Book review : Like a Woman Scorned by Randi Hart

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Today I am reviewing a romance-suspense novella by Randi Hart. Let’s first get to know the author!. Here is an intro from the author herself..


Hi, I’m Randi. I hope you like my books. I live in Southern California with my wonderful husband. We are both retired and travel a lot, especially to the east coast. I like to write while sitting in my backyard and enjoying a glass of wine, or to kill the time when on a plane.

I am a bit of a health nut and go running, paddling, or hit the gym almost every day. I try to eat mostly healthy, and buy a lot of organic groceries. Of course, being healthy doesn’t help much when somebody who is texting on a smart phone while driving runs over you. Lots of people have those touch-screen smart phones these days, don’t they? Come to think of it, maybe I will go out for a burger!

Book Summary


Girl meets boy – specifically, knockout senior-paralegal girl Alison Carson meets hotshot Boston lawyer boy Rick Waterman while he is visiting Alison’s beloved hometown of San Francisco on a month-long trial. Girl and boy fall in love. Boy eventually goes back home and promises to call. Boy doesn’t call. Girl experiences heartbreak, plus an actual physical malady as a result of the affair.

Girl then finds out about boy’s other girl back home. Girl wants revenge. Girl secretly gets revenge, but goes too far with it. Boy’s life is wrecked. Girl then feels guilty. Boy finally calls girl and apologizes. Boy and girl fall back in love. That is, until boy starts getting suspicious…

My review

I absolutely love how the author has carefully thought of every little detail, while creating this story. This is a very fresh plotline. Woman scorned by a cheating guy is not new but this storyline has so many unexpected twists and turns, you simply wouldn’t be able to put it down once you start!.

The book cover is nice and dark with a splash of red across it. Mmm. Smells of revenge. Wilted roses do speak volumes. Allison, the star of this story reminds me a lot of myself. I mean the initial introduction of her, made me instantly like her so much. She hates smokers, wears almost nil makeup most of the time, loves reading, her favorite genre is crime/mystery and has a skincare routine that she has stuck to for years. Whoa!. That’s a lot of similarities right?. Anyways, moving on, she is a senior paralegal and is very much in control of her life. She meets a really handsome guy, Rick and for a while has a fantastic, romantic time. Then she gets to know that he actually was engaged to a nurse back home, the whole time that he was with her. Even though I read this in the book summary, once I got immersed in the book, I forgot about it and then when I actually came to know of his cheating ways, I was totally in disbelief. Their chemistry was amazing. How could he cheat her??

Then Allison decides it’s time for revenge and then the plot is full of twists and surprises all the way till the end. The author’s way of writing is smooth and keeps you glued to those pages. I also got a sneak peek into the life of a person who has a lot of disposable money with them. She was literally spending millions as if they were nothing!. That kind of life is pretty intriguing. Also, through the words of the author, I was able to see the beauty of San Franciso. It’s beautifully and elaborately painted for you to enjoy. Allison’s friend, Brenda is also described well. There is not one scene or character in here which is superfluous. Though Allison is a paralegal and Rick is a lawyer, the story doesn’t use law related jargon much. I wouldn’t have enjoyed that that much and so am grateful to the author for that!. I finished this in a day because I simply couldn’t put it down.  It’s a 44,000 words story which is 154 pages on a pdf file.

In the end, there is a short scene on how she communicates with God and I felt it to be beautiful. Also, I kept thinking that this story could have only one particular way to end. But the author surprised me again with an excellent ending. If you love a bit of romanticism mixed in with suspense, you will love this book. I give this book 5/5 which by Goodreads standards mean ‘it’s amazing’!.

Links to the book

Goodreads ~ Amazon

How I received a copy

A complimentary ebook copy was sent to me by the author in exchange of an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. Dear Naz, hope you are doing great. lovely book review. I barely get time to read now a days. Must reading is a privilege. Must get started soon. Liked the little bit about the author, so she’s a health nut, boy I wish I could be one too. Maybe in the coming year.
    I’ve been a bit lazy with doing posts and stuff, may try to blog more regularly in jan and will dry to sporadically put up more posts in December. Hope the weather is great out there. take care and have loads and loads of fun. lots of love!:)

    • Thank you for your feedback, Praseena!. This book is a great read. You should read it too <3.. Yeah I wish I could be health conscious too :). I will look forward to your posts. I miss them!. Yeah, the weather is the best right now. Cold. I love winter in UAE.

      • I am still writing a few more exams till March-April so the posting is very very slow and not able to give enough attention to my writing, I write very hap-hazardly and quickly to just finish it off. lol not the way to run a blog but what to doo….time is ticking 🙂 I know, I miss the winter there and the lovely sales.

        • I see, goodluck with those exams!. I know, you can’t just write a post unless your heart is fully invested in it and have a lot of time at hand. I know that so well. Hehe..

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