Review : Banjara’s Natural Henna!

Hello beautiful!

I am currently doing henna on my hair once per week. Henna powder is easily available anywhere. I tried the Banjara’s brand because it’s a known brand and I felt it’s price is great. Henna nourishes the roots, darkens the hair and restores health to the hair. I am on a quest to bring beauty to my hair and this is helping me get there.


This box contained one sealed pack containing 200 gms of loose henna powder. It’s not in individual, convenient packs. However, I have kept it in a tight container to keep it fresh and to avoid any clumping. It also contains a free pair of gloves since it’s a must have while applying henna. Otherwise it will stain your fingers.


Banjara’s Henna is free of any added preservatives and 100% natural. It’s smell is amazing and it has a lovely color. You can also use this powder to apply henna designs on your hands as well, though I have been using it only on my hair.


Henna powders can be used in several ways. In this above pic, I have mixed 1 tbsp of yogurt, some water & half a lemon to 3 tbsp of loose henna powder. Add everything except the water and then decide how much water you need to add to get it to the right consistency. I usually apply it on for an hour and then simply wash it off. Henna has anti fungal and anti dandruff properties. Adding lemon helps enhance it’s anti dandruff properties. However, I don’t add lemon every single time. It also has a bleaching effect. So, once a month is enough. Yogurt helps soften the hair. I add it every single time. Other things you could add are tea or even just water..

My hair is darker and feels healthier using henna. I am expecting my hair to be beautiful and absolutely healthy by doing this long term. I highly recommend you try Banjara’s henna powder.

Price : Rs. 80 (AED 4.54) for a 200 gms pack.

I bought this from Navaratna hypermarket, Moonnupeediga, Kerala. If henna isnt available easily for you, try buying online.

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Naz ♥

20 thoughts on “Review : Banjara’s Natural Henna!

  1. Hi Naz,
    Firstly am happy to see a post from a person from kerala who has used the product.Henna usage was limited in this part of the country.

    I keep trying different recipes for henna and while researching i came across your blog.

    Please post more of trials on ur blog which should help people try it out with confidence
    Keep posting and happy colouring


  2. Hello Naznin! I live in Mysore, Karnataka. I absolutely love henna and have been treating my hair with it for quite some time now. I henna my hair every single week…not jus because I have certain hair goals in mind but I just love the whole process of it!!! I find it to be almost therapeutic😍 Banjara’s happens to be my favourite brand of henna coz the results are so excellent. The dye releases instantly. I love the color tone banjara’s henna imparts to my hair. I love the redhead look and banjara’s gives me this look without the hassle of going through chemical dyes or even spending a mini fortune. I’m someone who’s suffered from premature hair greying. But now banjaras henna has put an end to this problem. All my greys are now a pretty red wine shade😍😍. I always mix my henna with jus lemon juice and plain water. Lemon juice is said to bring out the red tones in your henna. Plus henna releases color efficiently in a slightly acidic medium, say around 5.5 ph. Once mixed I let it sit for more than 24 hours. I apply it only on freshly shampooed slightly damp hair. I keep it on for 4 hours. I then rinse it out with my regular conditioner. Henna being a protein treatment always needs to be finished up with a conditioning treatment after. So anyways, my henna obsession won’t ever come to an end😌😌😌. I adore it so much I don’t even bother pulling on a pair of gloves before mixing or applying henna. Lol, I really enjoy having orange fingers and nails afterwards. Henna for life… Chemical dyes???? Now what would they be??? I strongly advocate henna to everyone and have even had some chemical dye people converted for good!!!😊I wish u happy hennaing all your life!

    • Hi Nishka!. Thanks so much for taking the time to write such an informative comment. My readers & I highly appreciate it.

      Your passion for getting henna done is reflected in your comment. I eould love to know why you apply henna on slightly damp hair instead of dry hair. Thanks again for your tips.

      P.S : I have been to Mysore. Such a beautiful place ♡

  3. Yeah, there’s supposed to be a certain logic behind applying henna on slightly damp hair. Firstly, the henna goes on much more easily and better. It’s got more ‘slip’ as they call it. Secondly, while getting my hair colored at a salon back in early 2015, the hair stylist told me that applying color on damp hair gives better results. It increases the efficacy of the dye by making it penetrate the hair shaft deeper. The same applies to henna.
    But what’s more important is one must always apply henna on CLEAN hair. Always shampoo hair before henna(preferably with a clarifying one). This leaves the hair cuticles exposed to drink up all the divine henna goodness😍.
    I have heard almost everyone complain about how rough, frizzy and dry their hair is left after a henna treatment. I mean DUHHHH…it supposed to be that way. Nearly all protein treatments leave your hair that way. Protein treatments like henna are always supposed to be followed by a if not deep, regular conditioner at least. Wash out your henna with a generous amount of conditioner and just enjoy your gorgeously soft hair. Do not hesitate from doing this, coz this won’t wash out any of the henna color imparted to your hair.
    The more you henna your hair, the more it thickens your hair shaft. The best part though is the beautiful multi-dimensional tone it gives your hair!

    • Hi again,

      Thank you so much for explaining, Nishka. It makes sense. So sweet of you to share these info/tips. Never knew that a protein treatment needed to be followed by a conditioning treatment. Also, since you care so much for your hair, I wanted to ask something. How often do you shampoo/condition your hair & which brand do you like?. Sending you love ♡

  4. Hi Naz!
    You know it’s really flattering when someone who runs such a popular blog herself asks me for my take on hair care!😍😍😍😌
    When it comes to my hair and skin, I believe in LESS IS MORE.
    I do not wash my hair more than twice or thrice a week. I stick to affordable brands that come with a lot of credibility like L’oreal, Pantene and Dove. I have found this amazing conditioner in Revlon Aquamarine. I must say it really is a fab product.
    The hair stylist I mentioned in my previous comment also gave me this other offbeat tip. He says after shampoo DITCH the conditioner completely. Coz conditioners are are heavily laden with chemicals. According to him it’s ideal to always finish your hair wash routine with a deep conditioning hair masque treatment. I adhered to his theory for about a whole year. And yeah, it did make my hair more manageable. But now, I do hair masques only about once a week.
    Serum is my only after-hairwash regime; L’oreal Total Repair 5 and Smooth Intense being my favourites. I have been loyal to these right from 2012!
    P.S. Zinc and biotin supplements can greatly amp up your hair care regimes. Only if they come with your physician’s complete approval of course.
    My motto – Love your hair and it’ll love u back😇

    • Hey!. Am humbled by your comment😙. You are so sweet. Thanks again for all the tips. I should check out that Revlon Aquamarine conditioner. Haven’t heard of it. Lemme see if it’s available in stores where I live. I love Biotin tabs. Not taking it now but I really should. Also I have ordered Silica tablets from online. Waiting for it to arrive. Have heard it’s great for hair..

  5. Our family doc has prescribed me with these capsules that go by the name Zevit. They’re zinc and vitamin B complex rich capsules. Btw, off late my hair has gotten accustomed very well to this certain masque by Biotique called Biotique Bio Musk Root Fresh Growth Nourishing treatment. Have u tried it??? Have u reviewed this masque on your blog?

    • I am a fan of Biotique however I haven’t heard of this masque. Sounds great!. I will check that out too. I have reviewed a cream of their’s, here on the blog. Did you ask your doc for supplements especially for hairfall & s/he suggested Zevit or is it generally?..

  6. I have read and heard around a lot that zinc and biotin are SO important for good hair. So when I asked the doctor for something rich in zinc, he suggested that I take one Zevit capsule per day after breakfast. I take seperate biotin capsules( that were purchased on Amazon from this brand called HealthVit) as well.

  7. Likewise Naznin 😇 U have a wonderful blog and I wish u lots of success with all your future endeavours❤️❤️❤️

  8. I have applied black henna and I did not like the shade of my hair, is it ok if I apply natural henna to have brown shade or I will not be able to see any differences after applying natural henna ….please reply

    • Hi Mili!. Even natural henna gives varied results. It might be reddish or a brown color. Try applying it. I think there would be a difference.

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