Review: 6 hour Protection Lip balm by Neutrogena!


Every girl I know, is on a constant hunt to find a perfect lip balm for herself. With this product that I tried out, I might as well say my hunt is over!. I am talking about the Norwegian Formula 6 hour protection lip balm by Neutrogena!

I generally love the brand Neutrogena and I was pretty excited to try this lip balm because of what it promised : “hydrates and protects dry, chapped lips”. My lips tend to be dry at times, though it’s not in a chapped state. But still, it sounded so great and let me say, the result was exactly what they had promised.

20140414_153021Here is what it says on the package : “It intensely moisturises and protects lips for 6 hours from external aggressions even in extreme climate conditions. With the moisturizing power of Norwegian Formula, it immediately and intensely hydrates even chapped lips, leaving them soft and smooth. The nourishing formula also forms an invisible film to protect lips for 6 hours. Leaves no white or sticky residue. Can be used under makeup.”

It’s perfect for this hot weather in UAE. It’s a white colored balm which goes on the lips without being glossy. It gives your lips a flawless, matte look. It’s totally non sticky. Your lips would really feel instantly protected by an invisible film. When you apply it just before your lipstick, the result is gorgeous, smooth and supple lips!

It comes with a rounded tip which makes application easy. You need, say two tiny dots to spread onto your lips. This will definitely last a long time. As for the 6 hour protection, well, I got it to stay for about 4 hours but if you eat and all that it goes away and you need to reapply.

imageI HIGHLY recommend you try this lip balm. It’s like no other, feels luxurious but at the same time is budget friendly. A 15 ml tube costs AED 14.50. It takes hydration to a new level. You gotta buy this!. Available at all local super markets. I told my mom and sister in law to pick up one each and they did so from Carrefour, Dalma Mall.

If you have tried this out, particularly after reading this post, kindly comment and let me know what your experience was like ♡

Naz 🙂

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Note: I was provided this product for review purpose and all opinions are 100% my own.

0 thoughts on “Review: 6 hour Protection Lip balm by Neutrogena!

  1. OMG I got the same lip balm…. And yes i too loved it.. particularly the way you can massage your lips with the roller ball like tip…But one thing I noticed is when I put it my lips sort of sucked the entire thing and my lips got all wrinkly and prune like… hehe.. don’t know why…

    • Oh really??. That’s really surprising. For me, it hid any natural lines I have on my lips and gave a flawless look. You had an opposing effect. That’s weird..

  2. OMG Naz… Here’s what I discovered… if you use this lip balm underneath a lipstick/gloss or in combination with other lipbalms it stings… I just did by accident…

    • Are you serious??.. I can’t believe that :(.. Of late I am always wearing it underneath lipsticks to get a fab finish!.. Works great for me..

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