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Blast from the Past : Top 10 posts of 2014!

Hey guys!

It’s time to reflect back on this year!. Here are my top 10 posts of 2014. If you haven’t read them yet, do check it out :). Also, this time I have chosen to feature only my top 10 non-giveaway posts.

Without further ado, here they are in descending order!

10) How to: Purchase from iHerb! came in 10th place with 210 views!


9) iHerb haul #3 – the ‘Cure all’ oil! came in 9th place with 224 views!

Blog pix 033

8) Review: Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion and Peel system! (Amazon purchase #2) came in 8th place with 229 views!


7) Review : Eye-o-sonic by Michael Todd’s True Organics! came in 7th place with 259 views!


6) Review: April 2014 Glambox! came in 6th place with 311 views!

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5) iHerb haul #1 – Skincare oils! came in 5th place with 446 views!

Blogpix 041

4) Review: Foreo Luna! came in 4th place with 512 views!

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3) Affordable jewelry from Cost 21! came in 3rd place with 732 views!


2) Review: EYOVA Hair nutrient with Egg oil! came in 2nd place with 825 views!


and finally,

1) Review : Ponds Age Miracle products! came in 1st place with 4073 views!

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My top three posts of all time!

All three were originally published in 2013

3) How to: Purchase from Amazon US store from UAE! came in 3rd place with 15056 views!


2) My experience with hair rebonding… came in 2nd place with 31671 views!

Smooth hair

1) 2 eggs = 1 fabulous DIY hair mask + 1 face mask! came in 1st place with a whopping 58612 views!


Top 5 commenters!

I love comments!. They show that you care for the efforts I put in to each of my posts. My top 5 are mentioned below. I thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥

1) Abidha of Abidha Ayyoob’s Blog

2) Praseena of Coral Crue

3) Irene of Drab 2 Fabz

4) Sarah of Blend N Smack

5) Sally of Canadian Sassy Sally

Alright you guys.. This is a long post. I hope 2014 treated you well. Here is to an even better and prosperous 2015!!


Naz 🙂

Skincare routine 101 (My night time skincare routine)!

Hello there!

This post is very close to my heart. I am passionate about taking care of my skin. I know there are many out there who would like to have a routine for themselves to have better looking skin, however they have no idea where to start and how to use the numerous different products available in the markets today!. This post is going to be detailed but here is what you can expect to learn from this post (so, do read the entire post!):

  • How to layer different skincare products correctly, so that your skin benefits from all of them
  • Technique as to how to apply certain products and
  • Some of my product choices

Different people follow different types of skincare routines, depending on what results they are looking for. Mine is an anti-aging routine. FYI : My skin type is normal, leaning towards dry (during winters). My routine is the same throughout the year. It doesn’t change according to seasons, except that in winter, I moisturize more often.

I am about to turn 27 next month. I started following a basic skincare routine at the age of 23, which is the perfect age to start an anti-aging skincare routine if you are looking to ‘age gracefully’!. So, yes I have had a routine for 4 years now. In the beginning, my routine was really basic with just two steps (Cleanse and moisturize). As you read ahead and see the steps below, you will see how much my routine has evolved over time. I kept adding more intensity and layers to the routine, until finally reaching one that I am very comfortable and pleased with.

I give much importance to my night time routine because our skin renews itself while we sleep and giving it the right products at that time enhances skin’s ability to fight off all aging related battles that it fights. Also, I change up the products nearly every night so that my skin doesn’t get too used to the same set of products. If I mention every single product I use, in this post, we will be here all day!. So, I will mainly cover the brand Olay, since that’s the brand that got me started on a routine. Here is the offer pack I bought for the first time: It is of great value – contains a night cream, a day cream and a daily face wash!. Back then, I bought it at around AED 88, if I remember it right. But over the years after that, I have bought it at various different prices, the latest being around AED 102.


I bought it just to give it a trial. My skin looked MUCH better within a week of using the Olay Total Effects products. That got me hooked because any cream I had tried before that (like Fairever, Fair and Lovely, Vicco cream – all Indian brands!) didn’t work well with my skin even though I tried sticking a minimum of 2 – 3 months with each of these creams. Now four years later, I still am loyal to that brand and have lost count of how many products I have bought from them!. The Olay Total Effects range is perfect for those in their 20s.

So, ready to learn how your skincare regimen should look like?. Let’s do this!

Step 1 – Remove makeup

You should never head to your bed with makeup on. It will clog your pores and suffocate your skin. Also, removing makeup gives you a clean surface to apply your skincare products on. I am currently using Garnier’s Make-up Remover Milk, a stunning and gentle product that costs AED 13.95. I use Tippy’s cotton pads to apply it and then I wash my face.


Step 2 – Cleanse

Next, I apply Olay Total Effects Foaming Cleanser to my wet face. It costs Rs. 225 (AED 13.59) for a tube containing 100gms. I bought this product in India. It’s not available in the UAE. Then I switch on my Foreo Luna and work it well on my face/neck. The first time I used this cleanser, I felt it made my face squeaky clean and left it dry. But when used with the Foreo, it’s absolutely great and gives an optimum cleansing experience. Once the Foreo beeps continuously three times, I set it aside and wash my face.

Skincare 006

Step 3 – Tone

Using a toner is important to keep your pores tight, remove impurities from them that the cleanser didn’t and to maintain the ph level of your skin. I use a DIY Apple Cider Vinegar toner. I spray it 5 times onto a cotton pad and gently go over my face/neck. Before ever using a skincare tool like Foreo, my cotton pads used to still show impurities like traces of foundation that my makeup remover and cleanser missed out!. But, now with Foreo in the picture, the cotton pad shows no traces of impurities!. I don’t wash my face after applying the toner, instead I go to the next step.


Step 4 – Application of products with active ingredients

Active ingredients in skincare are those ingredients that has the power to alter/affect the skin, like Retina A or AHAs. These kind of products should be in direct contact with cleaned skin. It shouldn’t be layered on top of other creams. I use the AHA Cream by Herbline Essentials for this step. It costs AED 342 for a tub containing 50gms. I gently massage it in upward circular motion until it’s completely absorbed. When applying on your neck start from the base of the neck and massage upwards. The gravity pulls our skin downwards as we age. So, you have to massage it in the opposite direction.


Step 5 – Application of serum

Serum is a concentrated product that has the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin. It’s powerful and a must in your routine. I use the Olay Total Effects Instant Smoothing Serum. It costs AED 53.50 for a bottle containing 50ml. I love it’s silky, light texture and pleasant smell. It gets easily absorbed into the skin. To apply it, take about 2 or 3 pumps of the product on your fingertips, rub the tips of both hands together and then gently press/dab the product on to your face/neck. Think of it like you are trying to push the product in rather than massaging it in. Your skin will feel hydrated and saturated with the product, when you apply it this way. I then use the anti aging side of the Foreo on the five areas prone to show fine lines first (forehead, both temples and both sides of your mouth) to help this amazing, anti-aging product work better.

Skincare 022

Step 6 – Application of skincare oil

This is when you apply your favorite skincare oils. I am currently using the Arganfarm Argan oil. It costs $24.95 (AED 91.64) for a bottle containing 50ml. Oils are so great for the skin!. Though you might look a bit shiny when heading to the bed, trust me, there will be no shine when you wake up in the morning. To apply it, massage it in upward circular motion. Some people use skincare oils as their moisturizer. So, this becomes the final step of their routine. However, I like to go one more step. Before heading to that step (Step 9), I go ahead with Step 7 and 8, so that the oil has time to sit on my skin for a minute or so.


Step 7 – Application of eye cream

The delicate skin around the eyes need special care and thus everyone must have an eye cream. I am using the Olay Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream. It costs AED 53 for a container of 15ml. To apply it, dot it along the eye socket bone. Then slightly tap with your ring finger in a circular motion, starting from the outer corner of the eye to below the eye, then the inner corner of the eye and above the eye.


The tapping motion should be fast, gentle and right on that bone surrounding the eye. At first, I didn’t know it’s correct application and used to apply even on the eyelids too!. That is so wrong. I use the Eye-o-sonic by Michael Todd’s True Organics to apply my eye cream.

Skincare 024

Step 8 – Application of lip balm

Lips are delicate just like the eye area. You need to moisturize them regularly. I currently am using Sierra Bees lip balm. It costs $0.50 (AED 1.84).


Step 9 – Application of moisturizer

The final step!. A moisturizer seals in whatever you applied before it and hydrates your skin. To apply, you can either tap it into the skin, using only your fingertips or massage, in upward circular motion. I use Olay Total Effects Night Firming Moisturizer. It costs AED 53.50 for a bottle containing 50ml. I like the soft smell of this one. The packaging is great since it has a pump.

Skincare 017

Done!. This whole routine takes me less than 15 minutes to do and I do it without fail every night. Here are all the products in one shot 🙂

Skincare 013

If you constantly care for your skin, I guarantee that you will love how your skin looks. It is ideal to complete your routine about 20 minutes before you hit the sack, since you want your face to absorb it all and not your pillowcase!

If you don’t have a skincare routine yet…

  • …understand that your skin will not look the same as it’s now, ten years down the line [unless you have inherited amazing genes!]. You need to strive hard to keep your skin looking good. I believe skincare is much more important than makeup itself since the latter beautifies you temporarily but the former becomes the very foundation of beauty in your life.
  • …it’s never too late to start one!. I got my mom started on a routine and chose products for her that’s suited to her matured skin and seriously, she has seen the results of following a consistent routine for about an year now.
  • …invest in skin care products NOW. It doesn’t have to be high end!. Go according to your budget. There are plenty of brands to choose. If you are in your 20s, I highly recommend Olay Total Effects range. If you are in your 30s, I recommend the Olay Regenerist range (I will be changing over to this range once I hit 30.. Oh yeah, I plan ahead :P). I suggest you buy an offer pack like the one I mentioned in the beginning of this post or if you don’t want the face wash, go for one like the offer below. This was an offer I got in Carrefour couple of months ago. Though my current products will last me quite I while, I didn’t want to pass up on such a great deal. So it’s my back up now :P. Oh btw, it cost only AED59 for both products!

Skincare 018

  • …start with a basic CTM, which is Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize and stick to it for atleast 3 months. Do not expect to see immediate results or get disheartened seeing no results. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to different products.
  • …slowly introduce more and more products into your routine, like from CTM go for CTSM (Adding serum to the mix) and so on.

Please stay tuned for more skincare posts in the upcoming months, mainly these two, titled :

  • My daytime skincare routine – This one is much simpler than my night time routine. I will be mentioning my favorite scrub, masks and day time products in this post. Except for the toner, none of the products mentioned in my night time routine is repeated in the daytime toutine.
  • Other skincare items I use – Any product that is not mentioned in my nighttime/daytime routine posts, will be mentioned in this post.

If you found this post informative, kindly hit the share buttons below. It takes literally just 2 seconds. Also, comment and let me know what skincare routine do you follow. I would love to hear about it.

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Review: Foreo Luna!

Hi all!

It’s no secret that I love taking care of my skin. I have been wanting to take my skincare regimen to the next level for some time now (couple of years actually!). End of 2013, I got to know about the a revolutionary skincare product – Foreo Luna!.

I was instantly interested. The more I knew about it, the more I wanted it in my life. So in March 2014, I placed an order for it!. I have been using it since then. So this review is based on 5 months of it’s usage.

Before we get ahead with the review let me tell you that my skin type is normal, leaning towards dry in winters. I opted for the Pink Foreo Luna which is for Sensitive / Normal skin type. The other two options were White for Ultra – sensitive skin and Blue for Combination skin.

What is Foreo Luna? – It is a cleansing device which takes your regular cleansing routine to the next level, giving you deep daily cleansing experience, leaving your skin looking radiant and youthful.

Blogpix 027

Blogpix 029On opening the box, this is what you see. I love the packaging!

What all does a Foreo Luna come along with?

  • An authenticity card
  • A charger
  • A cute pouch
  • A user manual
  • A quick guide as to hoe to use it

Blogpix 030

Blogpix 036Luna has two sides to it. One is the cleansing side, which has nonabrasive, rounded silicone touch points on it, which glides across your face to ensure the whole process is soft and gentle. T-Sonic™ (transdermal sonic) pulsations are applied across the dermal surface to instantly refresh the look and feel of the skin. These pulsations are channeled through the silicone touch-points, removing dead skin cells, and cleansing pores of dirt, oil and makeup residue, while improving the absorption of your skincare products.

Blogpix 032

T_SONIC_IMAGEThe T-sonic pulsations takes the dirt right off of your skin’s surface. Pic copyrighted to Foreo.com

The reverse side is the anti-aging side. It has ridges there and the frequency of T-Sonic™ pulsations produced by this side is lower than the cleansing side. This side is to be applied to five areas on your skin, where lines form as you age. The lower frequency will release the muscle tension in these areas, increase the production of collagen, diminish lines and wrinkles and make your skin more elastic.

Blogpix 033antiagingareasThis pic is copyrighted to Foreo.com

Usage of Foreo Luna – Here are the step by step directions as to how I use it

1) First, I wet my face and then apply my cleanser. I noticed that using a foaming cleanser delivers the ultimate result for me. My favorite is Olay Total Effetcs Foaming Cleanser. Another cleanser that has worked well with my Luna is Neutrogena’s Deep Clean cleanser.

2) I click the power button to switch on the Luna. It starts pulsating. I start at my chin and go in upwards motion onto my cheeks and along my jawline. After 15 seconds, there is a pause in the pulsation and that’s when you know that it’s time to move onto the next side. It’s easy to miss this ‘pause’ if you are really not looking out for it. The first time I used it, I was literally just gliding it all over my face since I didn’t really know when the pauses came!. What’s interesting is that there is an LED light at the bottom of the device. With each pause, it flashes once. So concentrate on that the first time and you will know when the pauses come.

3) I use it on my forehead for 15 seconds. It pauses then.

4) I use it on and around my nose for 15 seconds. The tip of the ergonomically created Luna is perfect to clean the sides of the nose.

5) For the last 15 seconds, I gently glide it across the upper cheek bone, under both the eyes.

6) When the last 15 seconds is up, you will feel the pulsations pause 3 times in quick succession. That means the one minute of cleansing is over. However, unless you press the middle button it doesn’t stop. I actually use the Luna on my neck for about 30 seconds and then press the power button. The light at the base turns on. This is now in stand by mode.

7) I wash my face and the Luna. The Luna is completely water proof!.

8) I carry on with my skin care routine, applying products and all. Once I have applied my serum, I press the middle button of the Foreo again and this time, it’s the anti aging side that starts to pulsate. I relax my face completely and press the ridged side to the 5 key areas mentioned before. Each area gets 12 seconds. So that makes it one minute of anti-aging treatment!. It’s a very relaxing experience and you can really feel the tensions getting released. After the one minute is up, again you will feel the pulsations pause 3 times in quick succession.

9) I then press the power button once more and the device switches off.

More details about Luna –

  • After the cleansing mode or the anti aging mode, if you keep your device on stand by mode for more than 3 minutes, it automatically switches off.
  • When charging, the LED light at the bottom of the device keeps pulsating. Once it stops, you will know it’s fully charged.
  • A fully charged Luna can be used upto 450 times before you need to charge it again!. Since the initial charging, I haven’t charged it again in these past 5 months!
  • Once you get your Foreo Luna, I highly suggest you download it’s user manual from their site. It’s very useful. Click here to download it.
  • Foreo offers a quality guarantee of 10 years!. It really does lay the foundation for a life time of beautiful skin!
  • Foreo Luna has 8 speeds. You can set it at any speed and each time you switch it on, the device will remember your choice. I set it around 5.
  • Foreo Luna helps in removing makeup completely from your skin. However, you cannot skip the usage of makeup removers. You do need to use a makeup remover to clean your makeup and then use the Luna to get the final remnants of makeup off your face.
  • Foreo Luna is a personal skincare device. You shouldn’t share it with anyone else.
  • Foreo is so travel friendly and fits into your palm. While traveling, you can lock the device. To lock, simply press the + and – buttons on either side of the power button together and hold it for 3 seconds. To unlock, repeat the same action.

Blogpix 035

My experience!

I have got to say, I have good skin. Touchwood!. I am not boasting!. I have a solid skincare routine that I have been following religiously for some years now. I wanted to see how this device could take my skin to a better place. It felt like I was challenging the power of this device!.

It says on it’s site www.foreo.com that you will find a difference in just 3 days. For me it actually took a week to notice a difference. That difference was extremely soft skin!. Also, my skin has a more brighter look. It felt really good and I still enjoy that feeling.

I cannot recommend this product enough!!. You really need to check it out. If you have problem skin then I am sure you will feel the difference much earlier than the one week period it took for me.

Price: $199 (AED730.93)

Shipment: The shipping fee is $9.90 (AED36.36). It was shipped right to my doorstep by UPS courier. I placed the order on 15th March and on 22nd March it was in my hands!. Foreo is designed and developed by Foreo Sweden but manufactured in China. So it was shipped from there.

I hope you loved my review. Before, I wrap up the post, I got a bit more to talk about how I decided on buying this and some comparison:

Foreo and Clarisonic

I obviously do not own a Clarisonic. So this comparison is based on what I have researched on and found out. As I told at the beginning this post, I had been wanting a beauty device for couple of years now. I had been eyeing the Clarisonic Mia 2 and the more videos I watched by YT beauty gurus the more I wanted that. At that time, I didn’t know it was available in the local Sephora store. I thought it’s only available online on Souq.com. It was ridiculously priced there. Good models were definitely above AED800. The price held me back. Also the Clarisonic US website didn’t ship internationally.

That’s when Foreo made a grand entrance. I compared these both and these facts really made me favor Foreo over Clarisonic!

  • Foreo doesn’t have any brush heads that need to be replaced. Clarisonic’s brush heads need to be replaced every 3 months which means the initial investment you make for that device is just the beginning!. You will need to keep paying more to use it. However, Foreo is a one time investment.
  • Foreo is really hygienic. The silicone device doesn’t offer an environment for bacteria to proliferate. However, the Clarisonic’s brush head gets dirty over time and can harbor bacteria.
  • I felt Clarisonic’s brush might be more abrasive when compared to Foreo’s soft and gentle silicone touch points.

So once I decided it’s Foreo I was opting for, I had another comparison to make!

Foreo Luna and Foreo Mini

Foreo comes in different models. Two of them are Foreo Luna and Foreo Mini. The Foreo Mini comes in very funky colors that really attracted me and is priced at $139, which is $60 lesser than Luna. But I pondered over it for several days before opting for the Luna!. Comparisons as follows:

  • Luna has an anti aging side, Mini doesn’t. I am all about anti-aging!. This was the first and main point that I was completely sold on Luna.
  • Luna is bigger than Mini. Mini, as it’s name suggests, is small. I initially felt the shape of the Foreo to be very strange. If it was small, I felt it might slip off my hand (though it doesn’t). Anyways, I felt Luna would be better to hold on to. So I ordered it and now I feel the size of Luna is perfect and if it was smaller than that, I might not have liked it much.

I remain happy with my choice. It’s a stunning device!. What are your thoughts on beauty devices and if you own Foreo, let me know your thoughts below 🙂

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October Link Loves!

Hello beautiful people!

I hope your October month was really awesome. I love October because it’s my birthday month!. It was on the 12th and I really did have a great time with my family. My mom gifted me a nice perfume called In Heart, my birthday cake was from my brother (a lovely ice cream cake topped with my fav brownies from Baskin Robbins) and my father gave me some money to go shopping with!. Ahh, I love gifts!




Alright, lets get on with the Link loves edition of October, shall we?.

Here are my four favs:

1) Adam of Money Bulldog has a guest post featured on his blog which really caught my eye. It is How to Ruin Your Kid’s Life. It’s beautifully written and really an eye opener. You should read it!


2) Jodi of A Mom Having Fun did a post on How to reduce stress in the mornings. It was nice reading it and I particularly loved tips 6 & 7. I should work on that!


3) Irene of Drab to Fab reviewed a Foreo Luna Mini on her blog. If you thought Clarisonic was a cleaning device that’s you really can’t live without, well, Foreo Luna has just given Clarisonic a run for it’s money!. It’s a total must have and has created a huge buzz in the beauty world. I really would love to buy it one day!. I loved Irene’s review. Do go check it out!


4) Chrys of Oh Chrys! is holding a Book Blogger exchange event where you can sign up to exchange a book with someone internationally. If you are interested, please check this post and sign up. You only have until November 4th to do so. More details over at her blog 🙂


Glorious Mentions!

1) Abidha of Abidha Ayyoob’s Blog mentioned my review of Dove HFR Intensive Roots Treatment in her August – October favorites post. Thank you, Abi!. She also generally mentioned my blog and thanked me for nominating her for the Super Sweet Blogger Award, in her August – October recap post. :). You are really sweet indeed, Abi 🙂

2) Irene of Drab to Fab, also mentioned my Dove HFR IRT review in her post about the September edition of Glambox, which contained the 7 vials of hair miracle from Dove!. Thanks Irene!. Head over to her blog to read about her hauls which are seriously amazing. Love it!

So that’s it for now. Have a wonderful November ahead of you!

Note: I didn’t get the time to do the September Link Loves. However, I will do it soon. Stay tuned to see if your September posts gets featured in it 🙂


Naz 🙂