Second Blog Anniversary plus giveaway!!

Hello all!

I am so excited today!. I have just completed two years of blogging :).. Oh my!. That’s huge. Thank you to all who stayed by me through these years, mainly to those who actively comment on my posts and let me know their feedback!. I appreciate you so much and welcome to new followers ♡.


I have reached over 200 email followers and garnered 105000+ views till now. It’s so awesome!. This is definitely celebration time :). There are two UAE-only giveaways (one here and one on my Facebook page) and one international giveaway this time, with the total number of winners being not one.. not two.. but six!!

For the UAE-only giveaways, I am collaborating with Ponds Arabia and they have kindly offered five sets of their skin care range called Ponds Clear Balance!. Each set contains four facial cleansing solutions namely : Pond’s Clear Balance Oil Control, Pond’s Clear Balance Clear Solutions, Pond’s Clear Balance No Blackheads and Pond’s Clear Balance Smooth Pores.  Lucky you guys!. Please noteFour sets are being given away here and one set is being given away exclusively on my Facebook page.

246514 Ponds Range Shot Glass & Water

Conditions to take part in this giveaway

1) Must be a follower of my blog

2) Must be a resident of UAE. If you are staying abroad but you have family living in UAE, you can enter this giveaway!

3) Once the winners are announced (in a separate post and on my Facebook page on April 14th), contact me by email and we will take it further from there. Your physical address and mobile number will be passed on to the Ponds team, so they can courier you the prize via DHL. Do stay tuned for the winners announcement post on April 14th, because if you fail to contact me within a given number of days, another winner will be chosen (and I hate doing that)..

4) Must have parents permission if below 17 yrs of age.

5) I would appreciate if the winner sends me a photo of themselves with the prize, once they receive it,  so that I can share it here, on my blog.

Enter this giveaway by clicking on the Rafflecopter link below. Some of the options can be repeated daily. This gives you more chances to win!. Once you enter, head over to my Facebook page to get one more chance to win this amazing set!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now, onto the international giveaway. Click here to see what one winner can get their hands on :). Even if you are in UAE, you can enter it.

Thanks a lot to Ponds Arabia team for collaborating with me for this giveaway and to my lovely followers who encourage me to keep blogging. You all are awesome ♥


Naz 🙂

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  3. Ponds was one of the few brands which I know as a small kid! I remember my mom applying for me and for herself when I was just 3 or 4. Lately I have started using ponds white beauty facewash & ponds bb cream. I still always associate it with timeless beauty. Would love to try this Ponds Clear Balance range as well

  4. Congratulations, Naz!!! Time for party and success of your blog! Hope you have a very awesome blogging year ahead and lots of love to you. Keep writing <3 <3

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  10. Congrags on completing 2 years of blogging Naz!! I wish I’d be a winner here :)) Love Ponds because they have always bought out wonderful products that are gentle and safe on skin <3

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  12. Happy Second Anniversary ! 🙂 Winning these great products by Ponds Arabia would be absolutely fab! I would consider them timely intervention for my tired complexion after pregnancy has wreaked havoc on it! The range tackles the most common skin problems such as blackheads, wide and dirt clogged pores and oily looking skin and is therefore a valuable addition to any lady’s skincare routine. Coming from a big brand such as Pond’s, I can’t wait to try it out and I’m sure it will help my complexion regain its healthy glow in no time ! 🙂

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  14. Here is your new and a loyal follower 🙂 following you on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well. Hope and wish to win with you dear. Winning with you will be my pleasure and my dream come true 🙂 lots of love ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ and hearty Congratulations on your 2nd year anniversary of your blog 🙂

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  16. i need to try it out…i am on the quest of finding the right product for my skin………#new years resolution to take care of the skin

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  18. Hey Naz, Hearty congratulations for your Second Blog Anniversary ♥ ♥ May you receive a huge fan following and lots of love and happiness 🙂 Entered the give away fsr back now just hope and wish to win with you dear. Winning with you will be my pleasure 🙂 lots of love ♥ ♥ ♥ following you on Facebook too 🙂

  19. Entered once again. Sharing a lots on Facebook too. Hope and wish from heart to win with you dear. Winning with you will be my pleasure 🙂 lots of love ♥ ♥ ♥

  20. I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog Award! All the details about the award can be found on my blog, congratulations!

    • Aww thanks Sarah!. I will mention this in my monthly favorites. I have been nominated before and I have done a post on it earlier. But thank you really!. You are so sweet..

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