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Review: Himalaya Herbals Kajal!

Hey guys!

I love eye liners of any kind. Kajals are intense liners. On my recent visit to India, I bought a kajal by the popular Indian brand Himalaya Herbals. It came in a little green pack.


It says on the pack that this is a ‘Herbal eye – definer’ that contains a unique blend of herbal extracts that cools and nourishes your eyes. It’s ingredients list contains some good names such as Almond oil, Castor oil, Camphor, Damask Rose and Triphala. It contains no harmful chemicals. The tube itself of the kajal looks like a little lipstick. You have to twist the bottom so that the product comes up.


The kajal is extremely smooth and intense. I love how it glides along the lash line so nicely. It’s easily one of the best kajals I have tried. It is waterproof. I didn’t necessarily reach for it because of that reason. Frankly, I don’t really care whether a product is waterproof or not. Once I wear it out for some hours, I remove it using one of my makeup removers along with the makeup on the rest of my face.


In this picture, you can see a single line created with the lightest possible pressure. This is the softest line and yet you can see how dark it is. I am in love with this jet black kajal ♥. You can easily achieve a darker and more intense look too. Using it instantly gives you a seductive and feminine look :P. This kajal is perfect for both beginners and experts I feel. Another awesome feature is it’s handy size. I actually went for the smaller size out of two available sizes. I love carrying it in my purse. In the below pic, look at how small it is!


The tube contains only 1 gm of product but it will last a good while. However, next time I am definitely going to buy the bigger size. I highly recommend this product.

Price : Rs. 45 (AED 2.67)

This product is available in UAE too. If I am not wrong, there is no small sized one here and the bigger size costs about AED18. It’s expensive here when compared to prices in India. That’s why I usually buy products like this that I use every day, from only India, when I go on vacation.

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Naz ♥

Review: Re-mineralizing Body Mask by Izil!

Hey guys!

Izil is a highly effective natural cosmetic brand, made in Morocco. All of their products are made from organically certified highest quality Argan Oil, together with other natural, pure and rare ingredients. 

Izilmask 001

Izil has three collections namely : Face , Body and Hammam collections.

I was delighted to try out their Re-Mineralizing body mask, which is the second treatment in the Hammam collection, the first being the “Beldi Black” Moroccan Soap.

Izilmask 002

This mask is made from Argan oil and Rhassoul clay, a silica-rich cleansing mineral clay mined in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. It claims to do the following:

  • absorb impurities from the skin and replace them with nourishing trace minerals
  • improves skin texture and elasticity
  • rehydrate the skin
  • softens the skin, leaving it subtly scented of Damask rose

During the day, our skin loses nutrients and elements regularly. This mask acts as a mineral supplement by replenishing the skin with those lost nutrients and trace minerals. Rhassoul clay  is renowned for it’s unmatched absorbing virtues and high ratio of Silica, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and other trace minerals, making it one of the best and rarest clay in the world.

Izilmask 004

It has a pasty consistency and you are supposed to apply a thin layer of it on dry or wet skin, preferably after exfoliation. Then you have to leave it on for 10 minutes, before rinsing it out.

I prefer applying it on to wet skin, since it’s easier to spread it on. Also I noticed that I use a lesser amount of the product when doing it on wet skin rather than dry. I mainly use it on my neck/shoulder area, hands and lower legs, from knee down. I feel like I will go through the tub fast if I put it on my entire body and seriously, I don’t want this product to finish!. It’s so lovely.

Izilmask 003

The mask dries by the time it’s 10 minutes. I usually use a scrub before applying this mask, to enhance it’s performance. When rinsing it out, I use circular motions so that there is an increase in blood circulation too. It’s a really relaxing ritual!

It’s scent is that of Damask roses, which I have only heard of before now. The best part is that the scent lingers on for a long time. It’s a rich, luxurious and sensual scent, that is just gorgeous ♥.

The product comes in a plastic tub, containing 150 gms. It contains no parabens, synthetic colors, added fragrance or preservatives. It costs AED 95 and is available at the online store Little Majlis or stores in Dubai Festival City and Souq Madinat Jumeirah.

The result of using this mask is absolutely soft, re-hydrated, nourished and supple skin. I highly recommend this product!

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Naz ♥

Note: I was provided this product for review purpose and all opinions are 100% my own.