December Link loves!

Hey all!

I can’t believe we are heading into 2014!. I hope the last month of 2013 treated you well. Here are my link loves:

1) Catherine, the Wednesday writer of Young Adult Money, did an excellent post on How to Set Realistic Goals for the New Year. The points discussed in the post are realistic and simple. I loved reading it. People usually set up high resolutions that they cant fulfill and end up getting disappointed that they couldn’t do it. But read this article to find out how you can keep it simple!


2) Cheryl did a guest post for Serenity You, on ‘How to help encourage baby speech development and I felt that to be an eye opener. Very informative and nicely written. I have a 1 year old nephew and I baby talk too much to him!. I learned that I should probably tone it down :P.


3) Christine of Oh Chrys!, did a post on 10 quirky non-book gifts for book lovers. When it comes to gifting a bookworm, you might be stumped. Getting books for them is nice of course but it’s great to veer into a new way of gifting them something other than the obvious. The list covered by Christine, is really nice. Check out these Page Nibs bookmarks!


4) Author Marc of Marc’s Blog, wrote a Christmas poem and it was sweet to read it. It incorporated his ‘Contributing Editor’ Ron too. Sweet!


Glorious mentions

1) Abidha of Abidha Ayyoob’s Blog created a Cozy Winter Tag and tagged me in it. I welcome anyone reading this post to do it on your blog too and notify her 🙂 


2) Irene of Drab to Fab mentioned my Oral care related post in her Travel Shopping haul post. She also got the Steripod like me 🙂


3) Sally of Giveaways Galore shared my current giveaways on her blog, in order to promote it more. Thank you Sally 🙂


I hope you all had a wonderful December and an amazing 2013 🙂


Naz 🙂

September link loves!

Hey all!

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it!. Here is my September Link Loves (finally!). I missed doing it because I was on vacation. Better late than never yeah?. Without further ado..

1) Christina of Ensconced in Lit answered four questions about her WIP (Work in Progress) and I really am proud of her. She writes really well. Good luck to her!

2) Catherine Alford, who is the Wednesday Writer at Young Adult Money, wrote a beautiful post on ‘Three amazing things to buy in India. Her husband had visited India and had a great time there. It delights me when foreigners enjoy their time spent in my country :). India is really a shopping paradise!


3) Kristen of Holistic Vanity did a step-by-step post on how you can do an at home DIY facial. I found it very informative. I have never done steaming at home. But it’s so easy and I think I will try it out one day. You gotta read this!


4) Monica of Impressions of a Princess, did a post on the essential gadgets that a blogger should have. It is a review of Samsung Galaxy S4. She reveals why it is truly called Life Companion!


That’s all for September 🙂



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November Link loves!

Hello all!

Where does the time fly off to??. I feel like I did October favorites just yesterday!. Anyways, here are my November link loves:

1) Jennifer of Home Schooling Mom For Two wrote this hilarious post titled Hide the scissors! There’s a 5 year old in the house! about what her daughter did with scissors!. It’s really funny yet the thought of scissors in those little hands did freak me out a little.


2) Kate of Sleeping Bootay wrote a post where she gave several reasons as to how you can determine you are a beauty junkie. Seriously speaking, it can’t get better than this. She has thought out every possible reason and the post is written very creatively. You can’t help but smile when you realize you are doing the same things. It also helped me determine that I am a 100% certified beauty junkie :D!. Click to read You know you’re a beauty junkie when… 


3) Abidha of Abidha Ayyoob’s Blog wrote a very detailed review on Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer. I loved the way she described everything. She also writes about her experience with other concealers.


4) Irene of Drab to Fab wrote about several sites that have Black Friday sales going on plus ships globally (to UAE particularly!). Do check out her post titled Get Set, ready, Go…... Also, her blog is loaded with hauls from international sites. So if you are in UAE and love shopping, her blog is where you gotta visit to know more 🙂


Glorious mentions!

1) Top Inspired blog mentioned my hair conditioning DIY mask in their post titled Top DIY Problem Solving Hair Masks plus Hair Tips. There are some really nice masks mentioned in this post. Thanks for mentioning one of my DIYs along with it!.


2) Anjali of Blog for Anyone mentioned me as an inspiration for starting her blog in her first post titled Things for working women to make life easier!!!!. Seriously, that’s just so cool!. I am so glad I was able to inspire someone out there in the world to do something that they love. She is an Indian settled in Malaysia. She has also nominated me for Versatile Blogger award and I will surely write an acceptance post as soon as I can think of seven interesting things about myself :P. In her seven interesting facts, she once again mentioned me. Thanks Anjali, it’s really sweet of you!


3) Abidha of Abidha Ayyoob’s Blog also mentioned my DIY anti ageing scrub in her November favorites. Thanks Abi!. I loved that post. Her November favs  includes a lot of great articles/videos.


So that’s it for now guys!. I hope you have a beautiful December ahead of you. Stay blessed!


Naz 🙂

October Link Loves!

Hello beautiful people!

I hope your October month was really awesome. I love October because it’s my birthday month!. It was on the 12th and I really did have a great time with my family. My mom gifted me a nice perfume called In Heart, my birthday cake was from my brother (a lovely ice cream cake topped with my fav brownies from Baskin Robbins) and my father gave me some money to go shopping with!. Ahh, I love gifts!




Alright, lets get on with the Link loves edition of October, shall we?.

Here are my four favs:

1) Adam of Money Bulldog has a guest post featured on his blog which really caught my eye. It is How to Ruin Your Kid’s Life. It’s beautifully written and really an eye opener. You should read it!


2) Jodi of A Mom Having Fun did a post on How to reduce stress in the mornings. It was nice reading it and I particularly loved tips 6 & 7. I should work on that!


3) Irene of Drab to Fab reviewed a Foreo Luna Mini on her blog. If you thought Clarisonic was a cleaning device that’s you really can’t live without, well, Foreo Luna has just given Clarisonic a run for it’s money!. It’s a total must have and has created a huge buzz in the beauty world. I really would love to buy it one day!. I loved Irene’s review. Do go check it out!


4) Chrys of Oh Chrys! is holding a Book Blogger exchange event where you can sign up to exchange a book with someone internationally. If you are interested, please check this post and sign up. You only have until November 4th to do so. More details over at her blog 🙂


Glorious Mentions!

1) Abidha of Abidha Ayyoob’s Blog mentioned my review of Dove HFR Intensive Roots Treatment in her August – October favorites post. Thank you, Abi!. She also generally mentioned my blog and thanked me for nominating her for the Super Sweet Blogger Award, in her August – October recap post. :). You are really sweet indeed, Abi 🙂

2) Irene of Drab to Fab, also mentioned my Dove HFR IRT review in her post about the September edition of Glambox, which contained the 7 vials of hair miracle from Dove!. Thanks Irene!. Head over to her blog to read about her hauls which are seriously amazing. Love it!

So that’s it for now. Have a wonderful November ahead of you!

Note: I didn’t get the time to do the September Link Loves. However, I will do it soon. Stay tuned to see if your September posts gets featured in it 🙂


Naz 🙂

August Link loves!

Hey guys!

Where the heck does the time fly off to??. It’s end of August already and we are more than half way done with 2013. What’s your guy’s thoughts on that?. Have you guys been true to your ‘New Year Resolutions’?. Still not too late to stick to it 😛

Alright, now only my absolute favorite posts of August:

1) Lottie of Book Adoration went on a fantastic trip to Disney World, Universal Studios and Animal Kingdom in Florida and did this amazing post loaded with everything she did there and pictures that she clicked away!. The way she writes, you can pretty much feel like you are there so go on, check it out!. Here is a collage from Animal Kingdom:


2) Praseena of Coral Crue tried her hand at healthy cooking and made this absolutely yummy looking Spinach Rice, which really impressed her friends!

Spinach rice

3) Monica of Impressions of a Princess did a post on how she researched and decided to move to from If you are looking for a detailed information on how to move to a self hosted blog, I recommend you read her post.

wordpress_com_vs_wordpress_org_logo4) Chrys of OhChrys!, has completed one glorious year of blogging and she did this fantastic post highlighting all her ‘firsts’. it’s nice to read plus she is doing a giveaway. Do check it out and congratulate her on an year of awesomeness!


Glorious mentions

Now, onto the mentions I received this month:

1) Emily Monaco of Organic Authority did a post on all-natural hair treatments and referred to my egg hair mask, recommending it for brunettes. Thank you Emily, for the mention!

2) Dove mentioned me on their Facebook page as a ‘key blogger in UAE’ and that was freaking awesome. They actually highlighted my review of the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Intensive Roots treatment.


3) Lottie mentioned my Super Sweet Blogger Award post in her 14th Sunday Post.

4) In her 15th Sunday Post, Lottie mentioned both my Banana Fritters recipe and my Motivating you to: Declutter post. You are super sweet to mention me, Lottie :). Thank you..

I hope you all have an amazing September ahead of you!. Have a blessed month. Write to you soon!



July Link Loves!

Hello wonderful people!

Have you looked in the mirror today, dear?. And did the mirror tell you that you are really beautiful?. Well, believe in it.. Because it’s true 🙂

And back to my July favorites!

1) Dianna of Stories After Twelve interviewed my dear friend Chrys of Oh, Chrys!. I loved getting to know more about her. Probably you would love to, too. Click here to read her interview. Dianna is a wonderful book blogger whom I got introduced to, through Chrys herself :).

I love this gorgeous header of Stories After Twelve.


2) Abidha of Abidha Ayyoob’s Blog, did a recipe using quinoa, incorporating Indian flavours into it and turning it into a Mutton Masala Quinoa dish. It looks super yummy, delicious and healthy.


3) Lottie of Book Adoration did an amazing post where she emphasizes the importance of friendship and how it lacks at times, in books. I found it entertaining and true!.


4) Chrys of Oh, Chrys! discusses how love triangles can be ‘not’ annoying. It’s a refreshing topic because usually everyone, including Your’s Truly!, thinks how extremely annoying love triangles are. She gives seven reasons as to how not to see it as annoying!. She is so creative, I love her!


Glorious mentions

1) Lottie of Book Adoration has (yet again!) nominated me for another award. This time it’s the Super Sweet Blogger Award!. Oh my god, Lottie. It warms my heart to know that you consider me ‘super sweet’. I will be doing an acceptance post quite soon!


2) Lottie mentioned my Very Inspiring Blogger Award post in her 13th Sunday post.

3) Mumzworld mentioned me and reblogged my post about my purchase of the Human Kind all in one anti-ageing cream from their site!. I felt awesome when they featured me there as a Guest blogger.

Here is the pic they added to the post. Thank you, Mumzworld!


4) Lottie also mentioned in her 11th Sunday Post that I got interviewed over at Ensconced in YA’s blog 🙂

I hope all of my lovely readers have an amazing August ahead of you 🙂



June Link Loves!

Hello wonderful people!

Time flies so fast!. It was just so so recently that I did my May link loves but yet I find myself here, writing out the next one…

Here are my June favorites:

1) Renae of Respiring Thoughts did an EXCELLENT post on something that I deeply believe and agree on. And that is the hatred towards the concept of authors bringing back characters they had decided to kill off earlier. It’s a fantastic topic and she did justice to it. You shouldn’t miss out on her post titled Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Do you like it if an author decides to bring a character back from dead?.


2) Lottie of Book Adoration has decided to join The Japanese Literature Challenge spanning from now until Jan 30th, 2014. Do you guys think you are up for the same challenge?. 

Jap Lit 7

Glorious mentions

1) Lottie of Book Adoration has nominated me for Very Inspiring Blogger award. Wow!. I am so grateful for that, Lottie. You all will see the pretty button below adorning the right side of my blog as soon as I do the acceptance post, which is very soon!


2) Christina of Ensconsed in YA has turned one recently and is holding a huge giveaway. She mentioned me in that post as one of her wonderful followers and that means the world to me!. Thank you Christina. You are amazing!

one year

I hope all of you had an excellent June!. Wishing that you all have a better July ahead of you 🙂

Love always,


May Link Loves!

Hi guys!

I am so glad that the new series of monthly Link Loves was loved by all, since I started it last month.

Following are my May favorites!

1) I haven’t read any Manga stories yet. Lottie from Book Adoration tries to convince us all why we should totally read Manga. I thought she presented it really well and I will definitely give Manga a try 🙂


2) Praseena from Coral Crue did a review of Cetaphil. Now that’s a name that is very popular among beauty gurus in US/Canada. I recently spotted it in Bin Sina Pharmacy. I haven’t bought it yet. But Praseena has given a nice review. Do check it out!. She is from India. So my Indian readers, check the price of this awesome product and decide for yourself if you wanna get one too 😀


3) Chrys from Oh Chrys! once again comes out with an amazing blog tutorial. This time it’s on how to change the colors of highlighted text and background. She is so much into designing and all that. So she is pretty much a master at this. I hope you guys have already checked out her brilliant tutorial which I highlighted last month.


4) There are a bunch of guys on YouTube who are friends with each other and they have individual YT channels all dedicated to comedy and hilarious videos. One of them, Sam Pepper, made this video with his friend BB and I found is ROFL good!. I watched it like 10 times already. The mix of all the songs are excellent. It makes me laugh every single time particularly the “I am a Barbie Girl song scene”. BB is awesome in the “Locked out of Heaven song scene”. It’s purely for entertainment purposes only. Check it out!

Those are my favs for this month!

Lastly, this month, I received a pretty gift from the author Theresa McClinton. Guess what it is??. It’s the Reliable Blogger Award button!. How cool yeah?. I got it coz I was part of her Escaping Darkness book blast and I posted it on my blog on the agreed date unlike some other bloggers who simply failed to do so.


Isn’t it gorgeous?. I proudly am showing it off on the right side of my blog along with my other blog awards 🙂

Hope you guys had an amazing May!

Love always,

Naz 🙂