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Top 10 Gifts for this Children’s Day!

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Children’s Day is celebrated on Nov 14th. When you hear of Children’s day, what is the first thing that flashes through your mind?. Isn’t it the celebration you had in your school, when you were a kid?. Well, that’s how I remember Children’s day. Sweets are distributed to the kids and some programmes are conducted on that day.

However, the question you need to ask yourself as a parent, on this Children’s day is, how you will celebrate it with your kids, at home. How can you make it special for the kids?. Children’s day doesn’t have to be restricted to being a school event. It should be celebrated at home too.

Here are 10 gift ideas for your lovely kids, in no particular order :

1) Time : The most precious thing you can give your kid is, your time. Quality time spent with your child will change their whole attitude itself. Plan a picnic or a road trip. They will learn several things from this : being open, better communication, respect, being polite to others, value of family etc.


2) Cadbury Dairy Milk : Who doesn’t like chocolates?. Especially, the smooth, creamy and delicious Cadbury!. I am a huge fan of it. This Children’s Day, the Cadbury’s motto is ‘Iss Children’s Day Baccho ke Saath Bacche Ban Jaayein’ (Translation : This Children’s day, become a child along with the children!).


I think it’s a thought provoking & powerful message. There is so much tension in our lives. We sometimes become strict with kids, having no time to tolerate their kiddish ways. But, kids will be pleasantly surprised when you are not being your usual strict self and behaving like a kid with them!. Surprise them.

How much fun would that be, sweetened all the more with Cadbury’s Dairy Milk!. Have you seen this poignant and playful ad they have launched recently?.

3) Dramatic play toys : This is a fantastic gift idea. Pretend play is great to develop the imagination of kids. Excellent examples are doll houses or cookery ranges for girls and doctor or pilot kits for boys.

Pretend play

4) Books : Reading is a habit that can be started very early on. It helps develop the vocabulary and understanding of kids. There are so many gift choices out there depending on the age of the little readers.

Book love

5) Dresses : I have noticed that every kid (that I’ve met), loves to dress up. Even little kids get so excited about new dresses. Nowadays there are so many online shopping sites that host a lot of irresistible discount offers, to choose from.


6) A Piggy bank : Kids should understand the value of money from a young age. I think by age 6 – 7, they will be able to grasp the importance of saving. A piggy bank helps them do it the easy way. A transparent one is the best since kids are more satisfied with visual results than the actual gratification of having saved some money for a particular goal.

Piggy bank

7) Non toxic nail polish that’s kids friendly : Tween girls love to dress up like their moms, imitating her ways of dressing/getting ready. Brands such as Suncoat Girls make water based, chemical free nail polishes that are fun and easily washable (nail polish remover not required!).

Non toxic nail polish

8) Plushie toys : Don’t really think there is an age limit for this one. Everyone loves a plushie. Ah, how adorable it is to hold one..


9) Personalised gifts : Kids love to see their names printed on things. Great ideas are personalising the stationery products/school bags/favourite blanket etc.


10) Colouring books & crayons : My absolute favourite thing to do when I was a kid was, to color. I was pretty good at it. I loved it more than even dolls. Lol!. It helps the kids understand what color is what, the very concept of color & how colorful anything and everything can be..

Coloring books and crayons

I hope you liked this gift guide that I have put together. I believe all the gifts listed are thoughtful and lovely. Do leave a comment below as to what you think about it 😍.

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Review : Cadbury’s Marvelous Creations chocolates!

Hey guys!

Here I am with the review of Cadbury’s ‘Marvelous Creations’ chocolates. These are brand new and will only be released in the UAE market at the end of June / early July ’15. But, I thought to give you guys a preview of what’s coming up 🙂

There are two different chocolates in this range – The ‘Jelly Popping Candy’ & ‘Cookie Gummy Crunch’. The wrappers of this range are really colorful & attractive. The font used for the words ‘Marvelous Creations’ reminds me of carnivals for some reason. It’s playful & nice. The Jelly Popping Candy Cadbury comes in 2 different sizes – 38 gms small pack & 160gms big pack, while the other one comes only in the smaller size, as of now. Another main difference between this range and the regular Cadbury Dairy milk chocolates is that, as shown on the wrappers, each piece is of different sizes and has different patterns printed on them but fits together to be one fun looking, perfect sized bar. Usually, all Cadbury chocolates have the word ‘Cadbury’ printed on them. This new range doesn’t have that.

Jelly Popping Candy


This chocolate has lots of M&M like candies and jelly (tasting of strawberry, if am guessing right) in it. When you take a bite, you get both the gummy feeling of jelly and the crunch from the candies, which has more chocolate inside them. Each bite seems like a revelation!. The mixture of these tastes gel well together and makes this range a very different experience from the regular Cadbury chocolates.


Cookie Gummy Crunch



This one has jelly (the same as the Jelly Popping Candy ones) and pieces of cookies in it!. This one has more of a crunchy feeling.

Personally, I am in love with both. I can’t decide which out of these both is my favorite. The smaller pack will be sold for approx AED 2.75 & the big pack for approx AED 9.50. Wait around for these chocolates to release and once they do, definitely do not miss trying them!

Are you looking forward to this new Cadbury range of chocolates?

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