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Five Ways to Combat Slow Metabolism!

You’ve likely heard all types of health banter around metabolism, “Oh she is so fit, her metabolism must be really high,” or “Watch out, your metabolism slows down as you age.” There are many misconceptions about metabolism, what exactly it is and what it means for your weight and health. Clearing up the confusion can put you on the right track to recognizing and tackling a slow metabolism the right way.

What is Metabolism?

When you eat and drink, your body breaks down what you consume, delivering minerals, vitamins, and nutrients to vital organs, and converting calories into energy. That process of converting what you consume into energy is called metabolism. Powered by hormones produced by your thyroid and adrenal glands, the metabolic process that takes place in your body can be affected by everything from your lifestyle and diet to genetics, age, gender, underlying medical issues, and your environment.

How Can I Tell If My Metabolism Is Slowing Down?

Many people are quick to blame a “slow metabolism” for their weight gain, but it is not common for metabolism alone to pack on the pounds. Diet and exercise are still the key factors to healthy weight management when other underlying medical issues are not present.


When you intake the same amount of food regularly, but your metabolism slows down, your body is slower to convert calories into energy. This means less nutrients are reaching your blood system and therefore your organs, muscles, and brain, and more fat is being stored. Slow metabolism symptoms include chronic fatigue, sugar cravings, hair loss, headaches and trouble concentrating, dry or cracked skin, often feeling cold even in warm temperatures, difficulty losing weight, and general muscle weakness.

Recognizing a comprehensive presence of multiple symptoms definitely warrants a trip to the doctor to have a conversation about what you are experiencing and whether testing should be done to check your thyroid and adrenal glands.

How Can I Boost My Metabolism?

The good news? Activity, diet, and smart thinking can naturally help boost your metabolism and your overall health.

● Contrary to presumption, eating regular meals or smaller meals throughout the day can boost your metabolism. If you significantly cut your diet and go without eating for extended periods of time, your body will naturally slow the metabolic processes because it is aiming to conserve as much energy as possible.

● Getting enough sleep and staying hydrated are also important factors in boosting metabolism, helping you stay alert, active, and warm which cues your body’s metabolic process to keep burning calories.

● Ditch processed foods and meals with high sugar content (women should aim for eating around 24g of sugar per day) – they disrupt your body’s natural blood sugar regulation and slow down metabolic functioning.

● Get out and exercise! Incorporate light weight lifting into your cardio workout – muscle burns calories faster than fat, and regular exercise gets your body into a new routine of expending energy and building muscle.

● Limit caffeine and alcohol intake as both can affect your appetite, sleep, and calorie to energy conversion.

Convinced your metabolism is slowing down? Taking small, manageable steps to whip it back into shape starts with you. Start a new tradition of eating a protein-rich breakfast each morning, taking a brisk 20 minute walk every day, and working on getting to bed a littler earlier each night. Small changes can make a big difference, naturally!.

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Stylish workout gear from global brands now available to Gulf residents thanks to TheHotBoxKit.com!

Exercise is such an important part of our lives, so why do we have so few options in Dubai when it comes to workout gear? The founder of local, online workout wardrobe boutique, TheHotBoxKit.com, Hannah Swales, had exactly the same problem when she first moved to Dubai, which is why she decided to create a platform where the most stylish, on-trend and highest quality workout brands from around the world could be found on one website and easily delivered to women around the Gulf.

One of the brands that TheHotBoxKit.com stocks is Los Angeles brand, Onzie. This brand is 100% made in the USA and has a cult following globally. Made from free flow fabric technology that is ultra durable and breathable, this fast drying material keeps bodies cool, dry and super comfortable. The entire collection can also be used in salt water and chlorine environments.

Beyond Yoga is another gorgeous brand that the online boutique stocks. All pieces are crafted from luxuriously soft, durable wash and wear fabrics and the elastic-free waistbands prevent uncomfortable digging and won’t roll down or up the waist, which is perfect for women of all shapes and sizes, who are trying to make the most of their active lifestyles. TheHotBoxKit.com also stocks sustainable Teeki products, Prana’s eco-friendly yoga mats and much-loved Australian brand, Vie Activewear is the newest addition to site.

Please see below for a selection of our favorite pieces from each brand: 3


The ‘Wild & Free’ (AED 319) and fun ‘Elephant’ Leggings from Teeki, (AED 339) have high and low waistband options that are elastic-free meaning they wont cut into you, offering you the ultimate in comfort. Ultra-breathable, chafe resistant and antibacterial, these leggings, which are made in the USA out of 79% recycled plastic and 21% spandex, give a four way stretch to expand with your muscles during all forms of movement ensuring that your workout will be enhanced, rather than prohibited by this workout must-have!


The vibrant, open square back tank top in Electric Violet from Beyond Yoga, (AED 279) will have you feeling fit and svelte thanks to the super smooth, cotton-like Supplex fabric and comfortably wide straps, which are designed to stretch and bend with you during your exercise routine.


The ‘Gathered Sangria Leggings’ from Beyond Yoga, (AED 299) will have all eyes on your in the studio and gym! The capri-length cut makes these easy-to-wear, while the triangle gusset allows for greater movement and ensures that they won’t ride up during work outs. These leggings also offer the signature, ultra-comfortable Beyond Yoga waistband, reflective logo and matt finish, which helps to hide signs of cellulite, while they are also chafe resistant, quick drying and shrink and fade resistant.


This elastic, Navy and Citron Tank Top from Onzie, (AED 229) is the perfect mix of functionality and style! The racer back design, made form 100% Free Flow Jersey fabric, includes a fun pop of colour, while the deep scoop sides add a sexy element to gym wear, allowing you to show off the built-in sports bra underneath. Made in the USA to ensure the highest standard of quality, the Onzie Tank Top is sure to become one of your new favorites.


Blending art with fashion, these Jewels Graphic Leggings from Onzie, (AED 349) are definitely on our wish-list! Made in the USA from 100% Free Flow Fabric, these leggings are the ultimate statement piece and are sure to get you noticed whether in the gym or out and about!


We love the relaxed feel of the Easy Crop Sweatshirt, in Heather Grey, from Beyond Yoga, (AED 299). Made from ultra-soft, baby striped Terry fabric, you’ll love the way it feels against your skin, while the lightweight fabric and easy-to-wear, wide scoop neck makes this the perfect piece to wear day and night, all summer long.

All items can be found on sale with GCC wide delivery at www.thehotboxkit.com, as well at a number of studios and outlets across Dubai.

About The Hot Box Kit :

The Hot Box Kit was launched when exercise-crazy, Hannah Swales moved to Dubai and discovered a serious lack of stylish workout gear in the region. She decided to create an online platform where some of the most desired, top quality exercise attire from around the globe could be available to women in the region at fair prices. The Hot Box Kit’s manifesto states:

  • We want women to dream big and live big
  • No half measures, no excuses, its all about grabbing the bull by the horns and absolutely going for it!!
  • Inspiring people to live their best lives possible. Being honest, kind and helpful to others along the way
  • Let’s not stay small, let us all become big, shiny and bright
  • We want the women of the world to look after themselves first so that from there they have the resources to be able to pass on their knowledge and passion for generations to come.

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