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Gift exchange with Sally of Giveaways Galore!

Hey guys!

For the first time ever, I met up with a blogger friend!. I never thought it would happen. Sally of Giveaways Galore, is a Canadian blogger based in Sharjah. I won a signed book from her recently. I had to pick it up from her. She said she would like to have a souvenir from my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur. So we decided to make this a gift exchange!. We met in Sharjah itself. Our meeting was less than 5 minutes, as my husband was waiting in the car outside. But still am happy we got to meet!

Photo0577She is such a giving person ♥. She threw in tons of samples along with my gift. Here is what she gave me:


  • A signed book titled ‘L… for Life, Love & Lots in between’ by Loaiy A. Tageldin, which I will read and review soon. So excited that I won this!
  • A sample from Palmer’s Cocoa butter formula (50ml). I have never tried Palmer’s before. I love the scent of this one. It’s a good sized sample and I am so glad I got it. It came in a nice green bag and a leaflet about the brand
  • Bioderma SPF 100 sunscreen (40 ml). I absolutely loved this one. I gifted this to my father because he is always talking about sun damage. He loved that it has such a high protection
  • 4 sachets of Prune extract. I love prunes. It is high in antioxidants. This sachet is to be mixed with a glass of water. It tastes really nice. Love!
  • 2 sachets of Wrinkle Formula from Histomer. I have never tried Histomer before. So excited to try these samples!
  • A sachet of Vitamin C-Formula from Histomer
  • A sachet of Lightening Formula from Histomer
  • A sachet of Sensitive Skin Formula from Histomer
  • 7 sachets of Hydrating Formula from Histomer
  • A cute blue sharpener
  • An Adore mini lip defining brush and eyebrow brush
  • 3 sample tubes of supreme creams – Hormone Like Shield – from Histomer
  • A sample tube of Deep hydrating cream from Histomer
  • A pair of pink round stud earrings
  • Lots of pamphlets and leaflets of different companies

These are so nice!. I haven’t started trying the samples yet. I shared some Histomer samples with my mom and sister in law too. Sally is an amazing blogger and she is now holding her first blog anniversary giveaways. She has teamed up with some awesome brands and is doing 19 or so giveaways with a total of 34 winners!. Check it out by clicking here. All of them are open to UAE residents but some are even open worldwide. It ends on May 3rd, 2014. So check out her blog now and try your luck!

If you would like to see what I gave her, as part of the gift exchange (particularly the Malaysian souvenir!), click here. She said this was the most thoughtful gift [exchange] she ever received, which really made me so happy. I arranged them all in a Glambox box :). Here is a sneak peak :

dscn0533Hope you guys enjoyed the gift exchange 🙂

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January Link Loves!

Hi all!

I hope you all have had an excellent start to the new year :D. I had a pretty good start. I am currently writing this post from my parents’ home in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I just love visiting them!.

Here are my link loves for this month :

1) Robert Hudson, a freelance writer, wrote a guest post on Kelly’s Thoughts on Things, about how the different ingredients in your shampoo benefit you. Its a very helpful and informative post. Next time, you will know what ingredients you gotta look for, to get the results that you are looking for :). Do check it out.


2) Lara Ramos, expert beauty writer at Home Shopping Network, wrote a post about six tips to help your skin survive winter.  She also suggests some products in that post. I loved the tips and am sure you will too!


3) Irene of Drab To Fab, did an excellent post on how to organize your travel bag. Its very neatly done and contains the bare essentials that you should travel with. I just loved this post!


4) Chrys of Oh Chrys!, did a post on the kind of prose that she loves. Being a book blogger, her vocabulary is great and she puts down her words in an excellent way. In this post, she has pretty much wrote about all the kinds of prose that I love too, but using more expressive words. Just love the way she writes!


Glorious mentions!

1) Abidha of Abidha Ayyoob’s blog, mentioned my blog in her New Year post, where she talk about how 2013 was for her. She says I been very supportive and seriously, I just love Abidha for being equally supportive of my blog.


2) Sally of Canadian Sassy Sally (Giveaways Galore) reblogged my post about the January Glambox. Thanks Sally!. She also has nominated me for Wonderful Team Member Readership Award :). You are sweet, Sally..


3) Deena of Deenass88 (YouTube), uploaded a video which shows her current skincare routine. In the description box, she has mentioned one of the posts on my blog, about the skincare tips for cold weather. Thanks Deena!

I hope you have a beautiful February ahead of you. Stay tuned for more product reviews!. Also, I will be part of some book blasts next month. This means two things for you, my lovely readers : Get to know new books and all of them will have a giveaway attached to it for either an Amazon giftcard or Paypal cash of a significant amount. So follow me by email (On top of this page, right side) or by Bloglovin, by clicking on the button below. You don’t wanna miss those posts 🙂

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Naz 🙂

New Year Giveaway 1- UAE only! (Closed)

Hi all!

I am so excited today because first of all, I love doing giveaways and second, this is my 100th post!!. How amazing is that!. I didn’t do a birthday giveaway this year so I decided to do the New Year giveaway early. Starting today, it will run for a month. So the end date is Jan 1st, 2014.

Last year, I did a makeup giveaway which was pretty awesome :). This time, it’s more fashion based. The winner will receive :

  • A spiked golden colored bracelet, which is so trendy right now and
  • A chain/earrings set with green/red stones/clear on it. which I got back for you guys from my recent vacation in India  🙂

Hope you like the prizes!



Without further ado, rules to fulfill if you wish to enter:

1) Must be a follower of my blog.

2) Must live in UAE.

3) Must be above the age of 17.

4) Must be willing to provide me with your physical address so that I can courier the prize out, if you are chosen a winner.

5) Must send me a photo of yourself with the prize, once you receive it, so that I can share it here on this blog.

6) Duplicate entries from the same IP address, using different emails, are not allowed. No cheating. ALL ENTRIES WILL BE VERIFIED.

If you fulfill all of the above rules, go ahead and enter the giveaway by using the Rafflecopter form below (Click it. It opens in a separate window). You can log into the form by using Facebook or your name and email:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

NOTE: There is only ONE mandatory entry to enter this giveaway. You must be a follower of my blog because my giveaways are a ‘Thank You’ to you guys!. Every other entry is optional. However, the more entries you fulfill the higher your chances are of winning!. You can get a total of 30 entries plus more if you do the daily entries. You have a month’s time so you don’t have to fill up the whole form in one go. Come back again and fill up when you are free 🙂

My friend Sally Gray is helping me out to promote this giveaway. As a thank you to her, I will be asking you to follow her blog and her Facebook page, Giveaways Galore. You will find the links in the Rafflecopter form. She hosts upto 15 giveaways on her blog per month!. She is a sweetie and you will love getting to know her.

The giveaway will end on Jan 1st. Winner will be randomly picked. By Jan 3rd, I will put up a separate post announcing the winner. Once you see your name announced, you will have to contact me by email. I wont be contacting the winner simply because you will be receiving my announcement post right in your inbox, yeah (coz you follow me by email!)? 🙂


I take giveaways very seriously and check through every entry. Infact, that is why I switched to Rafflecopter so that it’s easier for you to enter and easier for me to track all entries. So if I find that you claimed to have done an entry that you really didn’t, you are automatically disqualified from the giveaway. If you are here only for the giveaway and are thinking of unfollowing me once the giveaway is over, please don’t bother!. You are wasting your time.

Sorry for the little rant there :P. But I have found several people cheating on my previous giveaways and it’s just not fair to the people who are honestly entering.

Goodluck all!


Naz 🙂