Prize received!

Hey friends!

Recently, for my second blog anniversary, I hosted a sponsored giveaway. The prize was a Ponds skincare set and there were 5 winners. Ponds shipped the prize to the winners within hours of me letting them know the addresses of all winners. A BIG thank you to the Ponds team for collaborating with me. I requested all 5 of them to send me their pix with the prize just so that I can see their happiness :). All 5 obliged and here are the pix in no particular order:

Sally, from Sharjah (Check out her blog by clicking here)

SallySally, what a stunning picture โ™ฅ. She is so beautiful and I love how she did this collage so creatively. Her fun loving nature is evident in the pix. Enjoy your prize!

Abidha, from Abudhabi (Check out her blog by clicking here)

AbiAbidha couldn’t pose for a pic. However, to make it up, she created this gorgeous Thank You card with the help of her sister. I am a lover of anything handwritten. I wish I had that card with me, so that I could keep it away in my Keepsakes drawer :). But, for now, the pic will do!. Thanks Abi and I am so glad you won. Enjoy your prize!

Renu, from Dubai

RenuRenu looks so pretty in this pic. She said she just loved the prize :). So nice to know.. Enjoy your prize ๐Ÿ™‚

Shilpa, from Sharjah

ShilpaShilpa, thank you for sharing your pic!. Love your colorful dress โ™ฅ. Thank you for the constant support you gave for this competition. Enjoy your prize!

Manica, from Dubai

ManicaManica, thank you for the pic. She was so supportive and positive throughtout the competition. I am so glad she was one of the random winners. She is a lover of Ponds and was so delighted when she got to know she won. Yay!. Enjoy your prize!

Here is to more giveaways in future!. Stay tuned.. Follow on Bloglovin


Naz ๐Ÿ™‚

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