Review: EYOVA Hair nutrient with Egg oil!

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I recently happened to hear about Eyova’s egg oil when someone commented about it on one of my most popular posts – 2 eggs = 1 fabulous DIY hair mask + 1 face mask!. I checked their website and was pretty intrigued to know more about it. I found out that this brand ships and sells only within India. So, I didn’t check more into it. However, I was quite surprised when someone from Eyova contacted me recently and asked me if I am willing to review a bottle!. I was pretty overjoyed at the chance to try it. They couriered me the bottle from Mumbai 🙂


Pretty much every one knows that when you apply egg to your hair, it’s very beneficial. However, not everyone does it because of how inconvenient and uncomfortable it is. This is where Eyova comes into picture.

One bottle of Eyova contains 50ml of product. This 50ml has the goodness of 22 eggs!. It’s packed with egg’s nutrients. It doesn’t drip or smell disgustingly of eggs.

I have been using it twice a week for a little more than a month. The oil is slightly hazy, yellow in color and viscous. It’s not as thick as castor oil but still is thicker than any regular oil. It has a really mild smell of eggs. However, the dominant smell is a fragrance that smells good.

When you apply it on to your hair, it seems like your hair is drinking up the goodness. There is no oiliness or greasiness at all. However, almost immediately your hair gets a natural shine. You have to apply it for a minimum of 3 hours or you can even leave it overnight and then wash off with your regular shampoo. I usually applied it overnight since after the application, your hair isn’t oily at all and the smell isn’t pungent.


I mainly concentrate on the lower half of my hair since it needs more conditioning than the roots. Of course, this being an oil, long term usage brings more benefits to your hair. My review is based on a short term usage of a bit more than a month. I am sure the more I use it, the better my hair will be.

This oil contains :

  • Essential Fatty Acids (like Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids) – which stimulates hair growth and fights poor scalp conditions like dry and flaky scalp, thus preventing dandruff and hair loss.
  • Cholesterol – which deep conditions hair and enhances the penetration of other bioactives, thus adding shine and luster to hair strands.
  • Lutein & Zeaxanthin – which helps fight free radical chain reactions which damage hair, thus increasing hydration, elasticity of the scalp and preventing premature ageing (graying) of the hair.

I am loving this hair nutrient and I highly suggest you give this a try!

Price of a 50ml bottle is Rs. 590 (AED 35.59) and can be ordered from their online site If you suffer from weak, thin, damaged or greying hair, give this oil a try. The bottle will last quite a bit of time, even though it’s 50ml, since a little goes a long way.

By the way, I would like to highlight how essential oils can enhance hair growth. Click here to read an informative post about it.

[Update as on 1st Mar 2016] – Eyova is now available in a brand new look. Check it out!.


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Note: I was provided this product for review purpose and all opinions are 100% my own.

47 thoughts on “Review: EYOVA Hair nutrient with Egg oil!

  1. Hello Naz,

    After going through your post , i am really intrested to buy this product. Will they ship to UAE and as i am suffering from heavy hair loss and dry hair so i need something really good for my hairs. I was thinking for a keratin or hair botox treatment. What do u suggest . I haven tried any treatments yet.

    • Hi Sim!. Deep conditioning treatments at home are good. Stay away from chemical treatments of any kind at the salons. If you have someone in India, ask them to order a bottle of Eyova for yourself.

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  3. Hey Egg oil??? Now thats the first time I have heard it.. But cool… Should try it some day even though I am not a fan of hair oils cause I get terrible sinus after using them…

  4. Hello,

    I also tried this and it does smell disgustingly of eggs.. Don’t know about the results yet.. as the smell is so pungent.. Is it really worth the pain?

  5. Hey I’m 21 and have been suffering from grey hair. I have tried everything… Does this oil really help? Have you experienced it yourself? Also are there any other products or remedies for premature grey hair? I really need help. Thanks!!

  6. hiii naznin,
    i am 21 and my hair fall daily… and now my hair is become thin from front and i had bald patches on font where my hair is thin…… is eyova can help me to get my hair back thick and bald spot cover

  7. Hey i am 20/m, i started using colours a year ago, back then i had only 5-10% grey hairs, but now they are like 40-50% and also my hairs don’t feel natural now at all and they are all dry and my scalp also hurts
    So, i am thinking of using this egg oil, but do you have any more suggestions for me

    • Try oiling and also doing deep conditioning masks at home or in a salon on a regular basis. It will help soften the hair plus put back nutrients into it.

  8. Is this really effective??I have intense hairfall,thinning and you know really reqally rough and dull hair…its like the root area is cool but then the tips are terrible..Suggest some good remedies..

    • It’s a good hair oil. You need to oil your hair and get moisture into it. Dont wash your hair daily. It strips your hair of natural oils. Also look into your diet. Are you drinking enough water and eating well?. Do hair masks. I have done some here on the blog.

  9. Hey can i also use that curry leaves-coconut oil therapy in alternate days with eyova, if yes, would you mind explaining how
    I mean which days to use which etc etc.

  10. Hey….i am suffering from hair loss, i had tried everything but my hairs are falling day by day … Is eyova oil help me out from this problem ?? I am 21/ m please help me

    • Hi!. If you consistently use any oil, you will definitely see a difference. With Eyova, since it has eggs in it, it’s really beneficial. Do try it..

  11. There are many eyova hair oils with different outer looks.Can you please send photo or something by which I can found most helpful out of them?

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  14. I am really very excited to share my honest opinion with you guys…It took nearly 2 months for me to examine and test what this product actually does to my hair..I tested this product both in the summer and the winter season when hair becomes extremely dry and frizzy..Egg is rich in protein and proteins contributes a lot for hair growth…I personally love using natural products because of the fact that they are free from chemicals.

  15. i have severe hair fall.Hair fall is uncountable.if i do headbath/sampoo, then its around 200 hair goes every time.Its not to explain,such kind of hair fall i have.i am taking treatment for last 4 yr continously but not useful at all.My hair almost gone from mid part and front part also.
    Thinking what to do. Is this oil help .i cann’t rely because i have spend lot for hair but no use at all. Any suggestion ?

    • With constant use, this oil will give you good result. Do give it a try. You also need to massage your scalp well to increase blood circulation..

  16. I have been using Eyova Hair Nutrient for nearly two years now. Absolutely swear by it and carry with me on my tours. So many of my friends have switched to Eyova.

  17. Hi,

    Why does the manufacturer recommend usage at night? I apply the oil in the morning and wash it off the next day. Is that wrong? Also, I suffer from premature greying. Csn the oil reverse grey hair?

    • Our hair and skin go through a renewal process while we rest at night. At that time when you provide it with products that help towards this purpose, you get better results. That’s why it’s good to apply any hair products or doing skincare at night. Eyova is supposed to reverse premature greying. I can’t personally vouch for it though since I don’t have greying..

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