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August Link loves!

Hey guys!

Where the heck does the time fly off to??. It’s end of August already and we are more than half way done with 2013. What’s your guy’s thoughts on that?. Have you guys been true to your ‘New Year Resolutions’?. Still not too late to stick to it 😛

Alright, now only my absolute favorite posts of August:

1) Lottie of Book Adoration went on a fantastic trip to Disney World, Universal Studios and Animal Kingdom in Florida and did this amazing post loaded with everything she did there and pictures that she clicked away!. The way she writes, you can pretty much feel like you are there so go on, check it out!. Here is a collage from Animal Kingdom:


2) Praseena of Coral Crue tried her hand at healthy cooking and made this absolutely yummy looking Spinach Rice, which really impressed her friends!

Spinach rice

3) Monica of Impressions of a Princess did a post on how she researched and decided to move to WordPress.org from WordPress.com. If you are looking for a detailed information on how to move to a self hosted blog, I recommend you read her post.

wordpress_com_vs_wordpress_org_logo4) Chrys of OhChrys!, has completed one glorious year of blogging and she did this fantastic post highlighting all her ‘firsts’. it’s nice to read plus she is doing a giveaway. Do check it out and congratulate her on an year of awesomeness!


Glorious mentions

Now, onto the mentions I received this month:

1) Emily Monaco of Organic Authority did a post on all-natural hair treatments and referred to my egg hair mask, recommending it for brunettes. Thank you Emily, for the mention!

2) Dove mentioned me on their Facebook page as a ‘key blogger in UAE’ and that was freaking awesome. They actually highlighted my review of the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Intensive Roots treatment.


3) Lottie mentioned my Super Sweet Blogger Award post in her 14th Sunday Post.

4) In her 15th Sunday Post, Lottie mentioned both my Banana Fritters recipe and my Motivating you to: Declutter post. You are super sweet to mention me, Lottie :). Thank you..

I hope you all have an amazing September ahead of you!. Have a blessed month. Write to you soon!



Banana fritters recipe!


Well, for the first time ever, I am going to do a post on cooking!. That makes my blog have much more variety than it already has 🙂

I am starting with an extremely simple dish. Banana Fritters aka Pazhampori (in Malayalam). Some of my Keralite friends, reading this might think “That’s so freaking easy. What’s the need for a whole post about it??”. I did think of that too and the only thing I can say is, I might be doing it differently. Your way might be different from mine right?. So give mine, a try!

You will need

  • Ripe bananas – 2
  • All Purpose Flour – 110 gms (Approx)
  • Wheat flour (Aatta podi) – 110 gms (Approx)
  • Rice powder – 2 tbsp
  • Salt – 1/4 tsp
  • Sugar – 5 tsp
  • Bicarbonate of Soda – A pinch
  • Cardamom – 3 to 4 pieces
  • Water – Enough to create an awesome batter
  • A bowl to mix in


1) First, here is how ripe the banana should be.


2) Slice it into slanted thin slices like this.



3) Then take a mixing bowl and add the dry ingredients. In no particular order, here are the pix. I haven’t clicked adding all the dry ingredients basically, coz it’s just powder on top of powder :P… Just make sure that the ratio of All Purpose Flour to Wheat flour is 1:1. Adjust the amount of sugar according to your liking. 5 tsp is just right. Salt is added, to kinda counteract against the sweetness.

20130806_175823 20130806_180156 20130806_180456

4) Add water (normal temperature) slowly into the powder, while mixing with your spoon. If you add a lot of water at a single time, you would get a lumpy batter. Pouring water little by little each time and mixing simultaneously helps in getting a lump free batter.


5) Once you get the right consistency of the batter, lightly crush the cardamoms and get the tiny black seeds from inside it. Add that to the batter, as whole. If you don’t like the taste of cardamom, skip this step.

20130806_181157 20130806_181251

6) Dip the banana pieces into the batter. When you dip one and raise it, the batter shouldn’t run off it, instead, there should be a nice coating on it. Dripping/Runny batter means the water level is too high. If that does happen, add a bit more of one of the dry ingredients like rice powder.


7) Deep fry it on high flame for a few minutes i.e, until it turns a golden color.



Some extra info

1) Rice powder and bicarbonate of soda are used to make the fritters crispy.

2) Some add a pinch of turmeric in the batter so that the final coating has a yellow tint. Frankly, I find that yellow color to be kinda sick. So I don’t add it.

3) If you want to keep it healthy, instead of mixing all purpose flour and wheat flour, use only the latter.

4) Adding the black seeds from 3 – 4 cardamoms enhances the flavor of the batter only very slightly. If you want to add more, you can. I don’t like the taste of cardamom to be overpowering, so I use only that much. The aroma of cardamom is nice.

5) If you have leftover batter with banana dipped in it, store it in the fridge for a maximum of one day.

Alright guys, if you try this or you would like to share your recipe or what you do differently, comment below, because I totally love feedback!



Note: I really don’t know if I will be doing more cooking posts. But still, I will be listing this post under a new category ‘Get Cooking!’ instead of ‘Random’. Let’s see. I might post some Indian dishes in future. Nothing extravagant!. I like keeping it simple.. always…