Ten At-Home Remedies Using Vaseline!

Hello beauties!

Please read on to find out some at-home remedies using Vaseline as recommended by Huda Kattan, Makeup Artist & Brand Ambassador for Vaseline Arabia.


1. When needing some extra volume to your lips, simply add a few drops of peppermint extract to a drop of Vaseline. Mix together with fingers and apply to your lips before getting ready. The peppermint extract will help plump your lips, while the Vaseline will add extra hydration! This is the perfect recipe for gorgeously voluptuous lips!

2. One of the most delicious scents is without doubt the Vaseline Cocoa Glow Total Moisture! For summer, create your own beautiful scent by adding a drop of your favourite essential oil like vanilla to a handful of Cocoa Glow, then spread all over skin. When you perspire, your own natural scent will be so delicious everyone will want to know what you are wearing!


3. Want super soft hands or feet? Grab some old socks and cut off the toes and some old gloves and cut off the finger tips. Then, mix together 1 part almond oil and 3 parts Vaseline, then apply on your hands and feet. Apply socks and gloves and go the bed. When you wake up, simply rinse your feet and hands! Voila, extra soft skin you can feel proud of!

4. Summer time is intense and one of the best ways to deal with any sun damage is to use Aloe. Try using Aloe Fresh Total Moisture every time after you leave the sun. The Aloe Vera inside the mixture will help soothe and heal skin, while the amazing Total Moisture formula will keep skin hydrated and cool!

5. Break a blush or bright pink eye shadow? Simply crush the mixture and mix with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. Place mixture into a re-sealable container and use as an extremely hydrating lip balm. Not only will you create a gorgeous flush to your lips, but your lips will so soft!

6. Wrinkles got you worried? Take it from the pros in Hollywood! After applying moisturizer on face, try applying a small amount of Vaseline in areas like around the eyes or neck. Using this over time can help improve skin elasticity and fight against wrinkles! This is one of Jennifer Aniston’s favourite tips!

7. In need of longer lashes? Clean off an old mascara wand and create your own lash enhancer! Simply squeeze one vitamin E capsule and mix with a spoonful of Vaseline. Then place mixture in a container and brush on lashes before bed time. The Vaseline will provide hydration, to help your lashes grow long and keep them from breaking!

8. If you know you will be hitting the beach, make sure to prep your skin ahead of time! To get the best even tan, skin needs serious hydration beforehand! Try using the Cocoa Glow Total Moisture twice a day two weeks before heading to the beach! Not only will your skin look and feel great, but you will tan faster and more beautifully, meaning less time needed in the sun!

9. Create your own lip stain easily! Mash together some blackberries, and pomegranate seeds. Then drain the juice and mix with some Vaseline. Mix slowly so the mixture is even. Then apply on lips in the morning and as needed. The berries bring out a gorgeous redness to the lips that is very alluring and flattering! Lips will be hydrated and extremely beautiful in tone! Refrigerate after use, discard after 3 days.

10. Summer time can get the best of you, and it’s a great time to switch to lighter moisturizers! Lotions like Vaseline Total Moisture in Aloe Fresh is a great alternative for ultra skin softening without being too heavy! For areas that need extra hydration, try adding a dab of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly with your lotion and blend well! The lotion will help keep the Vaseline light and also add the right amount of hydration!

I thank Huda Kattan for sharing these wonderful at-home remedies, with all my readers. I am sure that you can put at least some of these tips to good use!

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10 thoughts on “Ten At-Home Remedies Using Vaseline!

  1. oh yes, Jennifer Aniston’s secret is awesome!!! i mean it works for eye wrinkles!!? I want to try it for sure. I loved this post and how it’s such a great item that we all have lying around the house but are sometimes lazy to use. Great post, Naz. hope you are doing great 🙂

    • I know right!.. It’s so cool. I think it works for wrinkles around eyes too. I am doing great and I hope you are too. Thank you for your lovely comment, Praseena!

  2. I’m definitely trying the eyelash home remedy! Although I changed the recipe a little bit since the vitamin E capsules that I got were teeny tiny I used two instead of one. (recipe: Two heaping spoonfuls of Vaseline and four small Vitamin E capsules)
    Also! I decided that since it’s winter time and that it’s particularly harsh on my lips that I would use the same recipe on my lips and in less than a day my lips are more hydrated and full than with the most expensive chap sticks/lip balms I’ve used before.

    • Hey Becky.. so glad you found this post helpful!. Thank you for sharing your modified recipe and your experience with my readers. I really appreciate that ♡

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