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Review : LuvIt Chocolates!

Hey guys,

Have you seen LuvIt’s advertisements?. It basically says if someone tries to share their LuvIt chocolate bar with you, you should beware since they might have some vested interest in doing so!. Lol its funny. Anyways, I decided to give it a try to see if it’s that great.

1) LuvIt Chocolate with Roasted Almonds

LuvIt Roasted almonds

This chocolate bar has quite a bit of tiny roasted almond pieces embedded into it. The chocolate itself tastes nice and after having it, the taste of almonds stays in your mouth. I like it. It comes in a lime green pack with a pic of chocolate & almonds on it. Price : Rs 45 (AED 2.47) for a 38 gms pack.

2) LuvIt Chocolate with Fruit & Nuts

LuvIt Rice crispies

This was the first one that I tried and my first impression was great. The chocolate tastes very high quality & quite phenomenal. There are tiny pieces of cashews & raisins embedded in the chocolate. It’s pretty delicious and you must try it. It comes in a red pack with a pic of chocolate, cashews & different types of raisins on it. Price : Rs 40 (AED 2.20) for a 38 gms pack.

3) LuvIt Chocolate with Rice Crispies

LuvIt Rice Crispies

The chocolate tastes good and is covered with rice crispies. It’s not so pretty to see but is very crunchy. It’s quite nice. It comes in a purple colored pack with a pic of chocolate & rice crispies on it. Price : Rs 40 (AED 2.20) for a 38 gms pack.

4) LuvIt Caramelicious!

LuvIt Caramelicious

This bar is quite thick & has a thick layer of caramel inside it. Sounds delicious but it’s not. The caramel does not ooze out and tastes really cheap. This is one chocolate you should skip. It comes in a silver & brown colored pack with a green colored splash on it. It shows chocolate with oozing caramel in it. However, it isn’t oozing out at all, as per my experience. Price : Rs 10 (AED 0.55) for a 20 gms pack.

Overall I have a good impression about this brand. I bought these from Navaratna Hypermarket, Moonnupeediga, Kerala. These are the only variants I could find. I am not sure if there are more.

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Review : Cadbury’s Marvelous Creations chocolates!

Hey guys!

Here I am with the review of Cadbury’s ‘Marvelous Creations’ chocolates. These are brand new and will only be released in the UAE market at the end of June / early July ’15. But, I thought to give you guys a preview of what’s coming up 🙂

There are two different chocolates in this range – The ‘Jelly Popping Candy’ & ‘Cookie Gummy Crunch’. The wrappers of this range are really colorful & attractive. The font used for the words ‘Marvelous Creations’ reminds me of carnivals for some reason. It’s playful & nice. The Jelly Popping Candy Cadbury comes in 2 different sizes – 38 gms small pack & 160gms big pack, while the other one comes only in the smaller size, as of now. Another main difference between this range and the regular Cadbury Dairy milk chocolates is that, as shown on the wrappers, each piece is of different sizes and has different patterns printed on them but fits together to be one fun looking, perfect sized bar. Usually, all Cadbury chocolates have the word ‘Cadbury’ printed on them. This new range doesn’t have that.

Jelly Popping Candy


This chocolate has lots of M&M like candies and jelly (tasting of strawberry, if am guessing right) in it. When you take a bite, you get both the gummy feeling of jelly and the crunch from the candies, which has more chocolate inside them. Each bite seems like a revelation!. The mixture of these tastes gel well together and makes this range a very different experience from the regular Cadbury chocolates.


Cookie Gummy Crunch



This one has jelly (the same as the Jelly Popping Candy ones) and pieces of cookies in it!. This one has more of a crunchy feeling.

Personally, I am in love with both. I can’t decide which out of these both is my favorite. The smaller pack will be sold for approx AED 2.75 & the big pack for approx AED 9.50. Wait around for these chocolates to release and once they do, definitely do not miss trying them!

Are you looking forward to this new Cadbury range of chocolates?

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