Review: L’Oreal Extraordinary oil cream!


I tried L’Oreal’s latest product, the Age Perfect Extraordinary Oil cream and I am quite in love with it. It is a nourishing cream, infused with precious oils and white jasmine.


The outer packaging is really gorgeous with a black and golden design. The glass container with the product is compact and simple, yet looks expensive, with a pretty golden lid. The cream is a light yellowish cream in color. It’s really light and silky in texture. Skin easily absorbs the cream and though it has oil micro-pearls in it, it’s non greasy and non-sticky. As soon as the cream is applied, the skin looks radiant and nourished. The oil pearls illuminates the skin with the slightest bit of shimmer.


This moisturizer is suitable for anyone within the age range of 20 – 60. I highly recommend this moisturizer to you. It’s a great addition to your skincare routine. I got this from Lulu Center.

Price: AED 83.50 for a tub containing 50ml.

Have you tried it?. If yes, let me know your thoughts on it.


Naz ♥

8 thoughts on “Review: L’Oreal Extraordinary oil cream!

  1. there is something like this called gold balm, i forget the name, released by loreal. it has a yellow color and is very thick. not sure if it’s the same thing though. the white jasmine and oils sound really nice. Happy New year 🙂

  2. Tried this new product. It’s great on my skin and leaves my face with a perfect shine. Definitely worth a buy and it’s value for money!

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