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First blogversary and giveaway! (Closed)

Hi guys!

!!!!!!! OMG it’s my first blogversary !!!!!!!

I can’t tell you guys how excited I am. One year has passed since I started blogging. It’s unbelievable!


On this special day, I decided to do some facts for you, as below:

1) I STARTED BLOGGING because, I wanted to share ideas, opinions & my knowledge with others and meet awesome people from around the world. It’s an exhilarating feeling when people view my posts and comment on them :). I have 6867 views at the moment. How awesome is that!!

2) My FIRST EVER POST was a really short introduction. At that point, all I knew was that I didn’t want my blog to be about any one thing only. I felt that to be boring. I wanted it to be a versatile one. I wanted to be able to write about just anything. I am pleased by the kind of posts I have put out so far and the kind of response I have got. I have done product reviews, book reviews, DIY cards, DIY haircare/skincare posts etc.

3) My FIRST EVER PRODUCT REVIEW was for MAC’s Kissable Lipcolor in Flaunting it.

4) My FIRST EVER FOLLOWER was Kate of Sleeping Bootay, from Ireland. Her posts are full of liveliness and loaded with awesomeness :D. I am thankful to her for placing her trust in me, even though I was a newbie at blogging.

5) I have SEVENTY followers so far!. Thank you so much for following me, you guys. Though there are 70 of you wonderful people, its just a very few of you who show constant support by commenting/liking my posts. I am extra thankful for those of you. You know who you are 🙂

6) My blog has received THREE awards so far. All of them were awarded to me by Monica of Impressions of a Princess. I am yet to do a post on my third award. I will do it soon 🙂

7) Including the giveaway in this post, I have done THREE giveaways so far. I love giving back to you guys. So please do support me by letting me know your thoughts on my posts.

8) My TOP THREE COMMENTERS are Monica of Impressions of a Princess, Praseena of Coral Crue and Charlotte of Book Adoration. I am ever so thankful for your love and support!

9) The BEST THING ABOUT BLOGGING is that I could meet so many new and wonderful people from all around the world. I have met fellow book lovers, people who share my love for makeup and even book authors!. Blogging has made me a better person I can say. Because of it, I always have something to look forward to in my mundane day to day life.

10) Out of the 45 published posts so far, two posts have CROSSED OVER 500 VIEWS each. They are posts about Sunfeast Dark Fantasy biscuit (MY FAV EVER) and Dubai Shopping Festival.

11) I FELT REALLY SAD when I lost TWO followers right after my last giveaway winner announcement. Believe me, the giveaways are to show that I appreciate you. Not everyone can be a winner. Know that if you don’t win this time, there is always a next time as I will definitely be doing more giveaways!. It’s disgraceful when people follow for only giveaways. Its saddens me.


Blogging requires a lot of time and effort to be invested into each post. The least you guys could do is let me know your FEEDBACK as that is what I consider to be the reward for the effort I put in. I am not asking for a long comment. A single sentence would do!. Also, if you really like a post, please SHARE that post using the buttons below each post. It would make my world!


In order to celebrate one year of blogging, I would love to give away the following:

20130311_1448032013 - 1

1) Clarins Intense Color & Shine lipgloss in 02 nude worth AED90

2) An ecoTools cosmetic bag/brush holder (Can hold upto 5 brushes and is made of natural cotton and hemp)

3) Big pretty silver hoop earrings

4) An ecoTools lash & brow groomer (The brush can be used to give brows shape by brushing upwards and out. The comb can be used to separate and lengthen lashes after applying mascara)

5) Green butterfly earrings

6) Long chain with a black and white butterfly locket

7) A Barbie necklace made of candy!

8) A really pretty purple eyeshadow from yh Beja cosmetics. Comes in a 4gms container

9) A really pretty tee, in size M, which I got from Mall of Emirates (MOE)

A close up of some of the items below:

Close up

Conditions to take part in the giveaway:

1) Must be a resident of UAE. If you are staying abroad but you have family living in UAE, you can enter this giveaway!. I might do international giveaways in future but right now am not in a position to do it. Sorry about that!

2) Must be willing to share full physical address and contact number with me (so that I can provide the same to the courier service)

3) Must have parents permission if below 17 yrs of age.

4) The winner MUST send me a photo of themselves with the prize so that I can share it here, on my blog.

HOW TO ENTER (Please read all 3 steps before commenting)

1) Be a follower of this blog. Once you click the Follow Me button, an email will be send to you for confirmation. Please do confirm that.

2) Comment ONCE below anything relevant to this post PLUS what item out of these 9, are you most excited to win. If you are performing step 3, please add that to this comment.

3) This is OPTIONAL. Share this giveaway on Facebook OR Twitter just ONCE and leave the direct link to your post or tweet along with your comment (from Step 2) for one extra entry into this giveaway. You can use the sharing buttons at the bottom of this post. Simply saying you shared will not count. I do need the link. Believe me, it makes checking easier and I can easily give out the extra entries to the deserving people.

The giveaway will go on until April 12th, 2013. One person wins it all. The winner will be chosen at random using the fruit machine and will be announced on April 14th.

Goodluck all!

Lots of love,

Naz 🙂

Note: All items are brand new.