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Giveaway Winners : Makeup class at DHD Beauty School, Dubai!

Hey guys,

Congratulations goes to these two extremely lucky ladies for winning a spot in a group makeup class by award winning hair and makeup artist, Dahlia of DHD Beauty school in Dubai!.

First prize winner is Jemsheena Yoosuf who gets to choose to learn any one of the following three – Bridal makeup, Glam evening makeup look or Everyday daytime look.

Second prize winner is Adiba Khan who gets to choose to learn one of the two remaining looks that weren’t chosen by Jemsheena.

Both winners please email me at nazninazeez@gmail.com so that we can discuss & take this further.

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Naz ♥

Prize Received!

Hey guys!

Here are the winners of my recent Birthday Giveaway, who kindly shared their pix with me. All of them are so happy with their prizes and thanked me. But I got to thank the brand sponsors namely Herbline Essentials, Glambox, Montagne Jeunesse and Unilever for their generous cooperation ♥

Herbline Essentials Gift Hamper winner Safa


Safa received a Pore Cleanser, the Skin Protection and Healing cream, which is one of Herbline Essential’s latest products and finally Henna & Liquorice shampoo & conditioner. The gift hamper is worth about AED300. She also has left a Thank you note for me in the pic. So lovely of her. I hope she enjoys these top quality products by Herbline Essentials.

Vaseline & Clear Gift hamper winners Insiya and Fatema


Insiya sent a pretty picture of herself holding 4 out of the 6 items that she won 🙂


Fatema shared a picture of all the products in her hamper, on her Facebook page. Sweet of her to do so!

These body lotions have arrived at their places pretty much at the best time possible since winter is the time you need to moisturize your skin the most. Hope they both enjoy their prizes =)

Montagne Jeunesse winner Sarah


This picture really put a smile on my face :). How cute and creative it is!!. Sarah is one of my favorite bloggers and am glad that she was one of the random winners in this giveaway. She received a gift hamper containing 7 masks!

Glambox winner Sarita


When Glambox agreed to sponsor a box, they hadn’t promised any particular month’s box. So, I myself was delighted for the winner, when she received the much raved about November FaceShop Glambox where Glambox teamed up with The Face Shop to create Glambox’s first ‘All natural Green box’ and offered subscribers some really amazing products!. Perfect for winter :). Sarita left me a thank you note too!

Once again, thanks to all winners for sharing their prize shots and the brands for sponsoring my birthday giveaway, enabling me to give out gifts for my own birthday ♥

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Naz ♥

Birthday giveaway winners!

Hi guys!

Finally, here are the winners of my birthday giveaways. Thanks to all who participated. I am so happy that I could gift these to at least some of my followers, even though I really wish I could gift more people. However, giveaways don’t end. So, those of you who haven’t won, keep your hopes up.. There is always a next time…

Edge of You ebook giveaway winner

Hannah Difolco from United Kingdom!


Glambox Winner

Sarita Ramchandani!


Herbline Essentials gift hamper winner

Safa Harris!


Vaseline & Clear gift hamper winners

Fatema Painter & Insiya Husain!


Montagne Juenesse gift hamper winner!

Sarah Hilal!


Congratulations to all 6 winners!. Kindly contact me at nazninazeez@gmail.com from the same email that you are following me with, to claim your prize. You all have 48 hours to contact me or to reply to the winning announcement email that I will be sending out :). In case, I don’t hear from you, another winner will be chosen.

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Naz ♥

Prize received!

Hey friends!

Recently, for my second blog anniversary, I hosted a sponsored giveaway. The prize was a Ponds skincare set and there were 5 winners. Ponds shipped the prize to the winners within hours of me letting them know the addresses of all winners. A BIG thank you to the Ponds team for collaborating with me. I requested all 5 of them to send me their pix with the prize just so that I can see their happiness :). All 5 obliged and here are the pix in no particular order:

Sally, from Sharjah (Check out her blog by clicking here)

SallySally, what a stunning picture ♥. She is so beautiful and I love how she did this collage so creatively. Her fun loving nature is evident in the pix. Enjoy your prize!

Abidha, from Abudhabi (Check out her blog by clicking here)

AbiAbidha couldn’t pose for a pic. However, to make it up, she created this gorgeous Thank You card with the help of her sister. I am a lover of anything handwritten. I wish I had that card with me, so that I could keep it away in my Keepsakes drawer :). But, for now, the pic will do!. Thanks Abi and I am so glad you won. Enjoy your prize!

Renu, from Dubai

RenuRenu looks so pretty in this pic. She said she just loved the prize :). So nice to know.. Enjoy your prize 🙂

Shilpa, from Sharjah

ShilpaShilpa, thank you for sharing your pic!. Love your colorful dress ♥. Thank you for the constant support you gave for this competition. Enjoy your prize!

Manica, from Dubai

ManicaManica, thank you for the pic. She was so supportive and positive throughtout the competition. I am so glad she was one of the random winners. She is a lover of Ponds and was so delighted when she got to know she won. Yay!. Enjoy your prize!

Here is to more giveaways in future!. Stay tuned.. Follow on Bloglovin


Naz 🙂

New Year giveaway winners!

Hello all!

Here is the winner announcement post of the two new year giveaways, which got over on the 1st. I did give extra entries to all those who congratulated the winner of my past giveaway (5 people). In the International giveaway, I found many who claimed entries but didn’t do what they were supposed to. So had to delete those entries. It’s a shame.

Anways, without further ado :

! UAE giveaway winner !

UAE winner

Congratulations, Maricar!. You have just won a Zmurud handbag, a spiked bracelet and a chain/earrings set. Lucky you :). Please email me at nazninazeez@gmail.com from the same email that you are following me with, to claim your prize.

!International giveaway winners!

Int winners

Congratulations to Michelle Hofacker from USA for winning a signed physical copy of Marc Kuhn’s latest book, Dead Letter and Riffat Saeed from UAE for winning an ebook copy of Theresa McClinton’s latest book, Lights of Aurora in a digital format you choose.  Please email me at nazninazeez@gmail.com from the same email that you are following me with, to claim your prize.

UPDATE (as of Jan 17th, 2014) : As Michelle Hofacker didn’t contact me, I selected another winner and announced it in a separate post. It’s Aleka Nikolaidou from Greece.


UPDATE (as of Jan 20th, 2014) : As Aleka Nikolaidou didn’t contact me, I selected another winner and announced it in a separate post. It’s Fifi Fifi from Malaysia.

New Winner

UPDATE (as of Jan 22nd, 2014) : The last winner has also not contacted me and as such this prize has been forfeited. It will be carried forward to my next giveaway in March. Stay tuned.

To those who didn’t win, don’t worry. There will be more giveaways in future too. Please take a min to congratulate the winners. I like spreading positivity on my blog!


Naz 🙂

‘Getting interviewed’ international giveaway winners!

Hello all!

My last giveaway which had gone live on Ensconced in YA‘s blog for 15 days came to an end on Jul 19th. It was a pretty huge success as there were 1060 entries. The winners have been personally contacted and all three prizes sent out already!

Here are the winners 🙂



Thank you to everyone who were a part of this giveaway 🙂



The Pope’s Stone book/journal giveaway winners!

Hi guys!

I am so excited to announce the winners of the The Pope’s Stone book tour which I was a part of (soo proud of that!). There were 2 US and 2 international winners. The giveaway ended on the 23rd.


Here they are along with the exact entry that lead them to win :

International winners

1) Suad Yassin

Became a fan of the author, Marc Kuhn on Goodreads (Entry # 36)

2) Lana Khnkoyan

Followed Love of Book’s blog (Entry #105)

US winners

1) Ashley Rogers

Followed my blog (Entry #34) [Am so happy someone won coz they became a follower of mine!!.. Yay, Ashley :)]

2) Soo Clark

Followed the author, Marc Kuhn’s blog (Entry #43)

Congratulations to all 4 winners!. You all have been contacted by the tour host, Monica of Impressions of a Princess.

On a final note, am so thankful to Monica for doing this tour and inviting me to be a part of it!


Naz 🙂

Note : Are you in UAE?. Then be a part of my first blogversary giveaway by clicking here.