Review : Refreshing Fruit Pack by Himalaya Herbals!


On a recent trip to Kochi city (in India), I came across a shop exclusively selling Himalaya Herbals products. I bought two products and one of them is this Refreshing Fruit Pack. Review on the other product soon..


This face mask is made especially for Normal to Dry skin types. It’s perfect for me. It comes in a little tube. This tube is slightly different from the usual Himalaya Herbals tubes. On the regular green lid, there is a new orange line which gives it a nice bright look. Also just below the lid, there is a striated design with an ‘H’ in the middle. It’s very modern & pretty.

This pack has the following ingredients and I am also highlighting their benefits :

Apple – which is a rich source of AHAs. It nourishes the skin & brings out it’s natural glow
Fig & Cucumber – both of which provides a cooling effect to the skin
Papaya – which helps remove freckles & smoothens the skin
Mineral Clay – which soothes the skin & improves blood circulation


The pack is a thick paste & has an orangeish yellow color to it that reminds you of a Papaya. It’s scent is really pleasant. I apply it to cleansed skin (am currently using Olay’s Cleansing milk) for 10 – 15 mins and then wash off with cool water. In that time period, the mask visibly dries however it doesn’t feel unpleasantly tight. It says on the tube that since it contains herbal active ingredients, it might cause tingling sensations but that it’s normal. I did feel that just around my mouth area. Once you wash off, skin feels amazingly soft and glowing. I immediately seal the moisture by applying a moisturizer (currently using Olay Total Effects day/night cream).

I highly recommend this fruit facial pack to those with normal to dry skin. This mask is to be used only once or twice a week.

Price : Rs. 70 (AED 4.13) for a tube containing 50 gms.

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4 thoughts on “Review : Refreshing Fruit Pack by Himalaya Herbals!

  1. Just bought this some days back. Haven’t started using it. My skin has been feeling dull, so the word refreshing tempted me to buy this. Lets see how it will work on oily skin:) Nice review Naz <3

    • Hey Abi!. This pack is for Normal / Dry skin. Not sure how it would work on oily skin. Let me know your experience anyways. Thanks about the review 🙂

  2. Nice review Naz.. I’m always in for anything that contains Papaya.. Waiting for all my other masks to run to so I can try this 😉

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