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Blast from the Past : Top 10 posts of 2013!

Hi again!

This past year had been an eventful one!. I would like to take you on a short journey through these past posts. According to the total views received per post, I have selected my top 10 posts (out of 79) and linked them below. If you have missed them, please do check them out!

Without further ado, here they are in descending order!

10) Haircare : A conditioning DIY hair mask.. came in 10th place with a total of 524 views.


9) Review: Lily Cole Pearl Radiance Primer from The Body Shop.. came in 9th place with 658 views.


8) Eight Valentine’s day gift ideas for her!.. came in 8th place with 763 views.


7) Ben Nye banana powder in UAE!.. came in 7th place with 1688 views.


6) How to: DIY ACV face toner!.. came in 6th place with 2642 views.


5) Review : Dove Hair Fall Rescue Intensive Roots Treatment! .. came in 5th place with 2968 views!


4) How to: Purchase from Amazon US store from UAE!.. came in 4th place with 3921 views!


3) Daily dose of anti-oxidants (DIY at home facial).. came in 3rd place with 4302 views!


2) NARS makeup in UAE!.. came in 2nd place with 5298 views!


And now for the WINNING post!.. 

1) 2 eggs = 1 fabulous DIY hair mask + 1 face mask!.. came in 1st place with WHOPPING 30,433 views!!


My blog and it’s viewership has grown so much. To think that my top post of 2012 had only 499 views!. Oh boy!!. Now look at the number of views on my top post of 2013. It’s 30,433!. That’s really huge. For me, views mean a lot.

I am quite glad that giveaway posts are not the ones that made it to my top 10. That means people view my regular posts more. I love it when people follow me to know more about my thoughts on different things and not just for giveaways. I am slightly low though that none of the book reviews have got into the top 10. Anyways, am overall happy with the 2013 results!. Thank you all for sharing my posts and referring your friends!

I hope you had a beautiful, wonderful 2013. Here is to an even better 2014 🙂


Naz 🙂

Ben Nye banana powder in UAE!

Hello beautiful friends!

Recently I wrote about the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) and just in passing, I had mentioned that Ben Nye banana powder is available in the Kuwait pavilion. One of the my lovely followers, Rekss, asked me further questions on it and though I gave her most of what I knew, I still felt the information was vague. So I decided to head to DSF again. So last week, I went there and here is everything that I found out.


1) First company offering Ben Nye products in UAE : Character Professional & Cinema Make-up.

So this particular company has a store in the Kuwait pavilion at DSF. When entering from the front entrance (pictured below – I clicked it!), you will have to walk all the way towards the back entrance and look for the store with ‘Character’ written on the board in Arabic. If you can’t read Arabic, it’s OK. Just look for the store number 11 on the board. Once you reach there, you can see the name Character Professional & Cinema Make-up written on the background wall of the store. They deal with both Ben Nye (USA) and Makeup Studio (Netherlands).


I was able to find banana powders in the following colors : Fair, Coco tan, Pretty pink, Neutral set and the yellow one. A small bottle of 42 gms costs AED 75 and a bottle of 99 gms costs AED 100. Please note that on my last visit, they quoted me AED 78 for the 42 gms bottle.

So that’s all the stuff I found from there. Two days later I decided to contact them directly on their main office number to get to know more buying options. So here are 2 other ways to purchase those products as told to me by one of their representatives on phone.

a) From the main office itself : This is the location of the main office –

Room 203, 2nd Floor,
Al Bakhit Center,
Abu Baker Sidique Road,
Deira, Dubai
Tel: +971 4 2699552

Al Bakhit

You can walk in directly and purchase it from them.

b) You can call the above number and arrange an appointment whereby a sales person will come to your home along with the products and you can check, test and buy them if you wish to!. This is free of charge. I think this is an excellent option for serious buyers out there. Wherever you are in the UAE, you can arrange a meeting at your home (I meant to say that this is not only offered in Dubai but in other cities too)

2) Second company offering Ben Nye products in UAE : Nina Gallery. I did more research and found out about this company.

Here is their address and contact number:

Nina Gallery,
Ground floor
Al Khaleej center,
Al Mankhool Road,
Bur Dubai, Dubai
Tel: +971 4 3599412

Al Khaleej

I called them and they said that currently Ben Nye banana powders are out of stock and will be available by the end of next week. They are getting it shipped from USA. There are already about 20 clients on waiting-list for those products.  If you wish to go on wait-list too for a particular product, you can email your details to ninagallery@gmail.com

So that’s it guys!. That’s all the info I could find out. Rekss and anyone looking for Ben Nye products in UAE, I hope you all found this post helpful.

Love always,


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