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Hey guys!

First let me introduce the site ‘iHerb‘ to you. Its a site which sells skincare/cosmetic/vitamin supplements/natural health products/grocery items and more. They ship internationally, which is a huge plus. This site is basically a treasure trove for me simply because I am near crazed about skincare products. I can spend hours going through all the products listed there. It’s like heaven!

Enough with the rambling, now I got to thank Irene of Drab to Fab for introducing this site to me. The moment I heard about it, I knew that was one site I should visit. The very next month (December), I bought some products from there. I didn’t show it along with my November/December haul, simply because I wanted to put the products to test and review it at the same time. Read on to see how to shop from this site.

Step by step process of shopping at iHerb

1) Click here to go to iHerb’s site. Shown below is the page that you will see. Nearly every day, a new killer deal is shown on the page. In this pic, it’s the Sweet $1 deal.


2) Click on My Account on the top right of the screen and set up an account with them. It’s good to get it done first before going ahead with the purchase.


3) All you need to fill in is your email address and a password. Once that’s done, you will be taken to this screen. On the left, your account details are there. Click on the address book and save your shipping address.


4) Now the fun part. Shopping!. Click on the alphabets to see the products starting with that letter. If you are specifically looking for a product, type the name in the search bar. Or if you want to see what they offer in say the “Bath & Beauty” section, simply place your mouse cursor on it (don’t click) and you will see a WHOLE LOT of categories and brands that they offer.


5) Once you find the products you want, click on the Add to Cart button. For example, I have added 5 (random) items in my cart here. There are three screenshots. Cant show all in one shot.

  • In screenshot 1, you can see the first three items. You can simply click ‘Remove item’ if you think you don’t want the product anymore. If you wish to shop more at this time, you can simply search again and do more shopping. Then you can click the “View Cart & Check out” link on the top right of the page to return to the cart.


  • In screenshot 2, you can see the rest of the products in my cart. If you have clicked the link I gave for the iHerb site, all along in this post, a discount code will be automatically applied to your cart. My referral code is SCZ695. In case you randomly went to the site simply by typing, then you will see a box which prompts you for a discount code and you can simply type out SCZ695 and get $5 off your bill, if your total (excluding the shipping fee) is $39 or below or get $10 off your bill if your total (excluding the shipping fee) is $40 or above. The total here in my example is $52. The shipping fee is $13.78 as you can see. Because the total is above $40, a discount of $10 was given and thus the grand total is $42 + $13.78 = $55.78!. You can view your balance in any currency you want. Just click the drop down menu which shows the currency. Important note: The discount code is valid only on your very first order.


  • In screenshot 3, the country to which it’s shipped can be selected from the drop down menu. If you have already set up an account, the country that you provided at that time, will be automatically shown there. Here in the example it shows “United Arab Emirates”. For shipping methods, you can choose either DHL or UPS. I selected DHL because it’s cheaper and you get a tracking number with it. Also, both take equal number of days to deliver!. It clearly says here that the shipment will be delivered to your physical address (right to your doorstep). So make sure you don’t provide your postal address. DHL or UPS does not ship to the post box.


[UPDATE] If your order is $80.00 or below and weighing 4 pounds (1814 grams) or below, you may now opt for a new shipping option – International Airmail. It offers a flat shipping rate of $6, which is a great deal indeed. However, I personally suggest you opt for DHL and not this option because of three reasons:

  • DHL offers tracking, International Airmail doesn’t.
  • DHL brings your package right to your door, International mail goes to your post box.
  • DHL ships from US to UAE is less than 2 days, International mail can take upto 4 weeks.

6) Before you click on the Proceed to checkout button, check the Specials section!. Every Wednesday, this section is updated with new deals. In addition to some really special offers named as Super Special deals, between three to six brands will be featured in this section as ‘Brands of the Week’. Every product belonging to those brands will have a 20% discount!.


Before you head to the next step, look out for this section since there might be a brand featured there that you simply love.

7) Get back to your cart and click on Proceed to check out. You can select your shipment address in the next page (automatically updated if you have completed it in step 3). Then simply pay by a card of your choice and you are done!

8) A bill will be shown to you and you have the option to print it. An email will be sent to your email id too regarding your order.

9) Once you complete the transaction and thus officially become iHerb’s customer, you will be provided with a discount code that you can promote to others. That’s how I got the code SCZ695. When ordering, I used Irene’s code and got $5 off my purchase (My total was below $40)

So that’s it. That’s how simple it is. One main difference between Amazon and iHerb is that whatever it is that’s listed on iHerb, it can be shipped to UAE. But on Amazon, you have to go through a lot of steps to determine whether it can be shipped to UAE or not. Click here if you wish to read the post I did, regarding tips to shop on Amazon.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what is your favorite item that you bought from iHerb!

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Naz 🙂

15 thoughts on “How to: Purchase from iHerb!

  1. Dearest Naznin,
    You are an angel for sharing about iHerb. I have never been so happier about online shopping. The way you described the whole process was so simple and informative. (Thank you for the code!) I ordered mine on 6th Feb and received them on 10th Feb. Super quick!!
    I bought organic Argan oil and Avocado oil from Now foods, then The Original Mint Julep Masque by Queen Helene, All Over Color Stick, Pink Lemonade by E.L.F Cosmetics (Awesome!!!) and the freebie was a Sierra Bees Organic Pomegranate Beeswax Lip Balm with Vitamin E which I am loving it is super moisturising. I am currently eyeing the E.L.F section and the African Black soap by Nubian Heritage on iherb…Excited!!

    • Hey Preeti!. Thank you so much for your feedback and for sharing your purchase details with me and other readers. I went so much into detail so that it will help atleast someone out there and hey, I feel good now :).. You know am eyeing the African black soap too. Maybe for my next purchase. I bought couple of the products you did btw!. Stay tuned, will do a review/haul post soon. I appreciate your comment ♡

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  4. Hi Naznin,

    Loved this, i was looking for some multivitamin in Dubai for ages and coudnot find them and i found them online on iherb but was hesitant to order. loved your detailed post
    Thank you it is helping me thru the shopping process,

    i have a question, there is a new shipping method “International Airmail” on the website it says “Reliable, But No Tracking & Non-refundable”

    since this is 4$ only the cheapest of all the services they have listed. have you tried them? i would like to know your thoughts on this

    I m hooked to you blog

    • Hiya!.. I am so glad you found my post helpful!. I have never tried the International airmail option. Even though it’s more expensive, I highly suggest the DHL option since it’s tracked, comes right to your doorstep and lastly, it takes only 2 – 3 days!. Thanks so much for checking out my blog. I appreciate your kind words ♡

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