hairs from one year. I enjoyed it tbh quite for some months but as the time moved on it is really getting so hard for me now to manage them as they are getting so rough and tough to maintain. I always have to put water, oil or gel to comb them whenever i go outside. They look nice for sometime but after 1 hour they starts getting in a bad way again as like i didn’t comb my hairs. When i go outside with such hairs ppl outside look me in a weird way which is quite insulting. My father too scolded me for that and asked me to get my hair cut many times but i insist him. Now i am really quite fed up bcz my hairs are very curly just like my mother and it takes me much time whenever i have to go outside after combing my hairs. I get to do setting of my hairs in every 2 months according to keep my long hair style look good. So last time when i visited my saloon where i always go i asked the barber like if is there any treatment for getting my hairs silky and straight so that i can comb them easily without using anything. He said there are two options either hair spa which is temporary treatment either rebonding of hairs which is quite permanent. So i said him that i will think about it and tell him when i come to him next time. So i asked some ppl who i know well who used this treatment some said its better for guys not for girls and some said its worsened their hairs more than ever. So i was like very confused so today i got to decide to search about it on internet and saw your article which almost made my mind not to try rebonding. But still after reading so much other ppl’s experiences about using rebonding i am confused whether it will damage my hairs too as i am a guy bcz i have heard usually it damages hairs of girls.
    Hoping for your reply soon.
    Thank you very much

    • Hi!. I really appreciate your comment. I would like to discourage you from doing it. I personally know a guy who did straightening and regretted it much. Don’t do it, Shivu..

  71. Ok thnx for replying so fast and making up my final decision i will surely get my hairs cut today itself. Hope you get rid of your hair falling problem soon and may god bless you.

  72. Hii! im currently 16 and i am from the Phil. my hair is really dry and damaged because i have rebonded this for about 5 times or more! Cause everytime my roots began to curl it loooked bad with the rest of the hair being straight

    growing up in a place where rebonding is heavily marketed you cant help but try it as well. every after rebonding session i would feel like the prettiest around with new hair! but the aftermath is always the worst. I even remembered some guy from school who i never talked to carressed my hair and said “girl, what a frizzy hair”. you know how degrading that was, i tied my hair for a week!

    just recently i cut my hair really short, like shoulder level or shorter to recover my hair. the ends are so bad, it went fly away. above everything i think im letting my hair rest from all the chemicals. i have heards bad reaction from people around me but whatever .

    Love you! Thanks for sharing and i want to people reconsider their choices.

    • Hi Lycha, thanks for sharing your experience with me and my readers ♡. Good that you are letting your hair rest now. Don’t use hot tools too.

  73. Hi Naz. I just want to thank you for sharing your story with us.

    I was insanely frustrated with my hair, being unmanageable and all that. There would always be a lot of incidences wherein I’ll try styling it but will ALWAYS end up in a ponytail and a headband. Been living with this habit for years now. So unfortunate, I don’t even have the talent to do nice braids or hair updos for a clean but pretty look.

    Due to these things, I’m already planning to have my hair rebonded this weekend to end up my agony. But I’m glad I was able to read your post before doing so. Though I admit I still hated my hair a lot, well it is still better to have it this way than feel sorry eventually😊

  74. Hey! My natural hair starts to grow now. My hair is 7 months old adter rebonding it. btw my hair is not damaged I don’t know why hha I was expecting it to look bad. Should I just put a cute hair styles that can hide my natural hair for a bit. It’s not noticeable btw. The looks of my natural hair is straight and curly at the end. How can I maintain my straight hair? And I just got a hair cut last month but it’s quite long now.

    • Hi!. Good to know you don’t have damage in your hair after rebonding. I am not sure how to maintain the straight hair..

  75. Hi thanks for making this article. It really calms me I think. And now I feel like I am not the only one who suffered about rebonding.. I also wanted to ask what should I do to fix my damage rebounded hair without rebonding it again? I already cut it short and now I think that it will be more better if I hot oil it.

    • Hi Julls.. Definitely you are not alone. Hot oiling is a great way to heal the hair. But that damage will never be completely reversed, as I have learned..

  76. My hair is rough dry and a little curl. They are mostly unbearable cause of the roughness and not because of the curls. I go for natural remedies but all in vain. Thinkin of some artificial remedy. Any advice?

    • Hi Zarmeen, the problem with natural remedies is that they take time to show results. Keep doing what you do. Involve egg yolk and mayonnaise. They help soften hair. Artificial remedies give short term happiness only..

  77. Thank you for sharing! I also want to rebound my hair again after a year because it’s already look weird, wavy at half of my head and straight at the bottom. I am also facing quite bad hair fall problem, especially after i wash my hair, a lot of my hair fall out.. But after i read your post, i think i wont rebound my hair anymore.
    Do you have any ide to get rid of the difference between the upper wavy hair and the bottom straight hair? Beside cut it because i want to grow my hair.. maybe can i go to salon and make my straight hair to wavy ? Thanks naz 🙂

    • Hi Chiqarita, cutting is the only option I think. Don’t think they can permanently make straight hair to wavy. Even if they do, it just means your hair will have to undergo more treatments.. You can keep cutting them inch by inch, like I did, instead of one big cut.

  78. Hey..! Thanku for the post..! Btw, I had done smoothening treatment last Nov. End and, its just been 8 months, have got around 5-6 cm long natural growth..! It really sucks going with curly and straight hair , it looks so unmanaged and weird ..!
    Pls. suggest something..!

    • Hi Jhumi!.. No other option other than to either treat that natural growth so that it’s straight again or to cut the straight part and embrace the natural curls..

  79. A girl gets the look completely from hair…all my friends have dazzling hair…I have curly but unhealthy thin hair…actually I never treat it…some says they love my curls…but u knw I want to have it open when I go out…but I never can as its bushy nd frizzy…so I decided to rebond next month…but ur article shocked me…thank u so mch for sharing…but wt can I do nw? Im dissappointd…

  80. Hi Naz, know what, I’ve done it too but like what you said. My hair become more frizzy n wavy then my original hair. I’ve to trim it short n I also wanna advice others to dont get any hair treatment that using hot tools. Just the natural treatment n patience.

  81. Thanx a ton… U saved me from this rebonding part… I was thinking for rebounding.. But now I’m absolutely fine with my fizzy hair.. Instead of no hair I’d love to have my fizzy hair😃.. Lol.. Once again thanx..

  82. Thanks a lot for your post Naz
    I had straightened my hair 2 years ago now I hv long hair half wavy and half straight at bottom now I am confused whether to cut my hair or rebond my hair or smoothen my hair bcz I am facing hair fall too my hair is frizzy and non manegable I don’t want my curly hair again.
    Pls suggest me something I am worried

    • Hi Rishika, I haven’t got much idea about smoothening. Your options are to either cut it or treat the hair further. If you are choosing to treat, then discuss with the staff at the beauty parlour whether they suggest straightening or smoothening for you. Personally, I think it’s better to cut the hair (since you are already having hairfall) and embrace the natural look..

  83. I have got my hair straightened twice!! At first, i had some hair fall but then i went for hair spa treatment at home!! So when i went for rebonding again i had absolutely no hair fall problem… in fact i hv thicker hair may be because i take good care of my hair!!

    • Hi Meenal, that’s pretty interesting. What kind of hair spa treatments did you do at home?. I would love you to share your tips with me and my readers.,

  84. Thats cause you arent supposed to rebond ur hair twice after 2 years.. You can rebond it after 5 years like I did xD Nothing like that happened

  85. Hi!! I just had my hair rebonded 5 days ago. So far they look great but the process was very painful for me. When they started ironing my hair, it felt like the iron was literally burning my scalp. I told them many times but they just said it’s normal to feel some pain as they have to get close to the roots. I went to a highly reputable place and paid a lot more to have it done than I could have at smaller salons. Can someone please let me know if you experienced this during your rebonding and if it’s normal? I’m afraid to do it ever again. 🙁

    • I totally understand that. It happened exactly like that for me… It’s really bad for the hair but I still did it twice and I regret it now..

  86. Hey, I have a query! I have got done smoothening 5 days back and I don’t find my hairs perfectly straight they are somewhat like originals! but yeah there is no frizz as before ,so is there any reason behind “not perfectly straight” ?
    need I go back to the salon and ask them what is the matter?

    • Hi Prabhuna, when you do such treatments, the result is perfect looking hair. If it’s not-so-perfectly-straight, definitely go back to the salon and tell them about it.

  87. Hey…I have a friend who got her hair re-bonded recently. By looking at the beautiful result she got after the treatment made me want to re-bond mine too. But I have this habit of doing research (I am a research scientist) before doing anything in my life for good or for bad. I’m so glad that I found this article of yours. You really have a good talent in writing. And also you’re definitely a girl with good heart. Thank you for preventing other girls end up damaging their hairs. It’s true the effect of the treatment and damage depend on the type of hair. But I belong to the category of “not so lucky people” concerning type of my hair, its texture and volume. So, I have already gave up the idea of re-bonding. But going to do the regular oil treatments as you have advised for others. Thank you once again and I’m off to be content with what I have <3

  88. Hey so i read the comments and there both good and bad results in rebonding ur hair… I heard that rebonding is not recommended when ur hair is damage, which lead me to a question how wud u know if ur hair is damaged? I mean i dont have hairfall or split ends but i do have thick wavy and extreeeemely unruly hair which i Despise btw.. Are there any other factors to know if ur hair is severely damaged? Cause i am planning to rebond my hair but these comments and ur writing do scare me a bit ^^°

    • Hi Kiwi… From the description of your hair, it doesn’t sound damaged at all. It’s best not to rebond. You might start having hairfall and lose the thickness of your hair.

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  90. The same thing is happening with me also…..I have done rebonding 2 mnths back and got a severe hair fall but one thing I wanna ask Is there any solution for this? I m very much worried😩

    • Hi Nisha, it takes quite a while to gain back healthy hair. You can oil regularly. I suggest castor and avocado oils. Links of where to buy are in the post.

  91. Please give me solution ..I hv same hairs are falling bt nt from roots .m so worried about it ..after smoothing m suffering frm it

    • Breaking hair is the worst. It shows how much damaged your hair is. Apply mayonnaise in your hair for deep conditioning. Do that once in 2 weeks or so. Look for hair mask recipes on my blog..

  92. Wow!

    Reading so many horrendous experiences here I am wondering if I am the only exception.
    I have rebounded my hair 7 times. The 7th was just 2 days ago. My experience with rebounding has been excellent. I never suffered hair fall, in fact, the hair fall that used to happen because of dry frizzy hair stopped.
    I still have voluminous hair and can make two thick braids.

    I’d say the results totally depends on some factors:
    1. Your choice of place and products – I always go to the same place, I have never tried experimenting with different places for rebounding, since a lot depends on the knowledge of the person doing it. Like someone said in comments above – they were forced to do it on the total length for the second time also.
    The person who treats my hair says that if you apply the relaxer cream on straightened hair, it burns the hair to zero revival point. The touch is only done on the new growth. So choose your salon with open eyes and ears. If someone says they have to treat the entire length get up and walk out. Don’t fill their pockets with your hair.

    2. Product – Always research beforehand and then demand specific relaxer. I used Loreal’s top line products in India, and La Biosthetique products after shifting to Malaysia.

    3. The advice to use specific shampoo + conditioner + serum is not a sales gimmick. Commercial Shampoo is not for straightened hair so I really don’t understand people who choose to save money instead of hair by going for over the counter shampoo and then complain about damage. Always use a suitable professional shampoo.

    4. Lastly, yes, you need to treat your hair with some patience. Check the strength of your hair before going for rebounding, not everybody’s hair is strong enough to take it. So if your hair was already rough and damaged, blaming the rebounding for damage is nonsense.

    I have rebounded 7 times, I have rebounded my hair and then gone for permanent perming for the ends.. so my hair is now straight from the top with curly ends…like everybody’s dream hair. And I am happy! I don’t see damage. 🙂

    • Wow Shivani!. That definitely sounds like dream hair :). That’s lucky. Touchwood. Thank you for your detailed comment with tips. I highly appreciate it ♥

  93. Hi, I have rebonded my hair like 4 times, and it was a horrible experience for me. In the beginning it was so nice and straight then as months go by I got many hairfalls. Almost all of my hair have split ends too. Then last year,I got my hair permanentely curled and it was such an epic fail, since then I tried to search for products that may help me grow my hair back but nothing seems to work. Pleasd help me. I have been thinking of getting a brazilian blowout but I’m if it will damage my hair further. Or getting a haircut but I am getting these what ifs, what if my hair will go all over the place if I got it cut.

    • Hi Rechelle!. That’s horrible indeed. Wow, you have quite a lot on your hair. From what I heard about the Brazilian Blowout, it is not supposed to be damaging to the hair, even though am not sure about how that process goes about. Maybe you could try it.

  94. I wanna get rid of from my dry, rough n hard types of hair. Would u pls suggest me which shampoo n conditioner is better for my hair to have it manageable one??

  95. hi ladies..

    i have rebonded my hair a lot times before and it did get dried and have split ends. and then in switch to keratin treatment because its more mild than rebonding. after care is very..very.. very important ladies! i take it very seriously; every other day i wash my hair, along with that, i.use argan oil as my night overnight oi, taking special attention at the tips; and also our diet has a complete part in taking care of our hair;


    every other day washing..
    overnight oiling.. scalp. massage.. pure argan oil is the best. i use the one that you.can use in cooking or salad because its.has all the minerals the hair needs
    proper diet
    using keratin mask 30 minutes before washing your hair.
    and drink.lots of water

    hope this help.

  96. HI Naznine,
    I wish i have read your post a few days back. I just had my hair rebonding done 3 days back. I almost forced my husband to happily accept this process as he was concerned with the chemical damage. anyways.. i have already done it. now i have few questions:
    1) which shampoo/ conditioner would be best for hair ( I live in Bangladesh)
    2) does this really effect the hair not grown? if no then why wont i get the pre rebonding hair back?
    3) when people usually notice hairfall? i mean soon after the process or a few days later?
    I m scared.. please help me out… i want to grow my natural hair again.

  97. It’s been one year since i rebonded my hair. I’m still suffering from hairloss. My hair have become very weak. Lost half of my hair. I hv tried everything (oiling, egg, fenugreek powder) nothing is working:(.

    • Dear Diksha! Natural treatments are great. But they take time to show results. Have patience. It will work. Try castor oil.

  98. Is it really possible for damaged hair by rebonding to go back to its original hair? 🙁 Cus I had mine rebonded then it always get damaged so I thought I was just wasting money. Can you suggest what to do with damaged rebonded hair?

    • Hi Jijiyah.. It’s never ever possible for rebonded damaged hair to go back to original state. You can nourish it though with hot oiling, applying egg, mayo etc or oiling overnight.

  99. I had rebonded my hair 6 month back. i m using shampoo and mask from schwarzkopf but still facing lots of hair fall from root… plzz help me give any suggestions..

    • That’s a good brand. Wonder why it doesn’t condition your hair much. Try doing DIYS at home. Mayonnaise is great.

  100. Hi minacey. How are u? Any update with your hair now? I have the same problem and it is so awful. The wave of my hair before rebond went back after washing. The one who did my hair said thst it gonna be straight after putting “free” keratin unto my hair but its still the same. Then she said that it will be fine after doing some hair treatments with my hair. And im not stupid to believe her. It was so bad to think that i paid for that expensive service but nothing happen

  101. Mam i rebound hairs 5 days ago but my frond hairs do not look straight .can i do rebounding again?? Mam plz gave me a solution …..kya koi side effect to nhi hoga

  102. Hi to everyone Brazilian Blowout and Keratin treatment is much better than hair rebond. It makes hair healthier because it composed of nutrients. It does not damage hair since it is only a smootheening agent thus not breaking the natural bonds of the hair. I am doing this treatment and it makes my hair great, healthier and shiny.

  103. Hye di i have done rebonding 5 days ago and now i am thinking i should have not done it . I want to know will my natural hair will never come back. Plz rply if possible.

  104. Hi…pls reply…i got my hairs rebonded about a week ago…but now i can see few strands of my hairs specially at the back are wavy…y is this happening….though i took care of my hairs well but y r they becoming wavy…pls reply…what to do

  105. Hello
    I just wanted to ask. My hair was rebonded a week ago but it looks like it return to its original look now after a wash. What should i do? I followed all the steps to take care of rebonded hair and i don’t know why the ends of my hair looks like damaged…and if I go to the salon again, i feel, they will retouch my hairs with the whole process of rebonding again. And someone I know suggested me not to do it again so early, else it will burn the hairs. So please tell me, Is that true and what should I do now?

    • My friend had a similar problem and she went back after 3 days or so and got it done again. The sexond time it was done correctly.

  106. hi, i got my hair rebonded for the first time last dec.6 and then the nxt day it became wavey so i get back to the salon and ask why it became like that. And they told me to came back 3 days after washing my hair, so i did. When i came back i think they rebonded my hair again because they do the same procedures as before. So is it okay? im afraid it might damage my hair even more for rebonding it two times..plss i need ur advice plss take time to reply to me. Really appriciate it.x

    • Hi Hannah!. Well, yeah it is damaging for your hair. Some salons offer deep conditioning treatments (aftercare for hair rebonding). Try doing that to minimize damage.

    • Hi Krisy!. Am not too sure what you mean by milk rebond. But if your hair is still wavy after rebonding, please go back to the same salon.

  107. Hi! I just had my hair rebonded and colored (a promo, same date) last November 25, 2017. Now it’s been over 1 month and 8 days. The process was very painful and traumatic (vowed to never do it again) . And ever since that unfortunate day, my hair has been falling in strands daily. Scared and desperate for a remedy, I tried the oil massage technique (twice per week). I don’t use any chemical product, only cold water and I manage it by finger-combing.

    Succesfully, the result was relieving, my natural hair gradually grew , giving me volume. BUT strands still continue to fall EASILY,like droplets upto this day.

    I’m very alarmed. How can I ever stop it from falling. 🙁
    Please, spare me some advice. Thank you so much and I’m sorry for this lengthy comment. 🙂

    • Hi ScarletRose, well I think you are on the right path to grow hair and avoid damage. Continue oiling and finger detangling. Don’t worry about the hairfall right now. Your hair has gone through too much. These at home TLC that you do can really help in the long run..

  108. How will i get my natural hairs in natural shape as it was. I have rebonded my hairs 2 mnths before nd not getting that shape again…how long will it take to go back in that position after rebonding…

    • Only the new hair that grows will have that old look. You can keep cutting/trimming the rebonded hair and finally your old hair will be back.. but you need to care the newly growing hair..

  109. I have done rebonding once but I didn’t have any hairfall my natural hairs were also mostly straight. After rebonding it looks awesome. I’m lucky enough to not have any hairfall. Only take care of your hairs wash it at least twice a week and stay away from dirt and sunlight and don’t allow anyone to touch your hairs this is the only thing you have to do.

  110. Hey! Um.. First of all please excuse my English.. I want to ask you that i’m getting married within a month. My hair are so frizzy and rough. I’m suffering from hair fall already.. I’m treating my hair with coconut oil.. My aunt told me to do Xtenso treatment, because my hair are too frizzy and they will be a huge problem for me to settle them after marriage for parties n all stuff.. So please guide me what do i do? Should I go for Xtenso?

    • Hi Huma!. First of all, congratulations on getting married. I think using coconut oil is a great remedy for hairfall. I wish I could help you further however I don’t know about Xtenso treatment.

  111. I see it ‘ s an old thread. Well for starters I am a white girl currently living in the Philippines and this is the story of my hair and my inquiries.
    When I was little my hair was blonde and very thin. As I started to grow it gradually changed and became stronger and darker almost like Asian hair but not quite that dark. When I was little I was also keeping it relatively short and I noticed there is some frizz but not a lot. Still there were some days when a strand was just sticking out ” looking for a fight ” as my father used to joke. It was also relatively straight.
    As I grew up more it became a little stronger and in my late teens it also started getting wavy.
    Now while this wavy shape some people loved it really gave me an unkempt look if I didn ‘ t baby it every so often which I hated and it ‘ s why I usually kept it in a pony. Also because it was mostly in a pony and I would often brush the hell out of it to make it flater and tame it as I was desperate it became looking worn out although it was virgin and the fact that it was oily and the brushing would spread the oil even more didn ‘ t help. It actually accentuated it.
    A while after the oily part was fixed as my late puberty started to settle and I finally had a thick rich mane but still that wavy, rebel frizzy part that annoyed the shit out of me with how hard it was to manage didn ‘ t fix. Even my hair stylist said ” if it ‘ s wavy it will keep curling “.
    Now this is where it starts to get interesting. I had a hair styling course back then and I wanted blonde hair which I did myself. I did overdo it and instead of touching up only the roots I over lapped for a while and had pretty fried hair. But it was really interesting. The day I would wash it well that day it would be straight. Then the next days it would curl a bit until eventually it would look like curled yarn. Then after the fried bits started to go it returned to the same wavyness and frizziness even immediately after washing and drying.
    I could say I tried everything under sun from products bought in hair stores to diy masks and the most effective was jelly lamination ( you mix jelly with water and conditioner and heat it by placing the bowl in a pot of hot water, not directly on the flame until it ‘ s a thin liquid that is thin enough to put it evenly in your hair, put it in your hair, cover with a plastic bag and keep it for an hour then wash ). Now that also had variations, you could use milk instead of water, add an egg etc. Thing is even with that treatment it still was very short term, maybe three days at best, then it would curl back. And even for those days it wouldn ‘ t even be perfectly straight like my Filipina sisters that I envy but just less wavy.
    Now after all of this I thought rebonding is the only option.
    But the thing is, will it even take it if it ‘ s already bleached ( I eventually started to only keep it touched at the roots and then I left my natural color grow for a while so now it ‘ s a palm length my natural one and the rest up to my shoulders bleached but not too much fried )? Also after hearing your experience I am scared to try. But it ‘ s also so frustrating to be restricted to a pony or bun. I don ‘ t know what to do.

    • Hi Mihaela… Thanks for writing in. I wouldn’t suggest you do rebonding especially since you have treated your hair before. You might end up having really bad hairfall. Btw, they would ask your hair history at the salon before rebonding, you know. They asked me anyways.. Sorry I couldn’t suggest a solution for you..

  112. Thanks for the answer and yes, that ‘ s what my stylist said, that my hair wouldn ‘ t handle a rebonding but suggested a keratin treatment instead which while not giving perfectly straight hair did make it more manageable but it still curls a bit at the tips and there may be some slight flyaways but I guess for the moment I will have to be content with that.

  113. I am thinking of rebonding my hair but evryone is saying i should not go for this as it will damage my hair I am very confused what to do?

  114. Hi, I just rebonded my hair this May and I’m planning to rebond my hair again this December. Is it okay? ‘Coz it’s my first time my hair was rebonded and I’m loving the result. Any tips for taking care of rebonded hair? Anyways, my hair is curly… let me describe it: My hair at the back is wavy and straight and my hair at front is very curly (it looks slightly damaged tho, but my hair is very thick. Hope you reply! 💙

    • Hi Monica, personally speaking, I would say no to rebonding again. But since you haven’t suffered hair fall or any adverse effects from your first time maybe it’s ok to do it again. But then again, do it after a year at least. The professional at your salon could give you tips on maintaining rebonded hair..

  115. Hi,

    I had undergone 7-8 hair rebonding procedures since 2012. My hair is smooth and silky after each rebond. I loved it. My hairfall problem would also be gone after each rebonding process.

    But I am starting to worry now. I had my last rebond last October 2017 and after 7 months, my hairfall problem is coming back. I do not know if should I go back to the salon and rebond it again or should I just get rid of rebonding for good?

    I have drastic hairfall now and my hair is getting thinner. I am currently using Mane n’ Tale shampoo and conditioner everyday. I also use aloe vera oil. I put cold pressed coconut oil every week because I do not want to smell in the office if I put it everyday. I do these in the hope of fixing my hairfall problem. Do you think these help? Please let me know. I badly need help. All these hairfall in the bathroom, on my pillow and in the floor is making me crazy. Thanks for your response ahead.

    • First of all, I apologise for the late reply. Well, 7-8 times is way too much. It’s like abusing your hair. Don’t do it anymore. Whatever you are doing now to help your hair (oiling and such) will definitely help in the long run. Keep that up and you will see a difference.

  116. Hi,
    i wanted to ask if your hair (after 5 years of rebonding) back to normal voluminous again ??
    If yes, what did you do ??
    i am also a victim of 2 times rebonding

    • Hi Shilpa!. Unfortunately no. It’s still very much damaged especially since of late, I haven’t been looking after my hair much. It’s very time consuming. But am hoping to get back on a good simple haircare routine..

  117. After reading this i decide not to repeat rebonding my hair. I better follow ur advice. But Im a bit worried because my hair is really frizzy. What natural remedies would u suggest to tame my hair? Thanks a lot🙂

    • Hi Jen!. That’s great decision. Unfortunately I don’t know any natural remedy for taming frizzy hair. You can however try something I read somewhere : Take hairspray on a spare tooth brush and brush on the frizzy hair and it will stay. I personally don’t use hot tools or hair sprays but still telling you what I know would work. Sorry for delayed reply..

  118. I’m a 18 yo male and about 5 months ago I rebounded my hair, and my wavy hair started growing out beneath my rebounded hair. I decided not to rebound again and shave nearly all of hair off… Now I’m experiencing a hair loss I didn’t suffer as much as before; is this due to the chemicals from the rebound if so how can I fix my hair loss?

    Note: I’m not a big fan of putting oils in my hair, but I can do it if I have to force myself into…

    • Hi Karl!. Thanka for writing in. I believe oiling is the best way to bring back health to your hair aince it was mistreated with all the chemicals from the rebounding. Nothing major, coconut or olive oil maybe thrice a week for 1 hour. Then shampoo. Hope it helps.

  119. Hi,
    I just want to ask if its ok to go to travel using helmet and motorcycle while I was rebonded. Thank You I hope find an answer for this.😊

  120. HI Dear I recently rebonded my hair but was not the lady who did it for me wasn’t professional,she actually didn’t know how to do it and was removing faults on my hair (like I have alot of colour and my hair is too frizzy) I found it weird though.. As I take proper care of my hair I just wanted to know when can I do rebonding next.. Thanks

  121. hi .. i just saw your post and i have already rebonded my hair for 1week and after that curls are starting to form .. will the salon redo it for me ?

    • It’s done for an year. But by then new growth will definitely be there within a few months. That hair will have the original texture. For me it was a complete contrast to the straightened hair. So, I did it again. But it caused more hair fall.

  122. Hey! Thank u so much …u helped me ..
    u helped me to change my mind as I decided to go for rebonding bt now I won’t…..
    Thanks a lot dear….for sharing ur experience……….

  123. Hello ,
    First of all thankyou for sharing your experience.
    i Have had similar experience with rebonding – fall,dandruff, extremely dry and damaged hair ..even after one year …(((( sad
    my friend suggests to go for hair spa to cure all this but i am afraid to do anything with my hair now based on past traumatic experience thinking this all would happen again ….

    so did you go to hair spa to cure your symptoms ? Did it provide results?


  124. Hello , First of all thank you so so much for sharing your experience .

    Last year i had the same traumatic rebonding experience where i had to deal with extreme hairfall and my texture got weird ( frizzy dry oily scalp etc) earlier used to be good unfortunately even the new hair growth is just like damaged hair ( an year has passed still damaged)

    My friend suggested that i should go for Hair Spa and it will curb all these problems but i am to hesitant to go for it based on past depressing experience..

    so did you go for Hair Spa ? Were you able to see any Good results on gaining back your original texture ( i know virgin hair cant be get back now ) but still ?

    • Hi Ragini!. Thank you for your comment and also email. So sad you had to go thru that experience too.. My hair texture never got back to normal. It’s definitely still damaged. As for hair spa, I have gotten it done like 3 times. It’s effect is there for only couple of days. Like you feel your hair looks better and healthy but overall I felt it’s a waste of time and money. I wouldn’t recommend that.

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  126. 1st I have done my rebonding but after 3 days my hairs become wavy like firstly I have after three days I again done this process so now m worried what will do after washing my hairs if these hairs still in that condition so what I can do

    • Since you did it twice, I don’t think it will go back to how it was earlier. It should be fine. If you have issues again though, just go back to the salon where you got it done from and complain.

  127. I just got my hair rebonded today. My brother said it didn’t look nice of me because my waves and curls were nicer. But thinking about it, I feel he was right. Will I ever get my waves back 😭. My hair used to be so thick and now after the rebonding, it’s thin. Will there be massive damage after… Doing rebonding for once only?

    • Hi Sagun.. unfortunately that can be quite damaging. Considering the length of your hair, it will take some time for your hair to look like it’s old self (new growth from root)..

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