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The following is a guest post from Ms. Marie Miguel, who is passionate about writing beauty related posts. She doesn’t own a blog. However, she wished to write a guest post for me, simply to know what my readers think about the content she has to write. So once you finish reading, please leave a comment below for Marie 🙂

Struggling with hair loss or simply a bad hair day can affect anyone’s sense of confidence. If you decide to take action and do something about your hair loss, here are some tips to guide you through your hair troubles.


Start by taking a picture of yourself. This will be like the before and after pictures you see on TV infomercials. Having this picture will help you to see yourself better and to decide how to address your hair problems.

Measure the present condition of your hair. Identify what you like and don’t like—whether it’s the color, texture, or style. Figure out what you want to change and what you can improve upon. Determine the most critical issues you need to solve, and set your goals.

Begin researching possible solutions for your hair woes. Take advantage of all the free resources available. You can research online, read books and magazines, or ask your friends for their opinion. Decide what you can do to better your look. Would a new color be more flattering? Should you invest in a shampoo that’s more tailored to your hair type? Is blow drying your hair keeping your strands dry and brittle?.

You can now create your own routine to solve your specific hair problems. The most common place to start would be to cleanse your hair. Based on your research, you can look for a product that will give you a cleaner feel. Moisturize your hair to keep it healthy and strong. Work on strengthening your hair as it becomes brittle from overuse of styling tools. Protect your hair from further damage by using heat protectant products.

Stick to your routine. This process could be very slow, and patience and dedication might be required for you to achieve your hair goals. Be consistent, and try not to fall back into counterproductive habits.

Checking your progress would be the last step. Check your “before” picture to see if your routine is working. Verify if you have less shedding and/or breakage, etc. Did you achieve your goal? Decide if you want to continue the routine or not. If you have positive results you can either continue the process or start on a new goal.

These tips could be very helpful in guiding you to a hair routine that is suited for your specific hair troubles. Remember, good-looking and healthy hair can go a long way in making you feel attractive and self-confident.

Of course, it should be noted that if your hair loss condition does not get better and the treatments you’ve tried do not work, you need to explore other solutions. There are some permanent hair loss solutions, such as laser therapy and hair transplantation, that you can check out.

Thank you, Marie for writing this guest post 🙂

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    I really appreciate your great post on hair restores. It’s an informative and helpful post for many. People get desperate when they started losing hair and they search for solutions. You make the path easy for them. Thanks for the post and good luck for the next 🙂

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