Review : Dinner at Nando’s, Al Qasba!

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Nando’s is one of my all time favorite restaurants!. It’s located in one of the most scenic areas of Sharjah, the Al Qasba!.

Al Qasba

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Nando’s is Afro – Portuguese and their specialty is chicken that has been marinated for 24 hours and flame grilled to order. I have been there several times and the last time was to throw a party for my family to celebrate my wedding anniversary. So, yes it’s a really special place for me.

Recently when I was invited for a dinner at the Al Qasba, Sharjah branch, to experience their renovated look, I was delighted!. The new look is very modern, yet beautifully rustic and old fashioned. There are African inspired, tribal like designs that’s very artistic. Overall it has successfully captured the very essence of the origin of Nando’s.

What I love the most about being at Nando’s is, not only do they serve delicious, top quality chicken, it’s healthy too since it’s flame grilled and all excess fat is removed from the chicken. You can decide the heat level of your food. If you cannot stand a lot of spiciness (that’s my husband’s preference), definitely go for Mild. I always choose Hot which is the next level after Mild!. If you dare to, go for the hottest but warning: it’s freaking HOT!. I went with my husband and here are the dishes I ordered :


This is the starter. I love how Nando’s has designed their menu. It’s so much fun to read their quirky twists of words and witty remarks!. I ordered a lemonade and a plate of six wings that has been basted in mild sauce. It is perfect to be shared by two people. The wings were big and juicy :). Since I like it a bit hotter, I used a Hot Peri Peri sauce to dip the wings in. A selection of sauces were served to me at the table.

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Main course

I ordered a Butterfly Chicken Breast and my husband ordered a 1/2 Chicken. We had a choice of either 2 regular side dishes or 1 Fino (which means ‘posh’ in Portuguese!) side dish with the main course dishes. I chose Spicy rice and fries for my husband and Grilled Vegetables (Fino side dish) for myself.

The 1/2 chicken platter is perfect to be shared by two. We both simply loved it!. The fries tasted great dipped in their famous Peri Peri sauce and ketchup. The Spicy rice isn’t really spicy. But I loved it’s taste and texture. Even my husband who isn’t a fan of rices like that, had it and liked it a lot.

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I am in love with the butterfly chicken breast. It’s so succulent and grilled to perfection!. Chicken breast is a portion that can easily be overcooked and dry. But this was perfection. I didn’t want it to finish!. This dish is good for a single person. I didn’t quite like the grilled vegetables. It could definitely have been better, taste wise.

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Oh my… Now this is the part I had been really looking forward to!. I ordered a Chocolate Biscuit cake. One spoonful of it and I was literally in chocolate heaven ♡. Gosh!. They nailed it!. It was nothing short of perfection.

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Nandos 010Like, how gorgeous is that!!

The staff were so friendly, cheerful and helpful. The whole ambiance exudes warmth and you feel really at home there!. One thing I noted is that the abundance of overhead lighting plus the heat of the food can make you sweat quite a bit!. I wish it was a bit more air conditioned.

While departing, they gave my husband and me a gift bag each containing a Garlic peri peri sauce!. I am currently loving adding it to my sandwiches. I even added it to my fried rice today :D. You can buy these sauces at the restaurant or at any major supermarkets in UAE.

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Overall, I yet again am super impressed by the amazing Nando’s experience!. This indulgent dinner for two is worth about AED200. So, you now have an idea of how it is priced. If you are a foodie, I urge you to go check out Nando’s today itself and experience their stunning food and service!.

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