Review : Vatika Naturals Hair Mayonnaise!

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Mayonnaise is a wonderful treatment for our hair, due to the ingredients in it. It is used by itself or as one of the ingredients in several haircare DIYs. However, of late, some brands have come out with a product called hair mayonnaise. Today’s review is about one such brand – Vatika’s Hair Mayonnaise.

Hair mayonnaise

This is a pre-shampoo treatment. It says on the bottle that you need to apply it only for 3 mins and then you can shampoo. I usually apply it for 5 – 7 mins. It’s white in color and has a thick, creamy consistency. It’s easy to spread onto the hair & also to rinse off. Unlike conditioners that should only be applied from the middle of the hair, this treatment is applied on both hair and scalp.

Vatika hair mayonnaise

It contains coconut, almond & sesame, all of which are known to be extremely moisturizing for the hair. This product is specifically for dry, frizzy & coarse hair. I find that it makes the hair noticeably soft and shiny. I try to use it twice a week. It’s a product that you might want to check out.

My sister in law got it for me from Lulu Center. I believe it’s priced below AED 30 for a tub containing 500 ml, which lasts months.

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14 thoughts on “Review : Vatika Naturals Hair Mayonnaise!

    • You are right Maria. But it sure does show the pic of eggs on it. I do like this product anyways. Sorry for extremely delayed reply..

  1. Hey where to store it in refrigerator or at room temperature? N it’s written everyday treatment so should I use everyday or weekly I hv got for weak hair n hair fall

    • It’s to be applied to non oily hair. Any mild shampoo would do. I highly recommend Brilliare Science’s shampoo. I have reviewed it on my blog. Do check it out..

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