Review : Shea Beautifying oil from The Body Shop!

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Here is a detailed review I had promised back in December 2013, when I had done a haul and showed the Shea beautifying oil from TBS. I chose to buy this product because I love anything with Shea butter in it. Also, I saw it was a multifunctional oil, that can be used on the face, hair and body.


I first tried it on my body and liked that it’s quite a light oil that gets absorbed fast and leaves the skin looking hydrated. I even included it in a DIY body scrub. I then tried it on my hair and surely it gave a nice shine to it. However, long term usage didn’t bring any particularly significant change. I never tried it on my face since I didn’t feel it to be very natural.

It says on the bottle that this is a dry oil with Shea butter and three precious oils such as Kukui, Marula oil and Sweet almond oil. It comes in a plastic bottle, with a flip open lid. It has a very soft and pleasant smell. However, it lingers on for a short time only. I currently use it occasionally on my body but not on my hair. I am now wondering whether it was worth paying AED 65 for a very light oil that hydrates my skin, when I can get much better products for a much lower price!.

The bottle contains only 100 ml, which will surely last for quite a while but still costs AED65. So, overall, I don’t think it’s worth it. I don’t recommend you buy this product.

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5 thoughts on “Review : Shea Beautifying oil from The Body Shop!

    • I always try my level best to guide my followers well, with my reviews!. If a product ain’t good, that’s exactly what I will write :).. Thanks for the sweet comment, Pras ♡

  1. Sadly to say Naz nothing from Bodyshop ever works for me except their hand creams … I don’t know why.. I’ve tried their toners . facewashes n body butters… nothing was effective…

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