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Blast from the Past : Top 10 posts of 2014!

Hey guys!

It’s time to reflect back on this year!. Here are my top 10 posts of 2014. If you haven’t read them yet, do check it out :). Also, this time I have chosen to feature only my top 10 non-giveaway posts.

Without further ado, here they are in descending order!

10) How to: Purchase from iHerb! came in 10th place with 210 views!


9) iHerb haul #3 – the ‘Cure all’ oil! came in 9th place with 224 views!

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8) Review: Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion and Peel system! (Amazon purchase #2) came in 8th place with 229 views!


7) Review : Eye-o-sonic by Michael Todd’s True Organics! came in 7th place with 259 views!


6) Review: April 2014 Glambox! came in 6th place with 311 views!

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5) iHerb haul #1 – Skincare oils! came in 5th place with 446 views!

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4) Review: Foreo Luna! came in 4th place with 512 views!

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3) Affordable jewelry from Cost 21! came in 3rd place with 732 views!


2) Review: EYOVA Hair nutrient with Egg oil! came in 2nd place with 825 views!


and finally,

1) Review : Ponds Age Miracle products! came in 1st place with 4073 views!

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My top three posts of all time!

All three were originally published in 2013

3) How to: Purchase from Amazon US store from UAE! came in 3rd place with 15056 views!


2) My experience with hair rebonding… came in 2nd place with 31671 views!

Smooth hair

1) 2 eggs = 1 fabulous DIY hair mask + 1 face mask! came in 1st place with a whopping 58612 views!


Top 5 commenters!

I love comments!. They show that you care for the efforts I put in to each of my posts. My top 5 are mentioned below. I thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥

1) Abidha of Abidha Ayyoob’s Blog

2) Praseena of Coral Crue

3) Irene of Drab 2 Fabz

4) Sarah of Blend N Smack

5) Sally of Canadian Sassy Sally

Alright you guys.. This is a long post. I hope 2014 treated you well. Here is to an even better and prosperous 2015!!


Naz 🙂

Affordable jewelry from Cost 21!

Hey guys!

Recently I stumbled upon this amazing website which sells fashion jewelry which looks great but is really cheap priced. They have literally everything there – Necklaces (short, long, statement ones and more), leather bracelets, cute rings, metal bangle bracelets, wigs, lingerie, you name it, it’s there!. I am talking about Cost 21. Have you ever heard of this site or shopped from there?.

Here are some random amazing items from the site (Click on the pix to be taken to that item):


Extremely simple heart chain, cost $0.29


Heart bangle, costs $0.99


Peacock bangle bracelet, costs $2.45


Love anklet (It’s so cute!!) costs $2.99


Pretty earrings, costs $3.74


Crescent necklace, costs $3.89


Angel wings ring,  costs $3.99


Gorgeous collarbone chain (God I love this one!), costs $7.27


Tassled ring (It’s amazing!), costs $7.99


Retro pearl collar, costs $9.74

and many more…

So you guys, what do you think of these pieces?. Aren’t they just adorable?. Cost 21 ships worldwide by the way. Anyways, just wanted to pass on an amazing site to my readers.

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Naz 🙂