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September 2014 Link Loves!

Hiya guys!

How was your September?. Mine was pretty hectic I should say. Preparing to go to India, blogging day and night to schedule posts ahead of time.. Man!. I dunno how I did it :P. It was my husband’s birthday on the 21st and my family came over to celebrate it together. They brought a gorgeous cake too :). It was the Praline Berry Splendor ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. Yum!

bday cake

My husband won a cricket tournament and brought home a massive trophy. I just had to share it with you guys. I am way too proud of him right now ♥. Also, kudos to his team for being awesome!


I became extremely happy when a friend of mine who doesn’t follow a skincare routine, decided to get all the basics to start a routine, after reading my skincare basics post. It’s so delightful to be able to inspire someone to take action! She shared a picture of the products she got and I am so thankful to her for sending it my way:


She bought herself:

  • An Olay offer pack, containing  day cream, a night cream and  face wash, costing AED30
  • Olay Regenerist Pro X skincare tool, costing AED137
  • A Dermoviva toner costing AED6

All of these were purchased from Carrefour, Sharjah City Center.

Alright, on to my favorites this month:

1) Jamie of Some of This and That, did a Swedish meatballs with mushroom cream sauce, which had me drooling over the pix!. It looks really delicious. Do check it out.


2) Megan of Lush to Blush, has done a very informative post on how WordPress is better than Blogger. I completely agree with her. I have no experience working on Blogger but I have enough and more friends who complain about it. I personally love WordPress so much. It’s so user-friendly. If you are considering whether to move to Wordpress or not, I say, go ahead!. Please do and also check out this awesome post by beautiful Megan..


3) Sarah of Blend N Smack, has done a fierce, step by step Halloween makeup tutorial with a half skull, half glam look, that is just so stunning. It amazes me how talented this young friend of mine is. Gosh!. You have got to check her out, especially since this is just the first of a series of Halloween looks that she is going to create!


4) Abidha of Abidha Ayyoob’s Blog, has done a very helpful post sharing her DIY cleansers for AM and PM. I love DIYs. Natural, homemade things always interests me. I am especially in love with her AM cleanser and hope to try it out soon. Do check out this versatile blogger friend of mine!


Glorious Mentions

1) Sarah of Blend N Smack, accepted my nomination and did the Lip Product Addict Tag. She also mentioned my own tag post in it. It was lovely reading through your answers, Sarah. Thanks for doing the tag :).


2) Daania of Serendipity Happens, accepted my nomination and did the Seven Sins of Beauty Tag and also mentioned my own tag post in it. Thanks for doing the tag, Daania. It was so nice getting to know more of your beauty product favs 🙂


3) Renee of Mother Daughter Book Reviews, did a wrap up post for the Frankie DuPont book and mentioned my review of it, in that post. Thanks Renee!


4) Renee also did a wrap up post for two Jeff Gunhus books namely Night Chill and Killer Within and mentioned both my reviews in that post. You can read my reviews by clicking here and here.


5) Monica of Pink Asfoura, did a post on things to remember while shopping when there is a sale going on. I thought it was a very interesting post and when I added a tip of mine in the comments, she loved it and updated her post with it, giving credit to me and mentioning my blog :). Thanks, lovely Monica.

6) Eterspace has mentioned my review of Pose Organic cosmetics on their website permanently 🙂


7) Lastly, Renee also did a wrap up post for the book From the Magical Mind of Mindy Munson and mentioned my review of it, in that post :).


That’s all for now :). I am super stoked for next month, since it’s my birthday month. I have prepared a pretty good giveaway for you guys. So stay tuned for that!. By the way, next month I will be doing posts every alternate day and not every day like I have been doing since July.

Here is wishing that you have an outstanding October ahead of you ♥

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Naz ♥

My experience with hair rebonding…

Hi guys!

In my haircare related posts, I always mention my hair is dry and damaged. Here is a little bit of history on it…. a trip down memory lane..

It was 2009. I was working back then. My hair was a little bit wavy, unmanageable and unruly. So getting them de-tangled right in the morning was a tough job. Also my father always wanted my hair to look great and kept telling me “Ask your Filipina friends how their hair looks so great!”. So finally I decided to do rebonding. I looked around for a perfect salon and with suggestions from couple of my Filipina colleagues, I finally chose a Filipina salon. I chose them because they are experts in the hair rebonding industry. When you decide to do anything, you go to the very best yeah?.

So, depending on my hair length (which is long), I was charged AED1000 for rebonding. It was a six hour procedure. Chemicals (tons of them) were applied, heat was applied, I was told to sit straight once it was all done so that no waves/curls form in the hair. The heat was pretty unbearable by the way. I never use hot tools on my hair so I pretty much had awesome (but unruly) virgin hair back then. [Oh by the way, the last time I had my hair straightened in a salon with a hot tool along with a blow dry was on a special occasion 2 years ago!.]

Anyways finally it was done and I had perfect hair. If you ever see me, my hair is definitely not something you would notice for being pretty. Probably my eyes maybe :P. But definitely not my hair. So finally getting my hair to look great, I was on top of the world. I got compliments by the ton. My confidence level hit an all time high and went right through the roof. Obviously that’s what you too would feel when your hair looks like this right?.

Smooth hair

All was well, until my hair started falling like crazy. At first, I noticed it while bathing. Previously my hairfall wasn’t exactly noticeable. Everyone has hairfall. Infact, on a regular day, a normal person sheds a maximum on 50 strands of hair. So when a lot of hair started falling I couldn’t help but notice. I tried conditioners (from the brand Cream Silk – also what Filipina’s use), but it didn’t make any difference. On my comb, I didn’t find much hair because my hair was so smooth it didn’t get snagged onto the comb. But on the floor, there was a lot of hair. I wasn’t cleaning my rooms back then (my mom was), so I never noticed. My mom did keep saying that I gotta take care of my hair more.

So, one year went by and my hair had already started becoming a bit wavy. The volume of my hair nearly halved. But still, could you really believe how stupid I was when I decided that I wanted to get my hair rebonded again!!.


Jeez. Looking back at those memories, I wish I could dissuade myself from doing it. But I did it again. This time it cost AED800. My hair looked great again. It was almost addicting. That smooth feel. But my hairfall continued.

Today, 4 years later, my hair is still under the category of ‘Damaged’. I do a lot of DIYs, deep conditioning at home etc to try and get back the health y hair. I don’t work now a days and so, I have the time to take care of it like never before. The new hair that grows, seems to be more wavier than my original hair, which is pretty sad. I trim my hair every 2 months so that the ultra straight hair at the bottom is slowly gotten rid of. But what I can say is that the volume that I had, might never come back. It’s sickening really!. Now when I braid my entire hair, I have one ‘tail like’ braid while before I could have 2 braids with double the current one’s volume.

My final verdict : Rebonding gives you short lived happiness. It’s not worth it at all in the long run. If you are thinking about getting your hair rebonded, I would dissuade you completely. Just don’t do it. It’s not worth your time and money. Just look after your hair. Treat it with respect and care. Try to avoid hot tools for everyday use. I hope this post helps atleast someone out there decide against getting their hair rebonded.

[Updated on Dec 3rd, 2016] – Since some of you asked me in the comments below and via email, which oil I use on my hair now, I am updating this post. I actually use several oils, not just one. Here they are :

Good hair oils

Coconut oil (random brand)
Argan oil (Acure)
Apricot oil (Now Foods)
Avocado oil (Now Foods)
Egg oil (Eyova)
Castor oil (random brand)

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Naz :

How to: DIY personalized greeting card..

Hi all,

Let me tell you this guys. I LOVE getting personalized cards rather than an expensive card from Hallmark!. To know that someone actually put in some thought and effort into making a card for me, is a really special feeling. So I try my best to give personalized cards on my family and friends’ bdays.

My mom’s bday is coming up and this time, I thought I will do a post on how I created one for her. First of all, in order to create a card, I don’t usually have the whole idea in my mind. I just have a basic idea and then let it shape itself as I go on with it. You can simply get whatever decorative items you can and put it together to look pretty. I usually save certain things for future simply because I think it would come in handy some day. As you go through the post, you will know how much I am into up-cycling.

Note: This post is loaded with pix because I wanted it to be completely detailed!

Here are things I thought I would need (I didn’t use certain things in the picture. I just had them handy. That’s all):





The basic idea I have is to cover that card board piece with the A4 sized paper so it becomes a thick card. That card board piece is something I got from inside a new pillow case set. Ironically, that pillow cover set was gifted to me by my mom!. 



I have placed the card board piece right in the middle of the paper. Then I taped it into place as below :









In the above pic, I am cutting off the 4 corners (as if I am gift wrapping the card board piece). While doing so, an idea hit me and I decided to save those triangle like pieces. You will see how I used it later 🙂



Now except for that tiny square in the middle, it’s completely covered. I took the second A4 sheet and cut out a piece (the size of the card not the size of the small square) and stuck it to this side.


Now both sides are covered.



Remember those triangle paper pieces I saved? . I decided to color them. I used 5 of the oil pastel sticks from the set I have, in total for this card. Violet, hyacinth violet, yellow green, pink  and red are the colors I used.


I then stuck the 4 triangles together and then stuck it to the card like this :



As you see, I hadn’t planned this before. It just hit me and I thought it would look good. Next, I lifted the petal-like parts of the triangles so that it doesn’t lay flat against the card.


Here is a cute thing I saved from an earring I got from H & M.



I am guessing it will look good in the middle of the triangle structure.



Next I tied the ribbon (which was wrapped around a small goodie bag I got some time back from Dove) on the top of the card.


We will perfect that ribbon in a second!. I then wrote a message on the ribbon.


Close up!


I then got a pack of confetti stars. It came along with a gift bag which I once got from some gift shop.


Then I stuck it to the top. I found a single silver star among the bunch of purple stars!. So I put that in the very middle! I wrote Happy bday. Then I arranged some stars on the bottom part of the card just to see how it looks. Two of the arrangements are shown below. However, those both aren’t the way I finally stuck it.



Shaded those words:



Here is how I finally did the stars and wrote a message for her.



So the front side of the card is done. I kept the theme purple simply because the stars were purple. I brought in the green and pink simply to bring more color rather than the whole thing being monochromatic. Now lets do the other side!

Here I thought of incorporating a teddy which came off my autograph book cover. It’s dress is really soft you know!



I stuck it to the card


Another idea hit me and I decided to keep that side of the card in a red theme. So I got this gift wrap which I once received from a friend. I drew a heart on it so I can easily cut it out.




Below, I stuck it and drew a line to make it look like the teddy had a heart balloon. 




Now here is a bit of glittery stones I saved from a dress of mine. Where can I incorporate that into the card??…



Hmm…. Lets make the heart a bit sparkly!



A message on the ribbon


Personalized message on the card:


In the end, childish looking hearts on the top!


Thus it’s complete. It’s not super creative, however, it’s thoughtful. When making a card, you don’t have to make everything perfect. That is the beauty of it. It’s unique that way.. Let me know below whether you guys liked it and which side you liked more. Do you like DIYs?. Comment below!


Naznin 🙂