Beauty Lovers Can’t Get Enough of neuLASH Eyelash Enhancer!

The revolutionary eyelash enhancer neuLASH is taking the Middle East by storm, proving hugely popular since its launch and fast becoming the most coveted lash enhancer amongst make-up artists and beauty lovers alike. The super serum is now available at the popular Sensasia Urban Spa, Emirates Golf Club.

“I could already see a difference within a week! I definitely recommend this lash serum; I’ve always had really short lashes and never thought that my lashes would ever grow this fast and this long” Najla Khaddor, Celebrity Make-up 

The nutrient-rich formula dramatically improves the weak appearance of eyelashes in just 30 days, resulting in longer and fuller looking lashes to flutter and leaving you feeling youthful, feminine and beautiful. Through a combination of moisturizing, strengthening and protecting ingredients, neuLASH is the number one beauty essential to ensure your lashes look healthier and more luxurious than ever.



 A simple once a day application as an “eyeliner” on the skin along the eyelash root, makes it simple for anyone to introduce the serum into their evening beauty regime and achieve luscious and longer looking lashes.  Consistent use of neuLASH once a day consecutively for at least 30 days is important in order to achieve maximum results.



“I have been using the product and I love it – someone today mentioned my lashes and said she couldn’t believe they were real. Of course I told her all about neu lash 😉 I’m really impressed!!” Hannah Lisa Makeup 

“I have been using this eyelash serum for a couple of months now and I kid you not when I tell you my boyfriend thought the other day that I was wearing fake eyelashes. Results! It truly is a revolutionary product that really delivers on its promise for longer, more luscious lashes and is packed with goodness such as peptides, proteins and vitaminsStephanie Khouy, Mademoiselle a Dubai 

A 6ml container of neuLASH should last approximately 120-180 days, if used as directed. Retail price: 795.00 AED

A 3.2ml container of neuLASH should last approximately 60 -90 days, if used as directed. Retail Price: 455.00 AED

neuLASH eyelash enhancer is available to purchase online at and at Sensasia Urban Spa, Emirates Golf Club; contact 04 417 9820

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