Review : Britannia Good Day Choco Chunkies!

Hey guys!

I love cookies ♡. Recently, I tried Britannia Good Day’s Choco Chunkies. Brittania is by the way, one of the most popular brands in India. So, about the chunkies, first of all, the packaging is very attractive. It’s the kind that makes you want to reach for it.


The chunkies are aptly named. They are BIG!.Yet, this brand has perfected the crunchiness. It’s not chewy nor hard. It’s beautifully settled right in between. Each cookie is loaded with lots of chocolate chips. As advertised on the box, it indeed is melt-in-mouth. In the box, each chunkie is individually packed. I highly recommend you try these chunkies out..


Though it’s absolutely yummy, I have one problem with it though. One box, which costs Rs.50 (approx. AED 3) contains only 6 packs!. Though in AED, it seems very cheap, in India, with 50 bucks you can buy a whole lot of things. Most families who are Above Poverty Line (APL), get 8 kgs of low cost rice for just Rs.16 per month!. The chunkies are great. But, it’s not something I will buy always. It’s definitely a rich, once-in-a-while indulgence..

Naz ♡

6 thoughts on “Review : Britannia Good Day Choco Chunkies!

  1. I have not yet bought this because like you pointed out rightly, Naz, they are expensive. But since you say they are very good, I will just treat myself to them when I am having a low day. Like I know I am bought to be on a period within a week, so I will need some comfort food like this 🙂 I used to like munching on the milano variety, i hope these are better. but milano is half the price but not as big a cookie

  2. OMG!! These look really yummy and after your thorough description I’m drooling here. Please do bring some when you come back to UAE! I’ll be at the airplane door waiting for you 😉 😛

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