Sharjah International Book Fair 2014!

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Even though I have been a resident of Sharjah for more than three years, I had never been to Sharjah International Book Fair ever, until now. Being such a huge book lover, it’s a real shame admitting that I have never been there. Here are pix and more:


This is the 34th edition of Sharjah book fair, which is held for 10 days, annually. This time it is from November 5th – 15th. It is held at the Sharjah Expo Center. It was last Friday that I went there. Being such a popular event and also being a Friday, it was so crowded there!.




It’s so awesome being there. Love the huge array of books from all over the world. I saw some very interesting books like The Death of Archie Andrews – a Life Celebrated and an illustrated edition of Dan Brown’s Inferno. Both were priced AED135. I have got to say, the prices of these books were regular, not discounted. I have planned not to buy any books for a while since the number of unread books that I have, both physical and digital, is too many. I don’t want to just buy books and not read them. So, when I went there, I had a plan of not buying anything but just seeing this event. However, deep in mind I had thought if I could get deals, then I might buy some. God!. I just can’t stop it 😛

However, all books were regularly priced. My favorite authors’ books maintained their prices, falling between AED 30 – 85. So, I didn’t buy any. There was a really awesome display of rare books and manuscripts dating from 14th – 20th century.



SIBF8Checkout the price!

Many celebrities have been to this event so far and the day that I went, I got to see celebrity chef, Lakshmi Nair. She met her fans, which mainly comprised of Keralite housewives, who had bought her book. She signed those books and also chatted with them.


There were also paintings displayed on one side.


There were stalls that had children friendly activities and beautiful displays.


SIBF11Overall, it was really awesome going to the Expo center and attending this event. There are only some more days left and if you are a book lover and would like to acquire titles that are not otherwise available here in UAE, rush there now.

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  1. Naz, I used to live opposite where the old expo centre used to be located in Sharjah. Ofcourse, it’s been at the new location for several years now and I have gone there each and every time. The books were always expensive though and not discounted in those days too. When I saw this post of yours I was so so so excited that I can’t even describe the level of excitement to you 🙂 Thanks for this amazing post. even , i have stopped buying myself anymore books, i write a list on Goodreads of books i want to read in the future so I don’t forget what my list would be. But till i finish all the books that are stacked and stored in my cupboard my policy of buying books now is same as yours. read, finish and then only get more books. 🙂

    • Aww, Pras ♡. I am so happy to hear this post got you excited and brought back some memories to you. Yeah, not getting more books right now when you have lots stacked up on shelves at home is a good strategy. I actually even surprised my husband!. After roaming around there and finally when I said “Ok, let’s go”, he was like, “But you didn’t get anything”. Hehe. He is so used to seeing me take many at book fairs!. I told him about my new resolve!. Anyways, thanks for the lovely comment, Pras ♥

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