Do I Need a Kid in My Life?

Hi guys,

This post is a personal discussion between you and I. Have you ever been on the fence about whether or not to have a kid in your life?. Then read ahead :

I never wanted kids in my life… You might wonder what kind of woman am I to say something like that. But it’s the truth. In fact, I know there is a minority in the society consisting of women who share my sentiments. I am writing this for those women..

Today, I am a mother to a 22 months old son. I had him after 4 years of married life. Even after the initial year of my marriage, people had started asking when I am gonna have a kid and it annoyed me a lot. That’s how the Indian society is. My husband said we should enjoy life freely and thus, we put the ‘family planning’ on hold. But after 4 years, hubby said it’s his dream to have a kid and I was shattered. I finally told him I am not ready and nor I ever will be and he was shocked.

We had several discussions, mostly arguements but then he asked me why did I get married if I didn’t want kids.. Hmm, interesting point.Β  Truth is that, I didn’t wanna get married at all but then my parents wanted me to have a support, a husband, a family and I had just gone with the flow.

Anyways long story short, I understood that it’s truly selfish if I didn’t let my husband realize his dreams of being a father. Then I became a mom. Our son, Eshaan, was born in 2015 and it was just amazing πŸ‘Ά

A little bundle of joy indeed, something I would have missed out on if I had decided to never have kids. I realized a lot of things after actually being a mom and I will discuss it with you now. It might help you to finally make your own decision. Here they are below in points :

● First and foremost thing is that a child becomes your future. Something to look forward to… Something to live for….

● When you are old and needs support,Β  it’s your child(ren) who will look after you.Β  Well, that’s the hope atleast. We can’t predict at all, how the future would be but you can raise a child with values and they will respect you forever.

● You grow with them. Children teach a lot of things to us too. My son has taught me to be a better person..

●  The joy that you experience when they develop each day, do/say something new is inexplicable. Even their smile lights up your day. Every moment, a memory created, to be relived another day..

● A child is a happiness maker. Recently, I noticed how sensitive my son is to my moods. When I am sad, he calls me, gets my attention, kisses me and generally just distracts me from whatever I am sad about. I am incredibly amazed by how much a kid understands even from such a young age.

● The fact that this little person comes to you for comfort is just adorable. They need you and you can’t help but need them back.

● When I hold my son, I just feel complete. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s like a puzzle that’s complete, now that he has come into my life..

Picture source :

● Since becoming a mom, I realize how big this role is. I now respect my mom more.

● Kids are one of God’s most precious gifts. They keep amazing you each day..

● Sometimes I just want him to sleep, so that I can rest. But once he does sleep, I surprise myself when I feel a longing to hold him again and play with him..

● A child brings more love into the family. The love between you and your hubby increases like ten fold Β πŸ’‘

These are but a few points that I wish to convey to you. By the way, motherhood isn’t just happiness. It’s tough. It definitely is. I believe that when I am discussing it, I should discuss it all & not just paint a picture of joy.

● Be ready to be responsible. You have a little person depending on you. That’s huge.

● Be ready to get your patience tested. Sometimes I just wanna rip my hair apart. That’s how much my son makes me go nuts, by being stubborn. But I need to learn patience. I am slowly doing it and that’s why I said earlier that he makes me a better person.

● Be ready to learn that your kid is an individual, one with his/her own viewpoints, that might clash with your’s.

In another twoΒ  years, my son would be ready for school and God only knows how I would cope with that. More responsibility,Β  more madness & craziness coming up in my life. But then again, I am happy. That’s what truly matters…

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Review : Mother Sparsh worry free baby products!

Hey guys,

Today I want to introduce you to a worry free brand of Ayurvedic babycare products that I am absolutely loving at the moment, Mother Sparsh, which literally means Mother’s Touch.

They make 8 products in all and I will be reviewing 7 of them. So, here goes :

● 98% Water baby wet wipes – This product is quite innovative and one to definitely try out. Usually baby wipes are loaded with parabens and have a high alcohol content in them. However, this one has 98% water in it, is paraben free and thus is the purest wipes ever!

Mother Sparsh baby wet wipes

The material of the wipe is light & a stretchy kind. It says on the pack that it is ‘Non woven Spunlace fabric’. It has Aloe Vera extract in it, is pH balanced and enriched with vitamin E. It has extra moisture in it & does an excellent job of cleaning, while imparting a pleasant scent.

I love that each time a wipe is pulled, it brings up an individual wipe rather than pulling up the next one half way with it. This helps in handling the wipes one handed.

Price : Rs 185 for a pack containing 80 wipes. However, as an introductory offer, the price is Rs 150 now.

● Baby Massage oil (Lal tail) – Lal tail translates to ‘red oil’. This one smells absolutely phenomenal thanks to the wonderfulΒ  blend of different Ayurvedic Herbs & oil. It mainly contains Sesame oil (which is known to improve blood circulation & strength of whole body) & Sankhpushpi (which has a calming effect).

Lal tail baby massage oil

This is a great massage oil & can be used on the scalp too. It comes in a easy to handle flip open plastic bottle.

Price : Rs 96 for a 100ml bottle.

Currently though,Β  there is an offer whereby you can get a baby lotion (40 ml) worth Rs 34, free with a Lal tail.

Mother Sparsh offer pack

● Baby lotion – Out of all the Mother Sparsh products, this one’s scent is my favorite. It is so pleasant & refreshing. It contains mainly Olive oil & Aloe Vera.

The lotion is white in color and very runny in consistency.Β It is so moisturizing and leaves the baby’s skin pleasantly scented and soft.

Mother Sparsh baby lotion

The full sized product that they sell comes in a bottle. However, the one that I am reviewing, is the 40ml sample that came with the Lal tail. It came in a tube. Tubes are great for creams & for something as runny as this lotion, this tube is a wrong choice of packaging. There is literally no control over how much product can be dispensed with each squeeze. It just spurts out. I wish they used a mini bottle for packaging this sample.

Price : Rs 85 for a full sized 100 ml bottle.

● Baby body wash – This is a straw colored, lightly viscous liquid gel that mainly contains Olive & Turmeric. It has a soapy kind of smell which is OK. Turmeric helps fight infections & such. It lathers lightly and a little goes a long way. It comes in a flip open bottle, which is convenient to use during bath time. I liked it a lot.

Mother Sparsh baby body wash

Price : Rs 85 for a 100 ml bottle.

● Baby powder – This one contains Tulsi & Aloe Vera. The powder is very fine and easy to spread on the skin. However,Β  I am not that keen about it’s scent. It’s Ayurvedic like but way too strong.

Mother Sparsh baby powder

The product might be working well on the baby’s skin due to the Ayurvedic content in it but the smell is quite off-putting. The container that it comes in has three indentations on each side of it so that it’s easy to grab onto it. That’s quite nice.

Price – Rs 62 for a 100 gms container.

● Baby soap – This is a white colored, beautifully scented bar uof soap. It contains Almond oil & Olive oil. It lathers quite well and leaves the baby smelling great. It is quite dense and not the kind that melts away fast.

Mother Sparsh baby Soap

Price : Rs 48 for a 75 gms bar

● Gripe water – This is an all natural choice for stomach discomfort, gas, colic, teething and hiccups. I have used gripe water in the past. Mother Sparsh’s gripe water contains Saunf (Fennel) & Pudina (Mint). It’s a straw colored liquid with a medicinal scent.

Mother Sparsh Gripe water

It can be given to even newborn babies. My son is nearing 2 years old and for that age it says here on the pack that they can be given 10 ml 3 times per day. But, I give it to him only when I feel he has a discomfort.

Price : Rs 55 for a bottle containing 130 ml

Mother Sparsh products are alcohol free, parabens free, phthalate free & worry free. All products have a different color on their respective packaging and are easy on the eyes & pleasant. Overall,Β  I find this brand budget friendly & trust worthy. You should definitely try it out.

These products can be bought online from, Amazon India & Flipkart. Check out Mother Sparsh’s site for more details.

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Note : These products were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are 100% honest & my own.

How to : Heal Nappy Rashes at Home!

When your little one gets a nappy rash, it’s really a testing time for you as a parent. Those harsh cries, painful face expressions… it’s enough to make you lose your sleep. Here are five tried and tested things for you to do at home, so that your baby’s nappy rash heals ultra fast!

● Cloth diapers – Stop using disposable diapers, since the sides of it will only chafe against the rash and make it worse. Use cloth or cloth diapers. These are gentle on the skin. Here are some that I use for my son :

Cloth diaper

This one was a gift from someone.

Cloth diaper

This one was bought from India. It’s by the brand Tinycare & costs Rs 85 (Approx AED 4.63). It has these convenient Velcro straps that can be adjusted according to the size of the baby.

Cloth diaper

This one was a gift from someone. It’s my favorite one. It has lots of press-on buttons on it that can be adjusted according to size of the baby. It’s by the brand GreenFuture.

Diaper panty

These are diaper panties. I got these from BabyShop and are by the brand Juniors. The blue one is really great to use. I haven’t used the white one yet because it’s for upto 12 months and is loose for him now.. The blue one costs AED 15 and the white one AED 12.

● Baby wipes – Stop using baby wipes as soon as you see the formation of rashes. The harmful chemicals in it, especially Propylene Glycol, creates a burning sensation for the babies and it makes them cry harder.

● Diaper rash cream – Using these help towards healing rashes faster. Apply it generously on the nappy area after bathing and after each time you wash it. I am currently using one from an Indian brand called Himalaya Herbals. If you are buying online, based on popular reviews, I recommend you try the Calendula Diaper Rash Cream by Weleda.

diaper rash cream

● Dusting powder -After using diaper rash cream or directly after bathing/washing nappy area, use a dusting powder there. This helps to absorb wetness and to calm down irritated/chafed skin. I am using the brand Abzorb. If you are buying online, based on popular reviews, I recommend you try the Silky Dusting Powder from Nature’s Baby Organics brand, which is a crueltyfree/vegan product.

Abzorb dusting powder

● The magical step – Fifth and final step, this makes the whole difference in the world. Do this just once and then itself you will notice a good difference and in three days time, nappy rash would be completely gone.. 100% guaranteed (in my experience!).

You will need to take couple of handfuls of whole coriander seeds and boil it in some water. No particular measurements here. Just a small pot full. It will have an intense color, since it’s concentrated.

After that, when you are running warm water to bathe your little one, strain the coriander seeds out and add some of the boiled water to it. This will look diluted but still, don’t worry, that’s all you need. Also, when washing the baby after s/he does a poopoo, wash using the coriander water. This works because coriander seeds have antiseptic properties and helps heal rashes and itchy skin.

I really hope these 5 little steps help your little one feel happy and rash free β™₯

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Dealing with Colic in Babies!

Hey all,

I wouldn’t categorize my son as colicky buy there are times when no amount of trying, makes him stop crying. This inconsolable crying that is intense and lasts for some time is the condition called Colic. This is a common condition and can start from as early as 2 weeks and last until 6th month. In my son, I noticed this from 3.5 months onwards. He is 5 months old now.

Some symptoms :

● Crying starts just like that without any particular reason
● No amount of trying helps
● Baby passes more gas
● His little tummy seems swollen
● He furrows his brows with the intensity of crying
● He brings up his legs towards his stomach and clenches stomach muscles

There is no particular cure for Colic. Only passing of time and some medicines will help relieve the baby. Here are the medicines that I use for him, so that he feels relieved from the gas build up in his stomach :

● Gripe water – This is a very popular product that is given to such babies. I bought one too. It was an over-the-counter purchase and not with a prescription from the doctor. It’s by the brand Woodward’s, which is popular where I live. It’s a gentle antacid and helps to calm down any acid reflux that happens in the baby. It is colorless and has a soothing taste. Price : Rs 40 (Approx AED 2.19) for a 130 ml bottle.

Gripe water

● Colicaid Drops – This is made to deal with Infant Colic, Griping Pain & Flatulence. It’s a thick, white product. It contains Dill oil, Fennel oil and Simethicone, which is an active ingredient that helps relieve colic. Price : Rs 66 (Approx AED 3.61) for a 30 ml bottle.


● Colicaid EZ– Produced by the same company that produces Colicaid Drops, this one is slightly different. The ‘EZ’ in the name stands for Enzyme. This works better than the previous one. It contains Diastase, Pepsin and Simethicone. It’s made to relieve Indigestion, Flatulence & Infant Colic. It’s brown in color, thick in consistency and has a very strong taste. Price : Rs 60.50 (Approx AED 3.31) for a 15 ml bottle.

Colicaid EZ

● Colicarmin – This is my favorite one because it seems to give instant relief to him. It’s an orange / red colored product. It’s a completely herbal product with Soya, Cardamom, Hing & Sanchal in it. This is a product I highly recommend. Price : Rs 40 (Approx AED 2.19) for a 30 ml bottle.


● Babylac powder – Introducing probiotics into your child’s body is a great way to combat indigestion, which inevitably leads to more gas production. The Lactic Acid Bacillus in this product creates healthy bacteria in your baby’s intestine. It’s a white colored powder, that should be diluted in water or milk. Price : Rs 73.70 (Approx AED 4.04) for a 30 gms container.


Other things that help :

● Putting baby in a prone position helps him to expel gas and be relieved.

● Holding him in an upright position while feeding helps him to swallow less air, thus creating less gas inside him.

● While preparing formula milk, don’t make it immediately before feeding, since you will be shaking the bottle during prep, which creates air bubbles in the milk. Let it settle for couple of minutes and then only offer it to your baby.

Hope this post helps you out in some way or the other. It’s not a comprehensive guide on colic yet these are things that have worked for me. All medicines mentioned above, except Gripe Water were bought after my doc prescribed it for him. Everything was purchased from India. If you would like to buy gripe water or other popular, over-the-counter colic products that doesn’t need a doctor’s prescription, check out this US based site that ships worldwide.

The above is a post I wrote for City Times magazine, back in April. To read the post there, click here

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