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Dance Inspired Fashion for 2019!

Every year we see fashion trends that got their start on the dance studio floor. It is expected and it is a good “partnership.” When experts in the fashion world add their ideas with the ideas of experts in the Dance Design Costume world, magic is born.

In fact, many industries are intertwined here. While fashion may begin with dance-trends, they take it a whole new level. Only fashion icons can take a romantic or sexy dance costume and turn it into a red-carpet-ready event that a major celebrity will wear. It doesn’t stop there. When famous wedding gown designers take those lines, designs, and fabrics into consideration, the wedding gown season is often alive with new trends. So, it starts with dance but it has a wide reach.


2019 Trends

This is the year of romance and hot and sexy outfits. Last year was life mimicking all forms of dance. This included Jazzercise and Disco. The color was Millennial Pink all the way. The smokey, gray-pink was everywhere.

These three things are missing from the clothing trends in 2019. There will be much less Jazzercise and Disco and much more graceful ballet, and ballroom.


You will not be seeing much of Millennial Pink. It is not nearly as brilliant and lovely as the colors we will see this year.

This year look for:
● Warm Caramel
● Honey
● Emerald Green
● Peacock Blue
● Plum
● Deep Burgundy


Daring, alluring, and very sexy is what you will see everywhere. Dancewear will have plunging backs combined with low-cut fronts. You will see a lot of lace or mesh cut-outs. The main thing to remember is it is all about the lines. The lines hug the body which gives shape to the outfit. You can get everything you need to improve your wardrobe in style at Just For Kix.


This is the “today” sweatpants. They are trim and slim and look good enough to wear anywhere. They do not look sloppy.

Traditional Must-Have Pieces For Dance or Fashion

● Leotards as tops

○ These great “tops” do not ride up. They hug the body and give you the support of a blouse and bra and they come in many cuts. Wear a halter leotard, a capped sleeve, backless, or long sleeve. Add lots of lace, mesh, or cut-outs.

● Tulle skirts

○ Full tulle skirts are showing up in all kinds of events. These skirts are being worn with cashmere, off-the-shoulder sweaters or silky leotards. Ballet flats are perfect.

● Tights

○ Tights are replacing hosiery this year. The fishnet tights of 2018 are still rocking the fashion world. This year, look for animal prints. Leopard print tights under a leotard or some cute shorts are in the dance studio. The same tights under a flirty little skirt are showing up at the clubs.

● Elephant pants

○ Elephant pants are back for 2019. Wear them low on the hips and attach them firmly at the ankles. They are a bit smaller than the 90’s hit. You will see loose pants with a high waist that are gathered and cuffed at the ankle. Pair them with a hot crop top and ballerina flats, and you are ready to go.

● Leggings

○ Leggings are here to stay and every year they get better and better. This year look for shiny metallic fabrics. Big name sporting companies are putting out shiny gold, silver, and rose gold. If you look closely, you may find a few pieces in rust that are awesome. Match these up with a cool sports bra and you have the hottest look on the floor.

The best thing about 2019 is the choices. There are so many choices that you will find your favorite look from casual, to business casual, to formal. You can mix and match and be creative. You will look fantastic and turn heads everywhere you go.

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Queen of Spades -The Caravansary!

Queen of Spades reflects on heritage and ethnic trends of the global nomad this Ramadan with a new, tribal chic collection – The Caravansary

Find folksy, artsy pieces that give this range an edge over the usual!

Caravans…oh my soul is on the run

Caravans….moving out into the sun

Inspired by the colour, vibrancy and traditions of the free-spirited gypsy life, Lamya Abedin launches her latest line of creations this Ramadan, aptly named The Caravansary. 

Abedin has reinvented the attires of yesteryears to create her new collection of abayas and kaftans, true to the spirit of age-old desert dwelling. The effervescent collection sees colours like never before, coupled with handmade artistry and decorations of renowned Arab and Asian cultures. You will find Jordanian handmade needlework, Afghani embroideries, Aztec and ghitra prints in synchronized harmony all across her creations, giving this new collection an edge over the usual. 

The Caravanary by QoS2

Abedin has specially chosen to photograph her collection campaign at the Fatima bint Mohammed bin Zayed Initiative (FBMI) carpet showroom this year, which is run under the patronage of Her Highness herself. The organization works to support more than 20,000 impoverished Afghans, by creating job opportunities. Working in the midst of striking weave works with vintage style carpets as a backdrop, sets the mood perfectly for The Caravansary Collection. Abedin pays tribute to the heritage and hard work of Afghani women; who spend years weaving intricate carpets in specialised yarns to feed and educate their children. 

The Caravanary by QoS1

As always, Abedin has looked far and wide to source traditional materials and tribal prints from markets and textile shops across India, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon and various parts of interior GCC. On her material scouring trips, Abedin has consulted with local artisans, tailors and craftsmen to bring out the originality of their artistry in her own creations. Handmade floral embroideries, intricately dyed textiles, bold prints are some of the quintessential elements of gypsy styles that Abedin has brought to the forefront of her Caravansary collection. 

The Caravanary by QoS4

Expect dramatic pieces that explore international fashion trends yet stay true to the roots of Arab culture. Patterned monochromes have been mixed with contrasting pops of colour; rich embroideries, crochets, lace and tassles have added texture to the prints. Her very own favourite creation in this collection is the one-of-a-kind cropped abaya with fringes, available in two colour options. Abedin feels this ready-to-wear piece is a great addition to any wardrobe to brighten up everyday fashion. 

The Caravanary by QoS3

A more luxurious option and another of Abedin’s favourite design is the double Aztec print abaya paired with rich jacquard – available in black and white, as well as a neutral shade of beige.

Lamya has bravely blended styles and adapted age-old fashion elements to create this edgy, ethnic collection. She has created a handcrafted, signature version of the Oqal to use as vintage-style belts for her designs; in order to recreate what the Bedouin sheikhs used to wear ages back. 

Kaftans have become quite the mainstay in this new collection. From soft, layered and flowing varieties to stiffer silhouettes, the kaftan has made frequent appearances in the Caravansary Collection. Very wearable, these abayas and kaftans are sure to appeal every fashion-conscious woman.

Silks, cottons, jacquard, linen and handmade embroidery are the most prevalent textures and fabrics you will find in this series. Turbans and chunky trinkets have become perfect style accompaniments to the collection. “I have always been intrigued by nomadic fashion and culture. I feel the beauty of bare nature makes a perfect backdrop for the vibrant fashion sense of the Bedoiuns and gypsies. The Caravansary Collection is my expression of this love for unpretentious style that can effortlessly stun an audience,” says Lamya as she wraps up her seasonal photo shoot showcasing some of the key creations of the collection.  

The Caravanary by QoS5

Unique and utterly trendy, the Caravansary Collection will transport you to the early centuries of nomadic Arab lifestyle and culture. Be prepared to indulge in an edgy yet defining collection of ensembles that will not only stand out in a crowd but even tell a story…a story from the heart and the soul of a traveller. 

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Note: This is a press release, aiming at promotion to a wider audience. I am not compensated in any way for the publication of this post.