How to : Heal Nappy Rashes at Home!

When your little one gets a nappy rash, it’s really a testing time for you as a parent. Those harsh cries, painful face expressions… it’s enough to make you lose your sleep. Here are five tried and tested things for you to do at home, so that your baby’s nappy rash heals ultra fast!

● Cloth diapers – Stop using disposable diapers, since the sides of it will only chafe against the rash and make it worse. Use cloth or cloth diapers. These are gentle on the skin. Here are some that I use for my son :

Cloth diaper

This one was a gift from someone.

Cloth diaper

This one was bought from India. It’s by the brand Tinycare & costs Rs 85 (Approx AED 4.63). It has these convenient Velcro straps that can be adjusted according to the size of the baby.

Cloth diaper

This one was a gift from someone. It’s my favorite one. It has lots of press-on buttons on it that can be adjusted according to size of the baby. It’s by the brand GreenFuture.

Diaper panty

These are diaper panties. I got these from BabyShop and are by the brand Juniors. The blue one is really great to use. I haven’t used the white one yet because it’s for upto 12 months and is loose for him now.. The blue one costs AED 15 and the white one AED 12.

● Baby wipes – Stop using baby wipes as soon as you see the formation of rashes. The harmful chemicals in it, especially Propylene Glycol, creates a burning sensation for the babies and it makes them cry harder.

● Diaper rash cream – Using these help towards healing rashes faster. Apply it generously on the nappy area after bathing and after each time you wash it. I am currently using one from an Indian brand called Himalaya Herbals. If you are buying online, based on popular reviews, I recommend you try the Calendula Diaper Rash Cream by Weleda.

diaper rash cream

● Dusting powder -After using diaper rash cream or directly after bathing/washing nappy area, use a dusting powder there. This helps to absorb wetness and to calm down irritated/chafed skin. I am using the brand Abzorb. If you are buying online, based on popular reviews, I recommend you try the Silky Dusting Powder from Nature’s Baby Organics brand, which is a crueltyfree/vegan product.

Abzorb dusting powder

● The magical step – Fifth and final step, this makes the whole difference in the world. Do this just once and then itself you will notice a good difference and in three days time, nappy rash would be completely gone.. 100% guaranteed (in my experience!).

You will need to take couple of handfuls of whole coriander seeds and boil it in some water. No particular measurements here. Just a small pot full. It will have an intense color, since it’s concentrated.

After that, when you are running warm water to bathe your little one, strain the coriander seeds out and add some of the boiled water to it. This will look diluted but still, don’t worry, that’s all you need. Also, when washing the baby after s/he does a poopoo, wash using the coriander water. This works because coriander seeds have antiseptic properties and helps heal rashes and itchy skin.

I really hope these 5 little steps help your little one feel happy and rash free ♥

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Naz ♥

4 thoughts on “How to : Heal Nappy Rashes at Home!

  1. Great tips Naz <3 The corriander seed one especially – never knew about it! Thanks for sharing.
    Does the dusting powder contain talc? Talc is dangerous for kids as per studies now. I completely avoided any kind of powder for my son because of that – powders with corn flour , tapioca starch and such as base are safe though.
    Never tried the Himalaya Diaper cream. I use the Palmer's one and since it heals diaper rash within a day I stuck with it until now.
    Good day!

    • Hey Abi!. Great to know you got to know something new from this post. Abzorb dusting powder has a talc and starch base. Next time I buy locally, I will look for one without talc. Abzorb is quite popular for it’s effectiveness, where I live. But the one that I suggested in the post contains tapioca starch and flower extracts. I have never tried Palmer’s diaper rash cream. I will get it once am done with the current one 🙂

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