iHerb haul #3 – the ‘Cure all’ oil!

Hey guys!

I am back with another iHerb haul!. I am in LOVE with that site ♥. Recently, a good friend of mine, Abidha of Abidha Ayyoob’s blog, told me how beneficial the black seed oil is. I was quite intrigued and did some research on it. One of the main things that caught my eye everywhere is this:

“Hold on to the use of the black seed for indeed it has a remedy for every disease except death.” – Prophet Muhammad (S)

Wow!!. How amazing is that?. So many years ago itself, it was considered to be so beneficial and a cure all!. There are many seeds that go by the name of black seed but the one that is being discussed here today, the one which has all the great properties, is the black cumin seed – particularly Nigella Sativa. In Arabic cultures, black cumin is known as Habbatul barakah, meaning the “seed of blessing.” You can even find cheap black cumin seed oil in local supermarkets here but let me tell you, that’s not the original stuff!. Research well before you buy!

It is great for your skin, your health, your hair, for weight loss and is said to even cure diabetes or cancer in the first stages!. I decided to give it a try and searched around for it. I found a local dealer here in UAE who was into selling this oil from the brand Sweet Sunnah. I asked the price for three bottles (each 16oz/approx 473ml) and he quoted me AED 540 (AED180 per bottle) plus AED10 delivery charge to my home. That’s AED550 for roughly 1.5 litres!. I searched online and found that a 16oz bottle of Sweet Sunnah is priced only approx AED91!. So the dealer here was charging me double for each bottle!. I definitely didn’t want to buy from him!.

I then searched on Amazon and found really great prices. I was fixated on the brand Sweet Sunnah but then I found another brand called Amazing Herbs. It was priced $13.96 (AED51.28) for a 4oz (240ml) bottle. So 6 such bottles (total of approx 1.5 litres) will cost me $83.76 (AED307.66) plus shipping. I was excited!. But that’s when I found out something else. Amazon doesn’t ship that product to UAE :(. That’s one of the worst things about Amazon. Not everything you see there can be shipped to UAE. Need help with ordering on Amazon and knowing how to understand what products are OK to be shipped to UAE?. Click here!

That’s when I thought.. “Wait a minute!. Everything I see on iHerb can be shipped to UAE and they are all about healthy products. So definitely the black seed oil should be listed there!”. I immediately checked there and yes! I found the exact same product there :). Click here to check out the product.

However, there was a rate difference. Usually, when I have compared iHerb to Amazon, the price has always been lower on iHerb but this time it wasn’t. A 4oz (240ml) bottle of black seed oil from Amazing Herbs, cost $19.49, which is $5.53 more than the rate on Amazon… Ugh!. What a bummer!. However, I was adamant that I wanted this oil. So I decided to buy anyways and added them to my cart. The total was $116.94 (AED429.53). However, since my bill total is more than $60, I received a 5% off :D. The amount came down to $111.09 (AED408.04)!. The shipping was $11.52 (AED42.31). So grand total of AED450.35!. Just imagine if I had just bought from the local dealer here, I would have paid AED550 for the same amount of product!. That’s AED100 more!. Whoa!. So yes, I got a great deal from iHerb ♥

On to the pix!

Blog pix 029That’s how it was packed into a cardboard box. Very neatly packed!

Blog pix 031They carefully packed two bottles each in a ziplock bag.

I bought 6 bottles by the way, so that I can give two to my father, two to my brother and keep two for myself!. My father has been a diabetic patient for a long time. So I thought I will let him try it out. He said for a while his sugar levels seemed under control. He was also taking the diabetic herbal tea I got for him from iHerb itself, at that time. Of late, he hasn’t been taking it regularly. So I can’t really say how his sugar levels are right now. I even read somewhere that the black seed oil is a natural alternative for the medicine named Metformin, which diabetic patients take. But, don’t quote me on that as obviously I am not a doctor!

I bought for my brother so that he can maintain a healthy body. I bought for myself for the same reason too. Also, I read that it helps regularize periods and I totally agree!. I had a hormonal imbalance which caused irregular periods. It’s regularized now!. OMG.. This is TMI but hey got to discuss it all in an honest review yeah?.

I lost two kilos too while taking this. I been taking it since April this year. It really works!. I still haven’t tried it on my hair though. I usually take 1 tbsp of it right in the morning on empty stomach. It is a golden yellow colored. It has a very strong, pungent flavor and there is an after taste that can stay on for a long time. You can take it in capsule form too if you cannot stand the thought of having oil directly. However, the unrefined oil is said to be at least 2.5 times more powerful than having them in capsule form. When you have 1 tbsp honey with this oil, it enhances the healing properties of the oil.

What I love the most about Amazing Herbs is that it says right on the bottle that it contains only 100% freshly cold-pressed and unrefined virgin black cumin (Nigella Sativa) oil from organic sources!. No preservatives, solvent or alcohol in it. I highly recommend this brand. When you open the black cap, it’s sealed inside too, so you don’t have to worry about any spilling at all during transportation!.

Blog pix 033

Blog pix 034

Let me make it clear to you that it’s not just Muslims who use this oil for it’s benefits!. Everyone from all religions and parts of this world uses it, as is evident by all the customer reviews on iHerb for this product!

I will tell you this, if you have some trouble like say asthma, cold and flu, joint pains or anything at all like that that bothers you on a regular basis, search on Google as to how black cumin seed oil can heal that and you will find a remedy!. Even if you are the most healthiest person and has no illness at all, you can still take this to maintain that level of health.


The shipping cost was $11.52 (AED 42.31) as I said before. I chose the DHL option and it was here in UAE at my doorstep, from US in less than 2 days!!. It’s amazing how fast they ship!.

I LOVE iHerb!. What a fantastic site ♥

Recently, Sally of Canadian Sassy Sally, bought some products from iHerb after I suggested it to her and this is what she had to say about how fast the shipping was : “wowwwwwwwwww INSANE!!!

That’s how fast iHerb ships!. I highly suggest you try it out and when you use my code SCZ695 at checkout you can get upto $10 off on your very first order!

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30 thoughts on “iHerb haul #3 – the ‘Cure all’ oil!

    • Hi Benji!. Thanks for leaving a comment. I did read tons of reviews before actually deciding to buy the oil. There were many who shared your opinion. But sometimes certain things are really good for you but doesn’t taste great. Keeping that in mind, I bought it and yes it has a strong taste but not lousy, I feel. Btw, which brand do u recommend so that I can consider that next time I buy?. So glad to hear u enjoyed the post ♡. Have a lovely day!

  1. Oh Naz I know you recommended this for me but I just can’t put myself thru the thought of taking this… Maybe it has to do with my childhood memories where I had to take practically the worst of Ayurvedic medicines for my eczema…

  2. Yes you are right the delivery is fast. I have ordered the black Cumin Seed Oil because i have Osteoarthritis on both my leg and i have TKR-Total Knee Replacement on my right knee. I still have pain and can hardly walk without my cane. Will it be ok for me to drink it and how often do i need to take it? So far i have used it just applying it on both knees, it seems to be working but there is still a pain.

    • Hello Elijah! Am sorry to hear about that. I suggest you take a tablespoon of the oil every day morning on an empty stomach. You will really feel the difference. Immediately after taking it, you can take a spoon of honey too. That will not only mask the aftertaste of the oil but also enhance the healing effect of it. I hope you feel better soon ♡

  3. Hello, i found your site searching Dubai opinions about iherb orders.Cause i just placed my firs order on them and i was quite unsure would arrive. I read your posts and you mention that the orders came quickly. Please tell me you can track the order or not?I done it by DHL. Love your site :*

    • Hey!. You can track your orders and DHL doesn’t take more than 2 days to deliver right to your doorstep. I LOVE iHerb!. In fact if you come back to this blog around 6 PM today, you will see my latest haul from there.

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  5. Hi…thankyou so much for this post …..i just wanted to know does DHL take any extra money with like custom/taxes or anything of dat sort i mean other than the shipping charges ..are there anyextra charges

    • Hi Safurah!. Once you have added the products you want to your shopping cart, your bill will show the total of all products plus a shipping charge with DHL. You pay that online and that’s it. No other payments once it reaches here. No customs or taxes either. You just open the door and DHL guy hands over your package and gets your signature. That’s how simple it is!. I am glad the post helped you ♡. Make sure your check out page shows SCZ695 as your referral code. That gives you an instant discount of upto $10 off your bill total 🙂

    • Hello.. Unfortunately iHerb is currently blocked in UAE. IHerb is in the process of trying to get it back up..

    • Hello Ryu.. Unfortunately, I don’t know where to get it locally. As I mentioned in the post, I tried to buy local but felt ripped off. It was expensive. It’s absolutely best to buy from the US site that I bought. I just bought 4 more bottles recently from there. Absolutely worth it.

    • Hi Margaret!. Simply click the link in this post to go directly to the site and place the black seed oil in the cart. The site ships to Kenya. You will get $5 off your first purchase (irrespective of bill amount) and also 10% off if your bill total is $60+.

  6. Thanks Naznin,

    I was searching for reliable source of buying Black seed oil in UAE, and I came across your blog.
    I was actually looking for a local supplier but could not find any online. So basing on your reviews I ordered from iHerb.com, they have good collection, I ended up buying couple of products for eyestrain and migraine black seed oil and eye supplements etc plus dietary supplement for alkalyzing & detoxifying the body after seeing positive reviews of these products. if am satisfied with their products and service, I will be sure customer for IHerb, and would be definitely thankful to you if my migraines / eye condition improves.
    Will share my reviews once i receive and use the products, by d way I hope DHL will do door delivery, (i cant go to post office and collect :/)

    any way thanks again.

    • Hi Nazia!. Great to hear my post was of help to you. Black seed oil is wonderful. DHL delivers directly to home. You did provide your flat address right?. iHerb is a great site. You will surely be a lover ♡. Hope you feel well soon, Nazia…

      • thanks for writing back Naznin, yeah I did provide my flat details, since the shipment is from US i was bit concerned, Yeah after little research i came to know about its benefits (only when I realized its recommended by Prophet Muhammad PBUH confirmed in Hadeeth) i hope it would relieve me of all of health concerns. in sha ALLAH. will write my feedback here about IHerbs aswell the products i purchased. tc, Where are You from india bydwy, I am from Hyderabad. 🙂

        • I have ordered like 10 times from iHerb and I can assure you that there is no need to be concerned about it being shipped from US. DHL ships super fast. You can track your order with their tracking id ok?. Black seed oil is indeed heaven sent. If you search my blog for ‘iherb haul’ using the search box on the top right side, you can see all the products I have purchased. I re-purchased black seed oil too. Insha Allah, it will help you. I hope you come to love iHerb as much as I do. Once you get it, let me know. I am from Kerala :). Do consider following my blog.

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  8. Hello
    I have a few questions regarding black seed oil. Those are
    1.How long should we take it?
    2.Can i consume during menstrual days?
    3.Is it compulsory to have it on empty stomach , if yes then how much gap should it be there before breakfast?
    Thank you 😊

    • Hi Usha.. Thank you for writing in. You can take this oil daily (even while you are on your period). It’s best taken on empty stomach.. about 20 – 30 mins before breakfast would be ok.

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