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Six female celebrities with unique hobbies!

Every individual has a hobby that is either outspokenly known or discreetly kept in the pocket. Some people have a knack for creating art, playing a musical instrument, collecting aged keepsakes, or participating in sports. Hobbies are things often done in one’s free time; these are interests that bring forth sheer joy.

It may not look like it, but celebrities also attend to creative pursuits outside their regular occupation despite the strenuous schedule. Many of these famed personalities are just like everyone else. However, a few stand out more than others do. Have a look at which female celebrities have hobbies that go beyond the ordinary.

Eva Longoria: Shooting

Even today, when stereotypically feminine activities are persistently questioned and challenged, some people are still hesitant about the image of a woman with a gun. Most will shrug off this trace of gender normativity and continue to boldly claim their love for shooting.

In a 2006 interview by the Chicago Tribune, Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria recalled her childhood growing up with guns. She noted that the experience helped her prepare for her role in The Sentinel movie. Longoria revealed that she loves shooting guns, a hobby of hers that makes her feel she is on vacation.

Want to try your hand at this? If you wish to get into this hobby, there are a lot of firing ranges where you can try shooting. With enough practice, you can already buy your own gear, such as handguards and front grips.

Paris Hilton: Herping

She is often associated with all things most girls do not have. Paris Hilton, as portrayed in media, is a breath of pink, with diamond-encrusted accessories and golden locks swinging back and forth to the tempo of her stilettos.

While the public may view her as a person whose heart is reserved only for dogs, she also secretly loves catching amphibians and reptiles, specifically, frogs. Recognized for being an animal activist, Hilton previously clarified her approach for capturing these little cold-blooded animals around her ranch, which she said is completely humane. She always makes sure to release them back into the wild after getting hold of these creatures.

Want to try your hand at this? While it is endearing to know about this side of Hilton, we do not recommend adopting this hobby. Perhaps, the better option is to volunteer at animal centers and shelters if you have a soft spot for big and small creatures.

Julia Roberts: Knitting

American actress Julia Roberts has the ideal hobby for passing slow hours on a movie set: knitting all possible forms, whether a beanie, a coaster, or even a scarf. Roberts is such a devoted knitter that she has even encouraged some of her fellow actors, like August: Osage County costar Julianne Nicholson, to take up knitting. Nicholson reveals that Roberts inspired her so much she was able to complete a sweater she had put down years before her convincing to try knitting again.

Want to try your hand at this? Unlike the rest listed here, trying this hobby is as easy as a snap of the fingers. Well, it is easy to get the self a crochet hook and a bundle of yarn. As for the process itself, it certainly takes getting used to.

Mila Kunis: Video Gaming

This may already be a giveaway, but Mila Kunis has always clung on to video games, which seems pretty common to pick up. However, she once exposed that her love for video games has led her to a full-scale obsession for the multiplayer-online-playing game World of Warcraft.

The American star also admits that her fans know her tendency to stay up late at night to level up all her characters, unbridling her inner nerd for long hours. While she tries to convince her friends to play with her, she says she doesn’t need to look far since the online world has thousands of players more than glad to join her.

Want to try your hand at this? Those who plan on playing World of Warcraft will likely see a world filled with one-handed swords, guns, and pole arms, among others. Knowing the uses of each weapon is important to survive in the game, so make sure to learn about every weapon available.

Azealia Banks: Witchcrafting

Image via Google

Again, most hobbies do not end up in the average pile; some reach an entirely different level. This is where Azealia Banks comes in. Even though she is already known for wandering a little beyond the ordinary, what she does in her free time is still shocking.

In 2016, the American rapper posted a video of her preparing the area where she performs witchcraft and sacrifices animals. The video was taken down later since the footage showed the way she cleaned a small room full of dried blood, feathers, and what were perhaps the remains of two dead chickens. Banks says that she faithfully observes brujeria, a Spanish word that means “witchcraft.”

Want to try your hand at this? Instead of sacrificing actual animals, people who want to experience Banks’s hobby can instead learn how to recite different kinds of adjurations, incantations, and other spells.

Angelina Jolie: Knife Handling

People are familiar with the Academy Award–winning actress’s knife skills in her films like Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Tomb Raider, and Wanted. Her ability to handle this sharp tool does not stop here, as her love for knives has always been apparent when she was eleven or twelve years old.

Her younger version used to collect all kinds of knives, because it allowed her to dive deeper into history and tradition. Although the size of her collection is unspecified, this fact alone is impressive enough.

Want to try your hand at this? Individuals who are considering this hobby may find it intimidating at first, so it’s crucial to have the proper gear when throwing knives and such.

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Review : Museum of Illusions, Dubai!

Hey friends,

Dubai is home to several topnotch attractions. Today, I will be reviewing one of them, Museum of Illusions, that’s located in Al Seef.

Al Seef

This whole area is built to reflect the traditional side of UAE. It’s old world charm is really refreshing, compared to the modern feel of Dubai. Here is the entrance of the museum :

Museum of Illusions

The reception staff were friendly and helpful. It’s a beautifully designed place, minimal in decor and so pleasing to the eye. On the left side, you can find a section where you can buy intellectual games that will challenge your mind. Prices are AED 50+ per game. Each of these games are available for playing inside the museum. Once you are done with the tour, you can come back and decide which one to buy and take home.There are some tshirts for sale too.

Museum of Illusions

Museum of Illusions

Once you enter the area of illusions, you will find things that are inexplicable and mind boggling. Here are several things you will see there :

Museum of Illusions

Frames that look empty at first glance. But once you step up to them, 3D and extemely real images come up on it!

Museum of Illusions

A chair that’s completely an illusion. From a certain angle it looks like a chair, that’s all.

Museum of Illusions

Head on a plate llusion 😨

Museum of Illusions

Strange looking contraption isn’t it?. One person can stand on one side of it and the second person on the other side, looking into the mirrored inside of it. First person then clicks a picture with the flash on. The second person’s photo comes out looking like this :


I just love this pic so much!

Blog in UAE

This was my attire for the day by the way..

Museum of Illusions

Such an awesome illusion!. A table with 6 of me..

Museum of Illusions

An upside down room. Did I mention that coming here, you’ll get some great Instagram worthy pictures?.. 😊

Museum of Illusions

These are the games I mentioned earlier in the post. They can be enjoyed by both adults and kids. It will make your mind work in ways you didn’t know, to solve those.


My absolute favorite illusion is the Ames room. Depending on one’s position they will look either big or small in this room. It’s soo awesome!

Meanwhile my son’s favourite room was probably the room with these lights giving an awesome shadow play.

Museum of Illusions

Overall, it’s a very thrilling and intriguing experience. There are so many more illusions in the museum. You have got to go and see it, if you are someone who appreciates and enjoys things that are out of the norm. It’s a great place to go with your family and kids are just gonna love it. You will find some more attractions and some videos that I captured (like the room that spins and makes you dizzy even though you are standing still!), in the following video. Please watch it :

The museum is open from Sunday to Wednesday from 10 am – 10 pm and from Thursday to Saturday from 10 am – midnight. Ticket prices are AED 80 per adult, AED 60 per child above 5 years and AED 225 for a family (consisting of 2 adults and 2 kids). For more information, check out www.museumofillusions.ae or call 043573999. You can also get AED 10 discounted per ticket if you book your tickets online.

Here are the nearby attractions. I love how peaceful and serene it is. The market area gives a glimpse into the Arabic lifestyle.

Al Seef

Al Seef

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Note : I was not paid to do this review. However, myself and my family were given free entry in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Three Tips to Using Oils to Stay Healthy!

Are you looking for natural ways to keep healthy?. Essentials oils may be the answer you are looking for. When people think of oils, they probably think that it is only limited to aromatherapy. Most people know that oils are placed in an aromatic diffuser so that the house can smell good. But aromatherapy can also have benefits such as mood enhancing and energy boosting depending on the oil that you will use.

But now, research has discovered that oils can be used for a variety of purposes, one of which is to improve the health of individuals. Check out some of the tips below that you can do in order to be healthy through the use of oils.

1. Use them to fight colds and flu – When the fall and winter months come, there’s no denying that some of our family members might fall sick. When that happens and you are adverse to them taking medicines, you may try the natural method and use oils instead. There are so many oils that you can choose to that job. One of those can be peppermint oil, which can relieve chest congestion and even soothe headaches and fever. Other than the peppermint oil, you can also choose lemon essential oil, which is a very effective decongestant. German chamomile can also relieve muscle aches and pains brought about by the flu. Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are so much more oils that you can use. Just do your research to find out what oils you can use and choose one that you are most comfortable with.

2. Use them to get a good night’s rest – Aside from exercise and having a good diet, one of the things that our bodies need in order to be healthy is ample rest. When you don’t get enough sleep or you suffer from chronic sleep deprivation, your body is more at risk to suffer from many diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. When you lack sleep, there is also an increase of cortisol in your body, which is the stress hormone. If you’re having difficulty getting enough sleep, try putting lavender, chamomile or jasmine oil on a cloth and then place that next to your pillow. As you breathe aroma, it will help you have a more relaxed and peaceful sleep.

3. Use them to treat skin rashes and the like – Oils are a great natural remedy that can be used for skin ailments such as rashes or even psoriasis. If your skin itches, it may be due to reasons such as eczema, hives or dry skin. Soothe your skin by applying oils like chamomile. You can even use this for itchy scalp if you are suffering from it. If you want something that you can use as a moisturizer, Good oil hemp is an answer to that. Hempseed oil is perfect as a moisturizer because it has a high content of omega 3. It can help the skin retain hydration and is also used to treat dry hair.

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Exquisite Fine Jewellery Brand ‘Deema’ to Launch New Collection in UAE!

‘Deema’ to Launch New Collection for the First Time in UAE

Traditional Arabic Designs with a Modern Twist Using the Finest Gems and Materials

Award winning design house Deema specializes in the creation of bespoke luxury jewellery, chinaware, and fine artefacts. The brand, led by Mother and Daughter design duo Shadya and Suad Al Riyami, was founded in 2008 as the first ever fine jewellery brand to be born in Oman.

Featuring one of a kind, handmade creations inspired by arts, heritage, nature and culture; Deema’s pioneering  fourth collection will be available in September for the first time in the UAE; via the soon to launch e-commerce site www.deemaoman.com. The highly anticipated new collection boast unique pieces of the highest quality; with an emphasis on excellent craftsmanship and an innovative twist on traditions, the brand reflects the very essence of luxury.

Four distinct lines make up the Deema brand; Islamic Heritage, Heritage, architecture, and Nature, each including its own beautiful assortments, with individual inspirations and telling their own exceptional story.

The Peace Collection

Luminescent, lemon quartz, blue topaz and blue aquamarine stones are blended with 18K yellow gold and diamonds to create the Islamic eight-pointed star pattern, promoting the heritage and richness of Islamic patterns and architectural designs; the inspiration behind the collection.



The Harmony Collection

Richly hued blue and green gemstones conjuring up thoughts of deep oceans, compliment perfectly with lavish 18K white gold and diamonds, to create astonishing beauty in this luxurious collection. The materials symbolically reflect the nautical heritage of the Arabian Gulf region; the blues representing the seas that connect the land with the rest of the world in harmony. Harmony


The Palm Collection

Amethyst gemstones and diamonds are intricately set against earthy tones of sapphire dark green, light green and 18K yellow gold; evoking thoughts of the true beauty of mother nature. The ‘Palm’ is inspired by the striking date trees; the fruit of the Middle East. Palm


Other Deema collections include Eqaam, Deco Art and exclusively for men, Oman El Izz, Opera and Riyam.

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Note: This is a press release, aiming at promotion to a wider audience. I am not compensated in any way for the publication of this post.