Do You Know Your Skin Type?

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Do you know your skin type?. How do you identify it?. Please read on to find out more about various skin types, according to Dr. Lillian Khan, Dermatologist & Brand Expert for Pond’s Arabia.


Skin can be divided into five main types which are oily, dry, normal, combination skin and sensitive skin – I also like to include a sixth type called problematic.

Determining your skin type

The best time to examine your skin to determine your skin type is before washing your face in the morning. Place a tissue paper on top of your face, pat it on and then slowly remove. You can identify your skin type depending on what is left on the tissue.

Different skin types

Oily Skin: Oily skin is prone to acne, blackheads and whiteheads and people with this type of skin usually complain of shiny and greasy skin, especially in hot and humid weather. If you see big oil spots on the tissue paper across your face (such as forehead, cheeks and nose), this is an indication of oily skin. You may use the Pond’s Clear Balance Oil Control because it effectively absorbs excess oil, dirt and make-up without over drying the skin. The other way to know if you have oily skin is to look your T-zone area: if you have wide pores then you most likely have oily skin. For this area, you should use Pond’s Clear Balance No Blackheads as the scrub helps remove stubborn dirt from deep within the skin.

Ponds_Clear Balance_Oil Control_Facial Foam

Ponds_Clear Balance_No Blackheads_Facial Foam

Dry Skin: This skin type is prone to eczema and becoming sensitive skin. It is always flaky and has a rough feeling to it when you touch it or when it’s not moisturized. Completely opposite of oily skin, the tissue paper test for this skin type hardly leaves any oil spots and the T-zone area barely has any pores.

Normal skin:  If you have normal skin, then you’re lucky! Normal skin has the right amount of oily and dry skin. The tissue test leaves small dots of oil scattered around the faces and the pores are small. This skin type can be tipped over either to oily skin if too much moisturizing is done, or to dry skin if there is an overuse of harsh drying skin care products.  I suggest using Pond’s Clear Balance Smooth Pores if you have this skin type.

Ponds_Clear Balance_Smooth Pore_Facial Foam

Combination skin: If you have combination skin, the T-zone area is usually oily while dry flaky skin is seen on other areas of the face. The morning paper tissue test for this skin type leaves traces of larger oil spots from the T-zone area and few, small oil spots from other areas of the face. You might also notice wider pores in the T-zone area and smaller pores elsewhere on the face. The Pond’s Clear Balance Clear Solutions contains neem plant extract which you should use to clear up your complexion as it helps remove dirt, oil and make-up.

Ponds_Clear Balance_Clear Solution_Facial Foam

Sensitive skin: This skin type gets irritated easily when exposed to any harsh chemicals, skin care products with any preservatives, acids, perfumes, or coloring. It usually has slight redness on the cheeks which may increase when applying any non-hypo allergic products.  

Problematic skin:  People with acne, rosacea and other dermatological issues fall under this category. These people need to be evaluated by a skin care specialist and a dermatologist to advise on proper skin care products.

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  1. Hello Friend.
    I enjoyed your blog. Kindly help me with some beauty tips.
    1 Hair regrowth good mask.  2. Best hair color for grey hair ( Now i am using Nupur i dont want red color) 3. Antiageing face mask. 4. Good sunscreen in Dubai
    I have 13 year old daughter. 1 Good shampoo 2. Face soap (for acne little) 3. Should she use sunscreen at this age for school
    Kindly reply.
    Thank you for your time.
    Regards Maria

    • Hello Maria!. Thanks for your questions. Answers as follows:

      1) I have done some hair masks on this blog. Check that out please. Try the 2 eggs = 1 hair mask + face mask post.

      2) I don’t have experience with hair coloring but Godrej is a nice hair coloring brand. That I know.

      3) Check my post titled Daily antioxidant facial. It’s really good with the goodness of pomegranates.

      4) Try sunscreens from Aveeno, Bioderma or VLCC. The former two are available in pharmacies and the last is available in supermarkets.

      5) I suggest Tresemme shampoo. It’s low in sulfates and really feels good and kind on the hair.

      6) I would never suggest using soaps on the face. I always prefer face washes. However, if she really wants to use a soap, then only Dove will do. It’s really moisturizing. For acne, use a face wash with tea tree oil. There is this face wash from the brand VLCC. It has Alpine mint and tea tree oil in it and it’s green colored. If she has little acne and oily skin, I believe this would be perfect for her.

      7) Sunscreens can be used at any age. Start with mild sunscreen with SPF 15 if she is dark or SPF 30 if she is fair. Then build up to more SPF, if required.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Informative post again, Naz. Wow, I am on a roll today, am I not? Anyway, I then diagnose myself with a normal to combination skin. I tend to have oily skin in my T-zone, though I think it would be corrected when I move to Korea where the temperature there won’t be as infernally hot as here in my tropical country. Haha!

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