Lip Product Addict Tag!

Hey y’all!

I love lip products so much that when I saw the YouTube tag titled Lip Product Addict tag, I thought it would be fun to do it! l thought adding lip swatches would be a good idea since this is not a video and you will get to understand how these colors look IRL.

Before we start, here is how my lips look naturally, without lipstick :


Alright, let’s get this started :

Q1 : Fave balm/treatment?

My favorite balm at the moment is the 6 Hour Protection lip balm by Neutrogena!. It is amazingly nourishing and non sticky. I haven’t so far found a better balm than this. So it will be my favorite for a long time!. Read my full review by clicking here!


Q2 : Best eye catching red?

I had always stayed clear of red color, thinking it’s not a color that I can pull off. However, a friend from US said it would look good on me and to give it a try. In addition she also gifted me a red lipstick from the brand Debbilia. Yep!. That’s so sweet of her!. It’s color 05. I am so in love with it. It’s creamy, extremely pigmented and matte. It is long lasting, contains collagen and Vitamin E too. I always love matte lips. Here are the swatches :




Q3 : Best luxury and best drugstore?

Best luxury would be M.A.C lipstick. More on that in the answer to Q4.

Best drugstore would be the lipbutter from Revlon. I have found the loveliest nude/everyday look for me!. It’s in the color Sugar Plum. It’s a pinkish brown. Personally, I think this color will suit any skin tone. It’s AED 48. To read an in detail review of this lipbutter and two other shades, click here.




Q4 : Best MAC lipstick?

I own only one MAC lipstick. I swatched a whole lot before deciding on this color. It’s my favorite and it’s called Craving. It’s a beautiful plum color which is perfect for people with a dark skin tone. It’s an amplified creme finish. It’s price is AED100 currently but at the time I bought it it was AED81.




Q5 : The most disappointing?

This would definitely be the Joli Rouge lipstick from Clarins. It’s in the color Pink Coral (16). I thought this coral would be a nice color. However, it’s too sheer and has slight shimmer in it. It’s price is AED115.


13This one is about 10 layers of it, so as to build a color for the sake of this pic!

14I feel like this does nothing for me!

I know the shimmer doesn’t really show in these pix, so here is the cotton pad with which I removed the lipstick. It shows well there :


Q6 : Liner – yes or no?

A HUGE YES!. I absolutely love liners. I believe it will make any lip color more intense. My favorite lip liner is Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Contouring liner in the color Black Tulip. It is a very pigmented plum/maroon color. It’s price is AED22.

16I have used this so much that the writing on the pencil has faded off!!



With constant lipstick trials (for the purpose of this post) and removing with a cotton pad really irritated my lips and it really shows in this pic :(.

I would like to show you how I do one of my favorite lips looks. After lining like above, I color in almost all of my lips except the center.


Next, I fill in Mac’s Craving over the liner and the center part too.


Compare this pic with the pic from Q4 in which I used only MAC lipstick without the liner. You see the difference?

Q7 : Best gloss?

I am not into gloss much since I love matte looks more. However, very occasionally I do use gloss. My favorite for that purpose is Stila Lip Glaze in Majesty. It’s a plum color and very intense. The tube is very unique. You twist one side and the gloss comes into the brush at the other end and you can apply to your lips with that brush. This is also a gift from a friend in US (Yay!. Love thoughtful gifts ♥).



This is how the glaze looks when applied on top of the look I created in Q6. It’s over the top crazy looking glossy look right?.  I tone it down by simply folding a tissue, placing it in between my lips and giving a light kiss on it. Here is the resulting look :

23This is also one of my usual lip looks

Q8 : Something extra!

I would like to discuss about my favorite lip scrub here. I scrub my lips about twice a month. My favorite scrub is Creme Brulee lip scrub by Sara Happ. I am half way through the tub now. It contains Grapeseed oil and Jojoba seed oil too. It’s price is AED110.

I have discussed this scrub before in another post. Click here to learn about more ways to take care of your lips with at home DIYs plus I discussed a home made scrub there!

24I tag the following people to do this tag:

1) Abidha of Abidha Ayyoob’s Blog

2) Daania of Serendipity Happens (Click here to check out the post she did in response to this tag :))

3) Irene of Drab to Fab

4) Priyanka of The Makeup Saga

5) Sally of Canadian Sassy Sally

6) Sara of Blend N Smack (Click here to check out the post she did in response to this tag :))

7) Anyone else reading this post and has a blog :). Do leave a link in the comments below if you do it, so that I can see what your favs are!

Hope you guys do this fun tag 😀

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Naz ♥

16 thoughts on “Lip Product Addict Tag!

  1. Hey Naz… Awesome post/tag… So excited to do this tag… But it will take time for me to choose the products since I’m a lip junkie… I love the stila best on you…

  2. Okay, so this might sound strange but… You have really pretty lips. The shape of them is so perfect and they are just the kind of lips that are perfect for applying with the many lipsticks, balms, and glosses. Aaannnddd, my weird moment is over! Yay~

    I don’t make myself up too much. I love feeling pretty and doing girly things BUT THE WORK! I really admire people like you that are able to actually write entire posts about their use of beauty products. If I made a post, it would be something like “I grab some powder, pat a few particles on, and done!” >_< Anyways. I really like all the lipsticks that you featured, though the one that looks best on you, in my opinion, is your usual lipstick. It compliments your skin tone really nicely and is just a real pretty color 🙂

    Admittedly, I don't really put much effort into the choosing of what lipstick I apply, on the rare occasions that I do put some on. I just kind of smear the lipstick on my lips and make sure it doesn't look too bad 😛 (I'm probably making you cringe right now, haha.) I do, however, believe the lipstick color I smear on most is similar to your usual, just a teensy bit darker!

    • Hi Lesley!.. Your comment is so sweet and put a huge smile on my face!. Thanks so much. I didn’t cringe at all reading about how you use beauty products. It’s all personal choice really. Thanks for sharing with me. Btw, I was like that some years ago but took an interest in lip products of late and now I just love them!.

  3. Wow!! Such a fun tag! Thanks for tagging me Naz… I like the way you took time to swatch each lipsticks..Loved all the colors….
    Man! I never thought high end lippies like Clarins can go wrong…it is too sheer..didn’t you get to swatch it before purchasing?
    Masha Allah…i must say…you have beautifully shaped full and plump…I really can’t wait for your skincare routine now :)) :))

    • Yay!. Thanks Abi.. It’s really encouraging when people notice the effort I put into each post I do. About the Clarins lipstick, it’s been a while since I have had it. Probably got it at a time when I still hadn’t learned to say no to sales people and bought things just to make them happy :P… Of late, am really careful about what I buy, so that it doesn’t turn out to be a disappointment!.. Thanks for the compliment, hun ♡.. Am excited to do my skincare routine post in August 🙂

  4. I love this tag! Im definitely going to do this one 😀
    Great post! I love how your combo of the liner and mac lipstick looks on you 😀 Suits you very well!

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